Le Coeur A Ses Raisons Que La Raison Ignore Shakespeare

French has longue been known ont the langue of love, and few cities are ont romantic ont Paris. If you’re looking pour ways venir impress your far-ranging other, français love quotes aller further 보다 a box of chocolates jaune a bouquet ever could!

These French expressions of amour reveal a deep reverence pour the romantic and refer to love ont the essence of life. Many de these romantic french sayings have the right to be taken as pieces ns philosophy. Whether you want to dazzle her darling or deepen your understanding ns life, plenty of brilliant french thinkers can light auto way parce que le you.

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English translation: “Love does not consist in spring at each other, cible rather in, together, looking in thé same direction.”

Perhaps best remembered parce que le the beloved book, The précis Prince, antoine de Saint-Exupery was also an avid aviator used to charting his very own path. Exécutif is just oui vital venir a relationship as it is venir aviation, et this romantic french saying reminds nous that amour is not just about being brushed up away, but also around moving forward, together.

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2. “C’est cette l’amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour.” – Albert Camus

English translation: “That is love, to give far everything, to sacrifice everything, without auto slightest desire to importer anything in return.”

Albert camus was a French-Algerian writer that was the second youngest person venir receive a Nobel prize in Literature. Camus expresses an essential visage of love more beautifully than most du us could, relocating past auto rose-colored glasses view to remind nous that self-sacrifice and placing someone else above your demands is the definition of unconditional love, the foundation du any longue lasting partnership. 

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3. “En sa beauté gît ma mort et mien vie.” – Maurice Scève

English translation: “In sa beauty resides mien death and my life.”

Maurice Scève to be a poète from Lyon during thé 1500s who was part ns the city’s récolte elite. This thought-provoking french love quote harkens back venir his abordage and exploration of spirituality love, a concept elusive and compelling to tous of us, not seul poets. Maurice perfectly joins the beauty in amour with the collision it has on the one in love – that intense contradiction of feeling everything et nothing, death et life, your existence bound à another. That beautiful and scary at thé same time.

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4. “Une femme orient plus beau que le monde où je vis, et je ferme esquive yeux.” – Paul Éluard

English translation: “A woman is more beautiful than thé world in which ns live, et so I fermé my eyes.”

Paul Éluard was a renowned français poet who aided found thé Surrealist movement, something evidenced here in his rejection de reality. Amour defies reason, much like this quote. By closing our eye metaphorically, or shutting out auto world pour a second, nous are opened up up to new experiences et beauty that otherwise could oui escaped us. Amour is no tangible, et sometimes conditions météorologiques need venir disconnect à embrace it.

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5. “Car, vois-tu, tous jour je t’aime davantage, aujourdhui plus qu’hier et bien moins suite demain.” -Rosemonde Gérard

English translation: “For, you see, every day i love elle more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

Rosemonde gérard is remembered oui a français poet et playwright who came indigenous a distinguished french family and married à a composants Minister ns France. As someone surrounded passant par so much beauty, she was fortunate venir also own a keen dégalité for expressing v words thé whimsical beauty of maturité love. We so often se concentrer sur on thé honeymoon phase et fail venir appreciate auto true marvel that is a relier that deepens and strengthens v time. Who wouldn’t be optimistic around tomorrow through this awaiting them? exercise saying this romantic french saying in français to admire your partner throughout your next anniversary celebration. 

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6. “Il nai pas a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, cette d’aimer et daccord aimé.” – George Sand

English translation: “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

George Sand was the most effective female français writer in the 1800s, and she chapitre to write under a masculine pseudonym venir reach a broader audience. Elle was unabashedly herself and a true feminist, engaging in many love affairs et even dressing favor a man. Sa vast experiences in living and writing about le romantisme show in this insightful français love quote – venir be loved et accepted à la who we are is pur bliss. Oui a woman who fought à la her carré in a masculine world, elle would sait what she saying.

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7. “Il n’est nexiste pas de jean que les rêve und l’amour.” – Anna du Noailles

English translation: “Nothing is real but dreams and love.”

Anna du Noailles had a vivid life oui the daughter du a Romanian prince et the first woman named le commandant in the french Legion de Honor. Elle wrote prolifically about amour itself. Her sapin might have been charmed, but not easy, et she was often a sickly child. Spending longue amounts de time in bed does provide a mind time venir dream, which elle did, make poems that calmer resonate à this day. Elle might indeed ont a mettre en ordre here in this french quote around love, because first without dreams et love is not really living. In auto end, our relationships room worth more than anything.

8. “Amour veut tous sans nombre, amour n’a mission de loi.” – Pierre de Ronsard

English translation: “Love wants everything without condition, love has no law.”

If over there is one thing nous can tous agree on, love knows non bounds and has no sense de reason, et Pierre aux Ronsard has summed up this idea beautifully par saying “love has ne sont pas law”. Cette was a popular poème throughout his life, et entertained french society v his writing and keen observations. Of course, pierre also continuez to accumulate us aujourdhui with his thoughts nous love. The next time amie are wonder “how did ns manage to cétait une date that person?”, remember the a français poet from thé 1500s currently gave you the answer.

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9. “La brut est une fleur parmi eux l’amour orient le miel.” – Victor Hugo

English translation: “Life is a flower de which amour is auto honey.”

Victor étreignant is probably one de the most well-known français writers and many du his atelier are interpreted into lot of languages. We toutes les personnes know him oui someone who can look at thé world unflinchingly, like in das Miserables. For as many unflattering critiques oui he made, cette also has actually left nous with this gem du a french love quote. First is beautiful, choose a flower, et honey is the sweetest product une can attain from flowers. Amour is the meilleur part du something currently beautiful – life. We are lucky cette is over there to add color et meaning. 

10. “La vie est une sommeil, amour en orient le rêve.” – Alfred de Musset

English translation: “Life is a longue sleep and love is that is dream.”

Alfred de Musset grew up in a an excellent family that had financial difficulties. Enduring this childhood to begin working et writing must ont given the a thick skin, a skin that seulement un got thicker through his romantisme with George Sand (mentioned above). It is rumored to ont ended badly pour poor Alfred, i m sorry must oui hurt him deeply. This romantic français quote alone spectacle his emotionally depth. If life is a longue sleep, over there should always be temps to dream, or find amour even if our previously attempts oui failed. There is always temps for de nouveau dream. 

11: “Aimer, cest vivre; aimer, cette voir; aimer, c’est être.” – victor Hugo

English translation: “Love, ce is life; love, ce is sight; love, is venir be.”

Victor hugo has currently been discussed here, marqué his writings room full de beautiful french quotes about love, et this une also deserves a mention. Might any du us dédié a first in which nous experience non love? amour gives nous purpose et keeps us motivated. Victor is right – amour is life, love is living. And, we toutes les personnes deserve a sapin filled v love.

12: “Oh ! au cas où tu pouvais lire à lintérieur mon coeur, les gars verrais la place où je t’ai mise!” – gustave Flaubert

English translation: “Oh! si you could read mien heart, tu would check out the carré that ns keep you!”

Gustave Flaubert is maybe le meilleur known in English-speaking circles à la his renowned book, madame Bovary, which does without doubt address the complex topic du love. However, this line hey penned captures perfectly thé emotions that fill nous when conditions météorologiques think around our one-of-a-kind person. Even pour Flaubert, occasionally words did no suffice, and most de us probably can agree that it would be so much easier si we could seul show ours special personnes the place they host in our hearts. 

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13:“Entre deux cœur qui s’aiment, nul besoin aux paroles.” -Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

English translation: Between deux hearts in love, ne sont pas words room needed.

In reference to that dilemma faced par Flaubert, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore offers nous hope. A poet et novelist that wrote in auto 1800s, Marceline summed up one du those much less discussed cible crucial parts of a connection in this french love quote. There room those moments of quiet silence, when you’re with your person, and no words room needed. Love is invisible and intangible, and sometimes, you don’t need to see other to à savoir that cette exists. 

14: “Je viens aux ciel et esquive étoiles entre nom de famille ne parlez que du toi.” – Francis Cabrel

English translation: “I come from auto sky, et the stars only ever speak de you.”

Francis Cabrel had actually a flair parce que le expression. Amour exalts us et lifts us up à cloud nine, et he adds an additional great – increase in auto sky, even the star speak du your love one. Falling deeply in love couleurs the world, et shapes ours perception. When tu are through that distinct someone, ce does feeling like auto earth, thé stars, every little thing revolves approximately them. Ce sounds even meilleur to say the in French!

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15: “Quand on orient aimé on ne doute du rien. Quand nous aime, nous doute aux tout.” – Colette

English translation: “When conditions météorologiques are loved, nous doubt nothing. When nous love, we doubt everything.” 

Colette was a curious la honte in french society, and began sa writing career uncomfortably bound to sa husband’s career. Cette was année older et recognized writer who actually finished up taking elle brilliant stories and writing and passing castle off oui his own. Colette to be not to be defeated soja easily, and became famous et recognized external of elle relationship. Elle can hear her sage wisdom in this français quote around love, which have the right to serve ont a gentle reminder the we toutes les personnes need to both be loved et love. Do sure amour always feeling reciprocal. Colette herself knew this meilleur than some, et it is no something to be taken pour granted.

16: “Le récompenses d’Amour, c’est seulement Amour… cette faut aimer dans certains cas l’on veut matin aimé…” – honneur d’ Urfé

English translation: “The price of amour is amour itself… une must love if one wishes à be loved”

Honoré d’ Urfé to be a french novelist in thé 17th century that penned a well-known book called L’Astrée, but this quote alone is enough à prove hey knew how to use auto written word. You oui to à savoir love à feel it, something nous are tenderness reminded of here. Si one cannot montrer love, lock quickly come to be difficult à love. 

17: “Quand cette me prend dans esquive bras, cette me parle tout bas, nom de fille vois la ailé en rose.” – La brut en Rose by Édith Piaf

English translation: “When cette takes moi in his arms, et speaks to me softly, je see thé world through rose-colored glasses.”

Edith Piaf is one of the better known français singers, et this souper La cru en rose is popular à this day, and is fill with expression of love in french if tu listen closely. The melody and the sweet sound ns the français words can sweep tu away as you think about comment beautiful tons is when you’re being held de the one you love. Every little thing looks an ext appealing et the people a much less scary place. 

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18: “L’amour faisaient les plus grandes douceurs und les plus sensibles infortunes de la vie.” – Madeleine aux Scudéry

English translation: “Love makes auto greatest pleasures et most perceptible misfortunes du life.”

Madeleine ns Scudery to be a français writer in auto 1600s that is encore recognized for her innovative works. This français love quote is seul one instance of sa mastery du the concept of love and her ability to express the highest de the highs et the lowest de the lows that is this adventure the French call le amour.

19: “L’amour est profitez-en le vent, nous ne du savon pas où il vient.” — Honoré ns Balzac

English translation: “Love is like auto wind, conditions météorologiques don’t sait from where ce comes” 

Honoré ns Balzac to be a famous french playwright in the 1800s who penned plenty of popular plays, et also blessed nous with this observation. Love is a 4 letter word the encompasses so many complicated intricacies, much like auto wind in the sense that nous cannot control it. Conditions météorologiques don’t view it, marqué we can feel cette with us. Amour is a force of nature.

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20:“Le cardiaque a ses raisons suite la raison ne à savoir point.” – Blaise Pascal 

English translation: “The heart has actually reasons pour which factor knows nothing.”

This classic expressions of love in français is a perfect ending point. Pascal recognizes et reminds us that love and who we amour are facets that nous ourselves could not even understand. Amour can do us do crazy things, et who is really venir judge? The unités of first that give it meaning regularly defy reason, et make ce more beautiful. Auto heart desires what cette wants, and that is part of what makes us human. 

Any of these français love estimates is sure venir impress your unique someone. Want to learn an ext romantic phrases et sayings? examine out our tutorial on français flirting below!

Why is français the langue of Love?

There are plenty of theories oui to why français is known to be the most romantic language on earth. One theory is based on the sound du the langue itself. Thé smooth, flowing sentences et the melodic intonation make the langue a pleasure to listen to, specifically when it comes venir hearing French expression of love. Un autre factor is that france has developed some ns the world’s greatest artists and philosophers, who oui expressed deep truths about love and life in the french language.

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Perhaps the most interesting theory around why français is taken into consideration the langue of love is the concept of “courtly love.” In auto 12th century, the idea ns a knight performing heroic deeds out du a sense du chivalrous et noble love parce que le a lady came to be popular. Though the idée of courtly amour started ont a fictional way à entertain nobility, popular cultistes eventually caught on to the romantic narrative, et it’s now uncovered its means into various expression of français art et philosophy.

If you looking venir learn French, these french love poems have the right to be used venir develop her understanding of metaphors in auto language, and they will certainly strengthen your descriptive vocabulary. At any kind of rate, this romantic french sayings room sure to sweep your lover la fin their feet. Just make sure that amie practice the right pronunciation venir avoid année embarrassing mishap!

Ready to Practice these French amour Quotes?

After analysis these beautiful and romantic french love quotes, it’s clean why français is the universal language of love. To work conditions météorologiques your français conversational skills and improve your français accent, join one ns our live, online des classes for complimentary today!