La une de l equipe aujourd hui

Everything elle need venir know avant advertising in L’Équipe newspaper. L’Équipe journaux is owned par the Amaury Group.

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The Amaury Group

The elevation family group Amaury is a french press, media and event organizer grouper whose activities ont refocused nous sports exclusively since 2015. Their media and press division includes L’Equipe and its advertising firm Amaury Média.

These media subsidiaries, which room able venir transmit worldwide sports informations on a du quotidien basis, space supported passant par journalistic worths ​​such as a financially rewarding context, positif news and certified performances. Indeed, the coporation, groupe claims a positioning et audience mechanism around sport, commitment and passion:

"- The des sports that generates passion

- The passion that create commitment

- A commitment that brings communities ensemble ”.

L’Équipe profile


L’Équipe is auto leading national daily newspaper in france specializing in des sports news.

Created in 1946, L"Équipe has constantly managed à find its carré in the français journalistic landscape of sports informations thanks venir its famous journalists but also thanks to major French et European competitions. These recurrent des sports meetings are:

Coupe d"Europe des clubs Champions, today auto prestigious merveille competition has actually been change the name "Champions League" et is under auto leadership of the European exploit body: UEFATour aux France, annual cycling compete created par the newspaper’s ancestor: L’Auto

Every day ns the week, tous sports discover their reader in this famous newspaper. This really powerful medium is alors 1 de the National du quotidien Press through 2.5 million monthly readers. In 70 years, the journaux has transformed, invested à diversify and created auto television channel L’Équipe tv in 1998. Ce became a global media brand v a press, television et digital presence.

L’Équipe handles largely with des sports in competition cible also decodes the environment: organization, limits, excesses, health, ont well oui the place of politics et sports institutions. With roughly 90 sports represented, L’Équipe take away a stand and makes powerful headlines thanks à the gros photographs.

Memorable former pages

Over the years, L’Équipe has expressed feelings à the des sports community. The editorial employee paid tribute to thé world exploit champions, venir world records, to the disappearance ns personalities but also to thé significant events that have affected la france in thé past recent years. 


On the awakening de July 13, 1998, french people came venir witness auto greatest achievement de French exploit at the internationale level: "For eternity" headlines the journaux accompanied de a image of thé heroes ns the previous day. The french men"s exploit team is human being champion parce que le the first time in that is history.

Everyone remembers thé crowds conditions météorologiques the Champs-Elysées in Paris and the fervor the this brought to auto hearts of the French.


Two sports, two records parce que le this front page du January 30, 2017. Nous the une hand, french handball players winner their 6th world star, and on thé other, auto Swiss roger Federer won his 18th énormément Slam location in the tennis Australian Open.

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Both for longevity, pour titanic matches, pour the most indelible memories, à la the high level displayed toutes les personnes these years et for the beauty du team et individual sports.

Advertise in L’Équipe magazine: Profile ns readership 

The magazine is the 1st du quotidien newspaper in France parce que le men. With an average âge of 43, L’Équipe is the title with auto youngest readership in the National daily Press.

It is also auto most exclusive v 20% de readers review L’Équipe only. Ce is likewise the number 1 title for executives et business leaders.

67% ns the readership are positif and 39% abdominal muscle +. Thus, 19% du readers habitent in the paris area and 30% in a ville of more than 100,000 inhabitants. 

Always evolving, L"Équipe has adapted itself venir the new habits and requirements de the readership: transformed into a tabloid format in 2015, ce has enabled to grow by 6.4% in 5 years et thus with numérique distribution nous the increase (multiplied by 10 over auto same period).

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L’Equipe audiences


L’Équipe has a total audience of end 18,000,000 readers, much more than half du whom stick to the print version.

Both website and application are real assets since thé digital déditions of the journaux is available venir subscribers. Over there are ne sont pas less 보다 12,597,000 unicité visitors venir the global internet audience (which has computer, mobile et tablet).

Monthly visits à L’Équipe’s numérique media are phenomenal:

L"Equipe téléphone mobile, téléphone portable App: 98,695,152 le total visitsL"Equipe app: 8,818,427 arme à feu visitsFixed terre L" 28,511,419 le total visitsMobile terre L" 57,484,924 arme à feu visits

 Sources: ACPM / OJD September 2020

The title"s social networks et their puissance (seen in November 2020)

L’Équipe nous social media:

4,174,309 likes conditions météorologiques their facebook page5,200,000 followers conditions météorologiques Twitter1,900,000 followers conditions météorologiques Instagram

With their strong presence conditions météorologiques social networks, L’Équipe attracts nouveau readers et influences generations à establish a an effective brand it has come to be over thé years. Results, emotional images and année always actif and present community, this is je vous demande pardon L’Equipe stands for on social media.

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