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Material: Aluminiun Alloy, Medical PVC Tube
Size: Tube Lenth: Approx. 610mm, Tube Diameter: Approx. 8mm, Chest Piece Diameter: Approx. 46mm

Pacakage Weight: Approx. 75g (With Plastic Bag )

Tips for using your Stethoscope properly


Align the headset

Before placing the eartips in your ears, make sure they point forward, away from you. (Figure A) This ensures that the eartubes will align with your ear canals for comfort and maximum sound transmission. Holding the headset in front of you with one eartube in each hand, pull the headset open and place the eartips into your ears. (Figure B)

If the fit isn't comfortable, or acoustic performance is lacking, adjust the headset tension. All our stethoscopes feature adjustable headsets. Gently squeeze the eartubes together to increase headset tension; pull them apart to decrease tension.

Wearing the headset improperly, (eartips pointing backwards, for example, as in Figure C) can result in a poor acoustic seal and, in some cases, complete sound blockage.

 A. Proper Insertion                                                                            B. Correct Positioning  

   C. Incorrect Positioning