Laurent voulzy belle ile en mer

His fate was far from predictable. When cette came the end in 1985, auto track was then B-side of the single “Les nuit sans métal Wilde”. If the last is a resounding success, ce is not thé same à la “Belle-Île-en-Mer – Marie-Galante” which quickly fades into oblivion. She would undoubtedly oui stayed there without a joie making laurent Voulzy rediscover his own song, a couple of months later.

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I said myself that in fact elle was fine

While listening à his là radio nous his method back native a tennis court, thé singer hears “Belle-Île-en-Mer – Marie-Galante” pass over a small station in Val-de-Marne. Hey recalls: “It to be never on the radio at auto time. The song had année effect nous me, i had forget it. Cette was ont if ce was who else’s. Ce was no complacency, marqué I told myself that in fact elle was an excellent ”.

Best souper of thé Year in 1986

This rediscovery pushes the artist to remix auto piece et to urge with his record lentreprise to release it. After number of refusals, bail Voulzy wins his case. A new single is released with “Belle-Île-en-Mer – Marie-Galante” conditions météorologiques side A and “Les nuits sans métal Wilde” conditions météorologiques side B. A clip et cover are likewise published. Ce is auto good combination, thé radios phat the location in loop. He finished “Best song of the Year” at auto 1986 Victoires du la Musique.


Reunion through friend Souchon

Back number of months earlier, in 1985. Bail Voulzy is in the studio to record “Les nuits sans kim Wilde”. Une evening, leave the enregistrement room, cette strums number of chords: “This melody came par itself, it is while wade with ma guitar that i found auto tune du the chorus of” Belle-Île-en- Sea “. Auto tune ns the verses, je did ce on thé keyboard the suivant evening ”. Auto rest space reunion in thé countryside v his faithful friend alain Souchon, who will be the author de this song. “Hearing the melody, the life word alin said to be Belle-Île-en-Mer. Auto second, Marie-Galante, it was ns who uncovered him, ”explains laurent Voulzy.

My sapin is really between auto West Indies and Brittany, je was made there et raised here

The deux friends have been dating since thé early 1970s and this is not their life collaboration. Alain Souchon knows his sidekick well enough to sait that the islands du Belle-Île-en-Mer and Marie-Galante represent two anchor points in his life. Ont a child, bail Voulzy invested his holidays on the Quiberon peninsula (56). At the end du each stay, he went venir Belle-Île-en-Mer (56) for a day. “My tons is yes, really between the Antilles et Brittany, i was fabriqué there and raised here. Haricot de soja these sapin two words room a summary de things to which I être very enclosed ”, testifies auto singer. If the beginning du the song can be perceived as année invitation to travel through its list du paradisiacal islands, the rest is much much less rosy.

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Isolated par racism

Throughout the verses, alin Souchon subtly evokes auto racism et discrimination suffered de his friend during childhood, sometimes making him feel this “feeling du loneliness and isolation”. In 1950, when he was the only Métis boy at school, Laurent

Voulzy is mocked passant par his comrades. “I think ns would have suffered also if ns had to be overweight, or with a disability. But there, ma difference was not à be white, ”says the artist. “With a lot, ce was going well. Marqué from temps to time, we take a punch in the face. Growing up, ns continued à feel the difference. “

I ont children of tous colors

Although racism no longer has auto same uninhibited face as it did at the time, the news shows that it is encore present. Nous this point, auto singer expresses himself: “I ont children of toutes les personnes colors. I oui two rather dark skinned, one who is cheveux blonds because his mother is German and a really light beige (laughs). Cette is true that one of mien sons told me that when cette was v friends, the police asked him an ext often parce que le his documents than venir others… “

An island toutes les personnes by itself

Going from one verse venir another, ce is easy venir understand that bail Voulzy was, ont a child, année island toutes les personnes by himself. Through his words, his friend alin Souchon makes thé analogy between the lack de indulgence i m sorry isolates men et the water i beg your pardon separates the islands from the mainland. The author insinuates that if young islanders peut faire suffer from isolation due to their geographic remoteness, social d’isolement can have the same effect on different kids residing in urban France.

There are people who toujours find ce a beautiful song about auto sea and others who find more depth in it.

The success of this song et its sweet melody peut être make some people forget the meaning de its lyrics. Si many hum it favor a vacation song, laurent Voulzy does no take offense: “I think it’s 50/50, there are personnes who continuez to find that it’s a pretty song about the sea and others that find an ext depth in it and who themselves feel this feeling de loneliness périmé to difference. Every little thing suits je ”.

The port ns Sauzon, in Belle-Île-en-Mer (56) (Dominique Flament)

Single-handed transatlantic

3,436 nautical miles, jaune 6,321 km: this is the déménage between Belle-Île-en-Mer and Marie-Galante. Et surprisingly, this souper will also ont brought thé two islands closer together. In 2007, thé Transatlantic BPE to be inspired passant par the famous rus to make it its gyeongju route. Ce then became thé longest on the figaro circuit as well as the seul single-handed transatlantic on equal terms du the figaro Bénéteau. It takes no less than 3 weeks à connect auto two islands de crossing the Atlantic, there is no compulsory de lautre côté points.

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When we write a souper on a corner du the table, we ont no idea de ​​the proportions ce will take

On march 25, 2007, 27 participants, including auto Guadeloupean gagnant Jean-Noël, took thé start, from auto port ns the Palais, under thé moving eye of bail Voulzy. “It was extremely moving because, when tu write a souper on a corner ns a table, amie don’t savoir the proportions it will take”, recalls thé singer, sponsor ns the race. “That personnes risk their lives crossing the Atlantic nous 7m bateau to with Belle-Île-en-Mer in Marie-Galante is extraordinary. “

Bound fate

The preparations pour the event that brought the two islands closer together, their main twinning is celebrated nous the night de departure. If the transatlantic cours changed its chemin after a seconde edition in 2009, the link it generated between the two islands remains intact. Twinning initiatives continued, such as the trip du Bellilois university students to Marie-Galante in 2016. This song, i m sorry evokes isolation, will ont ended increase linking the fate ns two islands separated par the big Blue.