Le Bon Coin Immo Lot Et Garonne

Demeures ns Charme

With over 18 years de experience, selling and buying residences in thé South West du France


Lomagne Immobilier, a french based agency dedicated in selling "Demeures du Charme" à international and French clients, is around to fermer la porte its doors, périmé to retirement.Martin and I would certainly like à thank you parce que le your trust et confidence we oui experienced during tous these years.Years, in i beg your pardon we ont met you and often oui had auto pleasure to assist tu either ont house hunters or looking à la a nouveau owner parce que le your very own property or parce que le a friend’s house.In many boîte we have become great acquaintances et we mettre each est différent at parties, vide-greniers et other happenings;You ont contributed a beaucoup to our wonderful time in France et we would prefer to stress that elle will absolutely remain in our memories!We wish you tous the best,Martin & TrudySEE toutes les personnes OUR PROPERTIES

This was the lundi time that I"ve had actually connections through "Lomagne Immobilier" the tons to buy my property in France et then venir sell through them. Their promp attentif to thé smallest details and professional experience fabriqué the journey in both exemple trouble free in je vous demande pardon is generally known venir be a stressful time. Je would extremely recommend them.

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Valery Watley:seller -

We hebben jullie zorg, inzet, ondersteuning én specialization bij du verkoopprocedure fourgon onze woning enorm op prijs gesteld. Jullie hebben als team veel werk verzet en conditions météorologiques menen dat we dat zelf niet voor elkaar hadden kunnen krijgen gezien alle ingewikkelde actions in Frankrijk. Bedankt.

Peter-Paul en Marianne:seller

We have been exceptionally impressed v the services provided de Lomagne immobilier. Their technique is professional cible friendly and they are exceptionally reliable et organised. They fabriqué the process du finding and buying our "petit angle de paradis" run choose clockwork and the whole procedure was seemless et efficient. Lock went thé extra mile to provide a personalised service, et we are really grateful. Your helpfulness began at our sapin enquiry and ended through support et assistance in setup up our energy accounts et generally settling right into our new property. They ont made nous feel that conditions météorologiques could turn to them in the émergence if nous ever need helpful hints and tips to navigate sapin in a new country. Nous would entirety heartedly recommend their services.

Md. Waller:buyer

I would oui no uncertainty is recommending bestbocadoctor.com to marché your property. I ont bought et sold building with them et they prove diligence, experience, knowledge and professionalism at every stage. They available advice and solutions once needed and went beyond expectations to ensure we achieved the result conditions météorologiques wanted.

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Mr. Lewis:seller

I great to exprimer my thank you thanks to Lomagne Immobilier parce que le the superb service they provided in our recent residential property purchase. Castle assisted us in every way at every stage of the process, patiently et professionally, were constantly available parce que le advice and guidance and made the whole process as painless oui possible. Ns would introduce them without hesitation.

Mr. Burt:buyer

I received an excellent prestations de service from Lomagne Immobilier. Ns found the they encountered each step de the procedure in année efficient et timely fashion. Castle kept me well informed et were able venir deal through third parties effectively in order to achieve results. I un m confident the Lomagne immeuble will continuez to market a sapin class prestations de service to clients.

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Mr. Geipel:seller

I matin very happy with auto service i received native Lomagne Immobilier, lock went auto extra miles to help moi with numerous problems périmé to the coronavirus restrictions. Mien thanks Lomagne immobilier, they achieved a positive outcome.

Evelyn Roxburgh:-seller




Our firm is based in auto heart de Gascony, “La Lomagne” where the three departments ns Tarn rang Garonne, thé Gers et the haute Garonne meet. Located in thé South West of France, located midway between auto Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and to thé North of the Pyrenean mountains. Within 2 hours you can it is in at auto beach, or start skiing, hiking jaune biking in auto Pyrenees. Rolling hills dominated passant par sunflowers fruit and vegetables, uncluttered landscapes, clean rivers et lakes, maigrir architecture et excellent regional nourriture make this area ideal pour a peaceful, stress-free lifestyle.Distinctive imeuble styles in our an ar vary from charming white stone houses to dénormes Maison ns Maîtres constructed with auto characteristic pink toulousaine bricks , cible also romantic farmhouses de unbaked clay.A large part of our area has views to the Pyrenees. Auto Toulouse Blagnac plane is obtainable within an hour to an hour and a half. Nous enjoy delicious locale wines and food. With année average of 27°C in thé summer ce is always frais to visit one du the many locale product- and flea markets, to have a type lunch and relax. This region can count on about 2,000 hours de sunshine tout de suite year. Thé winters are mild here. In reality , this region is the le meilleur kept sous la terre in france !