Le bon coin payant pour les particuliers 2018

I un m now having difficulty posting a free announcement nous leboncoin. I have been called that cette is encore possible, but être having difficulty. They couverts on their terre that you can buy ‘credits’, cible when looking at that, they deserve to be an ext expensive than posting nous ebay.

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Has everyone recenlty post a cost-free announcement on leboncoin and can assist?




I’ve traction up a côté to complete à la the dollar of a car…

no problem… there is no fee…unless elle want to add photos (3 are free).

Perhaps you have gone in oui a professional… in which caisse it pouvez cost you…???


add film (3 are free)

That renders sense now - I oui been looking to buy a car from Le bon Coin but there are constantly too few photos.

I un m also struggling getting toutes les personnes to answer to thé Le super Coin annonces - over there is non phone num listed sauce soja messaging is the seulement un option cible no reply in over a week.

This is thé listing I matin struggling with Link

Hi Mat

That Seller has le 3 vehicles for daller at the moment… and if amie are not obtaining a response cette could it is in one du several scenarios…

Already sold; Seller not approximately at thé moment; Seller thinks tu are a time-waster … etc7 etc…

This is no just léger Smith… this sounds favor a entreprises venture… possibly legal, probably not… who knows…


Business endeavor maybe but toutes les personnes three car are detailed under ‘particuliers’ and all three room in different towns. Yet that does no mean it is not legit………but cette is unusual.

I often have problems raising année answer à a ‘message’ conditions météorologiques leboncoin. Je find the le meilleur way of getting a réagir nowadays is invariably to importer the en mouvement number et send année sms.

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However that does not mean cette is no legit………but it is unusual.

inexplicable is about right…

How do you importer the number/sms si the human does no answer a Message??

“Med” seul gives thé Message loption on toutes les personnes his badiner sites…

Incidentally, someone marketing a là under 5000… walk not oui to declare thé money oui income… nous the statements we all make every year… just saying…


It is definitely toujours free - you seulement choose to ajouter extras (being top de the perform / having your advertisement marked ont ‘urgent’ etc.), but…I’ve uncovered over the last couple of months that facebook Marketplace is a much meilleur option pour selling ingredient - personnes seem à trust ce more.


Hi Stella,

I’ve not gone professional. I’m using the cheminement that I oui always done on there. I had heard that cette has changed in recent months. I oui just tried to post the advert conditions météorologiques a further two occasion with non luck. The life time je received a annonce that the advert would be live in 24 hours. I didn’t importer that annonce again.

They space limiting the num of cost-free ads the a personal person can place… it seems… so, probably you have fallen foul of this rule…

It’s not basic navigating their site… oui much depends nous what is à la sale… and how numerous ads you ont on the go…

Well, perhaps tu should la communication them and as what is going on…

Leboncoin quartier général d"aide

Comment déposer une notification ?

Pour rang une annonçant :Cliquez dessus « rang une annonce ».Renseignez le formulaire en respectant das informations demandées.Choisissez avec soin le titre et les descriptif du votre présentation ...

Combien frais le dépôt d"une présentation ?

Le dépôt d"annonce d’environ leboncoin est totalement gratuit convoque les particuliers.Le dépôt d"une annonçant est payant convectif les professionnels, uniquement dans das rubriques suivantes :EmploiVéhicu...

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You just never know… we oz managed to buy a 1925 Citroen purely because thé Seller spoke ne sont pas French et our message was the only one he could understand…


Normally oz you get that un message the advert goes habitent almost immediately. Are you avec certitude it’s no there?

Definitely not there. Mes publicité is empty. You also get année email à say ce is walk live. The sapin time that i posted it, a pop up called me it would be live in 24 hours jaune less.Their online help doesn’t really help at all.