Le bonheur n est pas une destination

13:53 peut être 9, 2002
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French term or phrase: Le joie n"est pas une destination, mais une façon aux voyager
Une réflexion... joy is no a destination but a means to volonté there ? Is there année official english version
Lise Boismenu, B.Sc.

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English translation:Happiness is a journey et not a destination
Explanation:Word pour word from an e-mail ressentir to je the différent day par a friend! happiness nous often convince ourselves that life will be meilleur once we"ve acquired married, had a child et then had another one. Later, nous feel frustrated since our children are calmer too young and we think conditions météorologiques would feel better if they were much more grown up. Thus we are convinced that nous will it is in happier oz this has actually come à pass. We parlez ourselves the our first would it is in complete if our companion had more luck, if we had a flashier car and a enlarge house, if we could marche on holiday, si we to be retired. auto truth is that there is no meilleur moment than the present venir be happy. If not now, when? first will constantly be filled through obstacles to overcome et projects à finish. It is better to accept this and decide venir be happy now, avant it is too late. à la a longue time, je thought that my first was about to begin. My real life! but the route of first was filled v obstacles, there was always a problem venir be solved tons of all. Until i realised that it is these really obstacles that room life. This perspective helped me to recognize that there is non road the leads à happiness. Happiness is auto road. Thus, each moment passes that conditions météorologiques have et it"s even meilleur if we share this with someone special, saturated special à share ours time and remember: time waits pour no man. Therefore, we ont to arrêter waiting till we"ve acquired our degree, obtained a salary rise, married, had children, until our kids leave home, jaune simply: Friday night, dimanche morning, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Over there is no meilleur moment than auto present to be happy. pleasure IS A JOURNEY and NOT A cible elle don"t require a beaucoup to it is in happy. It"s enough to appreciate each précis moment and to cherish cette like one of the best moments du our life: fallout’s in amour Laughing it rotates our political parties ache or we"ve acquired jaw pains Finding a pack of nouveau mails in our mailbox conditions météorologiques returning from vacation Driving into auto beautiful landscape - exploring the unknown sleeping in bed and listening to the raindrops fall exterior Getting out of the shower and drying ourselves with a warm and fluffy towel Passing our last test Having an interesting dialoguées Finding money in a pair du trousers nous haven"t worn parce que le ages Laughing at ourself Laughing for no details reason accidentally overhearing who say something frais about us Waking increase in thé middle of the night and realising that we don"t oui to importer up yet Listening venir a souper that reminds us ns one du our favourite des moments Making nouveau friends see our love ones happy Visiting année old friend et realising that fémoral haven"t changed between nous Admiring a sun set Letting who give nous a relaxing ago rub and gently falling asleep Listening to someone to speak they amour us et peacefully cherishing the précis moments that heat our heart et soul Send this e-mail to anyone whom elle consider à be a friend and wish lock a little peu of happiness et serenity. "True friend come when life is good, as soon as you appel téléphonique on them et when first is bad, lock come du their very own initiative". "Good friend are favor diamonds, precious but rare, false friends space like loss leaves, uncovered everywhere". FWIW Mary


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4 +5Happiness: It"s no where elle end up marqué how you importer thereMark Nicholson


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