Le bazar de la charité episode 7 et 8

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COMPLETEDAfter making it through a deadly sur le feu at auto prestigious annual Charity Bazaar, three women come to be masters du their own destiniesVideos

Catherine Ramberg (Woman Under Influence) and Karine Spreuzkouski (Research Unit)

Directed by

Alexandre Laurent (The Mantis, "Le lunderground d"Elise" remake du The Oaks/Marchlands)


Audrey Fleurot (Call mien Agent, Spiral, the Intouchables, french Women)Julie ns Bona (The Bonfire of Destiny, Killer by The Lake, Innocent, Days of Glory)Camille Lou (New Biz In the Hood, get married Me, Dude)Gilbert Melki (Kabul Kitchen, Largo Winch)Josiane Balasko (My Out-Laws, Back venir Mom"s, the Roommates Party)Antoine Duléry (Cyrano, ma Love, Camping 3, my Stars)Florence Pernel (The Conquest, A Mother"s Fight, A boîte for a Woman)Théo Fernandez (The Tuche Family, Gaston)Victor Meutelet François-David Cardonnel (The Bonfire de Destiny)Stéphane Guillon (Munch)Aurélien Wiik (Bright-eyed revenge, Munch, Secrets du State)Gilles Cohen (The Bureau, A Prophet)


Iris Bucher / QUAD television (

2019 / original language: french / shade / available in hd

“The Bonfire of Destiny” is a riveting story de emancipation et freedom collection in auto vibrant Paris ns ‘La beau Époque’.Paris, 1897, conditions météorologiques are in auto middle de « La beau Epoque », parisien is a boiling ville and all of Paris’ high society is rubbing shoulders at the Charity Bazaar sale, thé yearly occasion that takes carré in a énormément venue constructed entirely of wood. Suddenly, a raging fire spreads throughout auto building et ends up killing end 130 people, greatly women! three women’s destinies are changed forever. Saved passant par a courageous worker, naïve jeune aristocrat, Alice ns Jeansin discovers thé harsh realities of her social status. Sa maid Rose, about venir embark conditions météorologiques the adventure du a lifetime, is instead disfigured and offered a very étrange bargain. Et for Alice’s aunt, the beautiful Adrienne, the feu might seul be the chanceux she’s been wait for. The joie to disappear et start over.


Episode 1 Paris, 1897. Spirits are high at thé "Bazar de la Charité", a huge charity sales event attended passant par high society, when auto building suddenly records fire. Alice du Jeansin and her maidservant increased are trapped in thé blaze. In the aftermath, Adrienne du Lenverpre realizes she could oui died inside. Illustration 2 Alice has à cope with the death du Rose and the cowardice of her fiancé Julien. Précis does she know that against toutes les personnes odds, Rose has survived et been bring away out of the hospital passant par Thomas" grandmother, Mrs. Huchon. Adrienne, waiting in hiding parce que le her husband à bring their daughter back parce que le her funeral, renders her tons mistake.Episode 3Adrienne lets camille know that elle is alive et planning their escape. Alice decides to du repos off her engagement to Julien, cible then learns that might périple her family members into financial ruin. Meanwhile, rose learns tous about the métro plans ns Mrs. Huchon.Episode 4 Alice loses her virginity through Victor, and then learns he was responsible for the sur le feu at auto charity bazaar. Rose takes nous the identity du Odette, helped passant par Thomas, that understands the his mère won"t be comes back. Adrienne"s plans to escape with sa daughter are nous shaky ground à la lack ns money.Episode 5 Arrested par Hennion, Adrienne learns about sa husband"s foncé past. Rose encore refuses to have an abortion, which puts her and Mrs. Huchon in great danger of retribution native Henri de la Tremoille. Alice turns sa back conditions météorologiques Julien, determined venir prove that victor is innocent. Illustration 6 Rose nation a high price à la her attempt venir make it look choose Henri de La Tremoille is the father of sa child. Alice finds out that elle father is going à be blamed for starting the feu at the charity bazaar, since he was the one who had auto movie projector set up there. Adrienne investigates Eva"s death, hoping to destroy elle husband by revealing his crime.Episode 7Adrienne returns loger with only one goal in mind: to convince sa husband that elle sincerely wants to make up and work things out. Henri ns La Tremoille figures out that his "wife" had actually sex through him à try venir legitimatize her bastard child. Alice dangers everything to try à save Victor. Episode 8When Henri du La Tremoille catches Rose v Jean, the results space fatal. Alice, who has actually done everything elle possibly could to try to save gagnant from thé guillotine, wallows in despair. Adrienne finds out that hennion won"t be reflecting up. Can she pour échapper à her husband"s madness?

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MORE than 7M VIEWERS nous TF1 componter TIMEAverage du 7,84 moyen viewers nous TF1 prime Timewith 31,4% market share 4+and 36,3% market share Housewi

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"Glowing Audrey Fleurot, promising camille Lou and Julie ns Bona are at auto heart of this recherche of women"s struggle parce que le equality at the turbulent turn du the century, torn between progress and anarchy. Cette ambitiously combines an opulent historic reenactment in auto spirit du Downton Abbey through a more modern, edgy feel like Peaky Blinders" les MONDE "With thé Bonfire ns Destiny, TF1 join the tradition of costumed historical séries so famous across the Channel (The Crown, Downton Abbey), et gives nous quite an eyeful. Modern dialogue and directing, lifted by année epic spirit et visually breathtaking" ALLOCINE"Prestigious cast" L’OBS"Like auto Crown and Peaky Blinders, the Bonfire of Destiny proves that auto historical séries is toujours alive and well" RTS"An epic event, breathtaking et feminist" le FIGARO"A refresh feminist series" à FEMININ"Magnificent sets et costumes, exquisite filmmaking. Alexandre Laurent"s agile camera twirls ont the blazing fire opens the séries with spectacular style" la CROIX"The Bonfire ns Destiny will absolutely delight" ns MONDE"An ambitious epic that gets elle in thé gut" MADEMOIZELLE

"A delight à watch, with very inspired filmmaking" ns PARISIEN "Tragic, romantic and spectacular" TELECABSAT