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ns Roaliguen 1 boulevard Koz Ker, 56370, Sarzeau la france French, Seafood, Bar, european Lunch, Dinner Reservations, out Seating, Seating, Highchairs Available, offer Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Accepts credit transaction Cards, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Full bar +33 2 97 41 32 46 https://www.facebook.com/C%C3%B4t%C3%A9-Plage-Sarzeau-872231006180804/

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Reviewed passant par 365deirdrel

We saw this restaurant in July. We are a family of five visiting from Ireland.When conditions météorologiques arrived, there were very few customers. Non sign ns a Maitre’d. Soja we took an empty table overlooking thé sea.The waitress ultimately came over and greeted us and Took our order. She brought our drinks and we resolved down happily to enjoy je vous demande pardon “we assumed” would certainly be a satisfied evening.A taille party of français people arrived et there was much commotion et loud voicesAnd moving of chairs and tables!Suddenly auto Owner appeared and put sa hand down aggressively nous our table and Shouted at nous “did we have a reservation?”We were totally embarrassed and said no, elle started abusing us verbally,Telling nous we had taken auto “Best” table et it had actually been reserved.There was no sign and the waitress had not pointed out it?Our nourriture arrived just then, so elle said a few cross indigenous to the waitress and walked offWith an angry face.We asked the waitress was cette ok. Et she said it’s fine, pay no type to her.We ate our enjoy the meal in arme à feu silence. My teenagers to be shocked and embarrassed.The meal was ruined. The nourriture was frais but it was too late to improve thé evening.My husband gained up paid the bill and we left quickly!To make matters worse, the français people whose table nous had “allegedly” taken were speaking about nous at thé top ns their voices, during auto meal et calling us“rude and ignorant English” We have been to france nearly every année since our youngsters wereYoung et had non experiences apart from great ones.We will never visit this aller of la france again.SHAME nous YOU MADAMSuggestion: if you want à Reserve tables, ce might it is in a an excellent idea à buy a couple of signs,Or educate your employee better.I ont read other reviews this année from french customers that had similar experiences with thé Owner. The restaurant changed hand in 2018.Not parce que le The meilleur I Fear!

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3 rue aux General aux Gaulle, 56640 Arzon la france european Lunch, Dinner, late Night free Wifi, Reservations, out Seating, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, offer Alcohol, full Bar, Accepts credit transaction Cards, Table prestations de service +33 2 97 53 89 22 http://www.restaurantleboucanier-arzon.com