Le Barbare C Est D Abord L Homme Qui Croit À La Barbarie

— Wikileaks for university campuses? over there is much à uncover. Tidbits alluding here à Washington University’s dysfunction. —

«Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never à be thé system de a regular government.

Vous lisez ce: Le barbare c est d abord l homme qui croit à la barbarie

» Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832)«Where secrecy or mystery begins, vice or roguery is not tarif off. » Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)«Le barbare, c’est d’abord l’homme lequel croit parce que le barbarie.A barbaric is first of all someone who believes in barbarity.»Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009), race et histoire, 1952.

In order to obtain and hold power, a man must love it. — Leo Tolstoy

DIVIDE rang IMPERA/DIVIDE et CONQUER Strategists of war like Sun Tzu et Machiavelli couverts these words; Philip ns Macedon, thé father of alexander the Great, and Caesar to be inspired passant par them, et they were necessary to thé governing of Napoleon and many différent dictators.

Besides the production of enmity, often a prerequisite for power to sustain chin (see The affronter of thé Enemy* below), Stephen Colbert’s definition will remind tu of comment some academic circles et other workplaces room run:

Politics way I am not informing you my intentions. un m showing amie an terrain that is leading to a reaction from amie while I être playing de nouveau chess piece over here.

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And je will triangulate part secretive means where I will certainly achieve puissance over you.

Before all else, it is in armed. N. M.

Hatred is gained oui much de good works oui by evil. N. M.

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The Hungarian cult film, The Witness/A Tanu, had actually been screened in vain on the campus;from the reaction de some du the audience, ce is apparently possible to laugh at Stalinism without understanding what the cinématique decries.

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What is left undone une minute, is restored passant par no eternity. fredigick Schiller

*Faces ns the Enemy is also a book. Listed below are offshoots indigenous it:

BREAK thé SURFACE_______________________________

To ride auto unbalance* between:1. Excellence et a kind, singular and porous identification that has some of the scruples, humor, humility, musicality & thé beauty of a harsh and confusing, however benign and rich truth – away from distractions.2. Thé stupidity et blindness ns complacency, violence, injustice, pretense, egos, short-term… wishful… et group “thinking,” and empty speak – in tous of their surprising embodiments. Et the false sense of fullness toutes les personnes of this provides._______________________________An appeal parce que le a civilization NOT soja caught increase in anthropo/ego/euro/ethno/oculo/esthetico -CENTRISM._______________________________1. Beware de those that claim à be solid – castle are often dangerous.2. Unmask thé hoax ns “centrality” – ask année “EX-centric” for assistance?3. Perceive the arrogance of normalcy: everybody, in one way jaune another, is handicapped… i m sorry brings nous back à 1._______________________________*Not unrelated to “There is beauty and there are the humiliated. Whatever difficulties thé enterprise peut être present, ns should prefer never venir be unfaithful either to thé second jaune the first.” — Albert Camus

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