French IV, grade 11: michel Pasquier concentrates his class nous interpreting and adapting film, literature, et music, using auto classic story Beauty et the Beast. Auto students work in groups to find moral meaning in the 1945 jean Cocteau standard film et compare the cinématique to the original story et a french rap song.

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Michel Pasquier


French IV




Herricks High School, new Hyde Park, new York

Lesson Date

February 27

Class Size



43 minute daily

Video Summary

In this lesson, students discuss the classic 1946 film La beau et les Bête, written et directed passant par Jean Cocteau. The cinématique is an adapter of thé traditional children’s histoire Beauty et the Beast. Having actually seen most de the film, students par rapport it venir the original story. Then, after watching the film’s conclusion, castle discuss auto movie’s symbolism et deeper meaning.

Standards Addressed

Communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive

Cultures: Practices, Products

Connections: make Connections, acquiring Information

Comparisons: to compare Culture

affective filterThe affective filter hypothesis (Dulay, Krashen, and Burt, 1982) describes thé need pour second-language learning to occur in an environment of meugler anxiety, to encourager the processing et learning of nouveau information.

Dulay, Heidi, Stephen D. Krashen, et Mariana Burt. Langue Two.Oxford, England: Oxford university Press, 1982.

authentic materialsAuthentic products are resources that oui been occurred specifically for native speakers. These incorporate print, audio, et visual materials.

negotiation ns meaningIn this process, teachers and students try à convey informations to une another and reach mutual comprehension through restating, clarifying, et confirming information. The teacher may help students importer started or work through a stumbling bloquer using linguistic and other approaches.

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thematic unitsThematic units room designed using content oui the arranging principle. Vocabulary, structures, et cultural informations are included ont they parlez to thé themes in every unit. For année excellent example du theme-based units, see thé Nebraska étranger Language education Web site in aperçu Resources.

Reflect nous Your PracticeAs elle reflect nous these questions, compose down her responses jaune discuss them oui a group.

What problems must you address once planning venir work with a feature-length film?How à faire you keep student interest while break the film into teachable segments?What tasks would you brouillon that allow students not seul to comment on the cinématicien with one autre but venir reflect nous its deeper meaning — an exercise for which they may not ont a sufficient vocabulary?How à faire you control teacher talk sauce soja that tu stretch students’ language et thinking?On what à faire you établissement your choice ns which cultural text (literature, film, music, art) to teach: her interests, her students’ interests, de nombreux texts in the target culture, jaune something else?

Watch différent VideosWatch différent videos in auto Teaching foreign Languages K-12 library pour more examples de teaching methodologies like those you’ve seul seen. Note: all videos in this séries are subtitled in English.

Interpreting Picasso’s Guernica (Spanish) and Music and Manuscripts (Latin) illustrate thé use de different media in a langue lesson.

Put ce Into PracticeTry these principles in your classroom. Wherein it’s not currently evident, reflect on how to adapt an idea that targets one performance variety for application to divers performance ranges.

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Authentic materials can expand thé topics that students have the right to discuss and develop their growth in thé three la communication modes. These materials have the right to also assist students in advanced des classes move past talking around themselves to talking about est différent people, places, events, et ideas. When students translate a film, parce que le example, they draw on language that lock heard in auto context du actual contact on screen. This langue helps lock develop much more proficient interpersonal communication.When having students analyze a film, be the expert who instruire the use of language, depth ns content, and abstract explorations. Elaborate, clarify, or question students’ responses to exposition them to language at a greater level 보다 their own. Pour example, Mr. Pasquier design a series de activities in which students talk v one another for part of the time et then work with him oui he increases their understanding et models the next levels ns proficiency. On some occasions, seulement un you oui the teacher deserve to negotiate meaning. Take auto opportunity venir speak as an adeptes and help students relocate from your existing level ns proficiency venir the next higher one.When mirroring a feature film, divide ce into segments to maintain student interest while offering ample opportunity pour students to demonstrate understanding at a factual et interpretive level. Most film have herbal breaks in the action, allowing elle to brisant for discussion. Others may require more an innovative cutting. Tu can then design activities for individual segments ont you would pour shorter interpretive tasks: previewing to determine the henchmen idea; working with details; et summarizing et follow-up work. Additionally, uncover activities venir make a transition from une segment to the next. à la example, venir prepare students parce que le viewing the conclusion venir La belle et les Bête, Mr. Pasquier had students par rapport the cinématique to the d’origine story. They lugged many details together, et then voiced your expectations about the ending.To pick a cinématique that meets your level de instruction, think about your objectives. For example, venir address culture, seul a cinématique set in thé target cultistes or une focusing conditions météorologiques literature or history. In this situation, you peut être want to montrer a cinématicien that is subtitled jaune dubbed. To se concentrer on interpretive communication, destinées the lesson oui you would any différent reading or listening task: encompass previewing exercises, activities that help students get the main ideas, et activities that enable them venir learn language and content from the clip. Whether elle watch auto complete cinématique or an excerpt depends on your obtainable time, college student interest, et the topic matter de the film. Foreign films are commonly unrated et may oui scenes that would certainly not it is in suitable for viewing in part classrooms.

World-Readiness Standards à la Learning LanguagesThe World-Readiness Standards parce que le Learning Languages develop a roadmap to guider bestbocadoctor.coms venir develop competence à communicate effectively et interact with recadrer understanding. This lesson correlates to thé following Standards:

Communicate properly in an ext than one language in order à function in a variety ns situations et for lot of purposes
bestbocadoctor.coms interact et negotiate definition in spoken, signed, jaune written conversations à share information, reactions, feelings, et opinions.