Caïn, thé popular french mystery-crime drama series starring bruno Debrandt as the eponymous flic, rapport to auto US through its 3rd season and a new streaming home.

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Truth be told, after watching auto very tons episode ns Caïn when ce premiered in thé US a couple of years ago, i thought auto lead character was a finish jerk et wasn’t certain if je wanted to see any more ns this guy.

But je gave it another shot, climate another, etc, etc… et said jerk — Captain frédéric ‘Fred’ Caïn du the Marseille policier (Bruno Debrandt, Spiral, mystère à ns Tour Eiffel) — grew conditions météorologiques me, ont did the séries itself. This is not à say that Caïn was any type of less boorish native episode à episode, marqué I came to like the flawed et wheelchair-bound cop whose dark sense du humor, habitude of throwing fist (and police protocols) to auto wind, and deep and abiding sense of judiciaire serve him fine in catching killers.

Season 3 opens with thé episode “Coupables” (“Guilty”), in i m sorry Caïn et his partner, lieutenant Lucie Delambre (Julie Delarme, 1788… et demi), are resulting in a stir among their partner because auto two are flirting. (Ben, dis donc!)

Crime-wise, a corpse has been deliberately put in thé morgue parce que le medical examiner Dr. Stunia (Smadi Wolfman, Spin) venir find. Thé manner de the killing is exactly the same as another case — une that the legendary Captain Allard (Pascal Légitimus, Scènes ns ménages), currently dying du cancer, failed to solve 15 year ago. Provided Allard’s knowledge de the cold case, commandants Jacques Moretti (Frédéric Pellegeay, Meurtres for Rochelle) accepts his offer ns assistance, and Allard join Caïn, Delambre, and criminal researcher-analyst Lieutenant borel (Mourad Boudaoud, Bonne pomme) nous the investigation.

Soon thereafter, Stunia finds another dead corps humain on the examination table in thé morgue, and Borel discovers auto link between auto two murders. Currently Caïn et his team must determine who the next target is and get to elle or him avant s/he becomes the killer’s 3rd victim.

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In “Réalités” (“Facts”), thé executive assistant of Daniel Leroy (Didier Cauchy, Plus beau la vie) is murdered while she et Leroy, the factory accountant-turned-manager, are nous video through each other. Caïn and Delambre discover that the victim was involved to de nouveau factory employee who, prefer his coworkers, view Leroy oui the factory’s savior — doing well where the former manager, who has because scarpered, had actually failed. Seulement un things aren’t ont they appear and Caïn realizes bien sur people are lying through their teeth, so he and Delarme collection a trap.

Meanwhile, bénier Caïn (Davy Sanna, Duo), the detective’s son, is encore dating Amandine (Juliet Lemonnier, Hôtel aux la plage), auto daughter de wealthy business man Valentin Zuycker (Jean-Yves Berteloot, La vie devant elles), and Fred does not grant in the least. With bénier being choose a son to Moretti, the police chief does part unofficial investigating et what cette learns isn’t good. à prevent matters from obtaining worse for Ben et Fred, Moretti asks Delarme for help through someone he isn’t an alleged to savoir about.

In the remaining 6 episodes du this season, Caïn et co. Investigate thé murders du a doubt pedophile, a user du a dating website, a computer executive, a jewelry store robber, et the maman of someone close to Caïn’s son.

Guest étoiles include ah oui Suarez (Black Spot) ont Fred’s ex-wife et Ben’s mum, François-Dominique Blin (In Tandem), guilillume Marquet (Three times Manon), Agathe de La Boulaye (Riviera), Emmanuel pdg (Duval et Moretti), Lionnel Astier (No lundi Chance), and Cécile Pallas (Lost Signs).

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Caïn: Season 3 premieres in the US tomorrow, Thursday, june 21, exclusively nous Walter Presents and the Walter presents channel nous Amazon.