Laura Vandervoort Films Et Programmes Tv

The movie, oui the title suggests, showcases the story de a écoles teacher et a single father who comprendre romantically involved when auto latter’s daughter sets them up à la a lécole project

Laura Vandervoort (Hallmark)

Canadian actrice Laura Vandervoort will certainly be essaying Kerri Fox in ‘Playing Cupid’. Le meilleur known pour her duties in television series including ‘Smallville’ and ‘V’, Vandervoort began elle career ont a kid actor in television commercials and shows.

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Vandervoort’s est différent notable role is in ‘Jigsaw’, thé eighth movie in the "Saw" franchise. Elle has also acted in the sci-fi series ‘Bitten’ pour Syfy et Space Network, i beg your pardon is now available nous Netflix. In 2019, she developed, enforcement produced et starred in ‘Age of Dysphoria’ alongside Gordon Pinsent.

Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas Gonzalez (Hallmark)

Nicholas Gonzalez will certainly be seen oui David in ‘Playing Cupid’. He was featured ont the séries regular nous ABC’s ‘The an excellent Doctor’ in the role of dr Neil Melendez. He was additionally featured in thé hit television séries ‘How to importer Away with Murder’.

Gonzalez is a Standford college graduate who began his career with Showtime’s ‘Resurrection Blvd’, playing the role of the boxer et medical student Alex Santiago. His divers notable atelier include ‘Narcos’, ‘Pretty précis Liars" and ‘Law & Order: SUV’ among others.

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Mia Quaranta ns La Rosa

Mia Quaranta aux La (Hallmark)

Mia Quaranta aux La Rosa will be seen ont David’s daughter Clara in ‘Playing Cupid’. Auto 12-year-old actress is right now attending middle school. According to elle official bio conditions météorologiques Hallmark, “Prior to sa acting debut in "Playing Cupid," at the âge of 9, Mia was functioning in thé background pour a principale production, i m sorry sparked elle interest in acting.”The rest de the gibbs from ‘Playing Cupid’ include Georgie Daburas, Latonya Williams et Ava Frica.‘Playing Cupid’ will certainly premiere nous February 13 at 9 pm ET nous Hallmark.



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