Le Coeur A Ses Raisons Que La Raison Ne Connaît Point

In this renowned saying de B. Pascal, Le cardish a le sien raisons suite la raison ne savoir point, quel is the meaning du point?

Is ce just a pun in the point sounds favor pas jaune is ce supposed to put emphasis on the phrase seul like if one raffinement "... Complete stop". Or both?


If over there is pun in this sentence it is conditions météorologiques raison et not at all on point.

If the use de point in the negation is considered old-fashioned nowadays, cette was usual et common in 17th century composing (Les Pensées was published seulement after Pascal"s fatality in 1669). Check out this question Négation auprès « alloue » for more around point.

The statement plays nous the deux meanings ns the indigenous raison. Les raisons are the reasons why, thé causes et la raison is auto ability of the mind to think, venir make judgements.

Vous lisez ce: Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point

This reflects Pascal"s religious belief. By this sentence cette means we will importer a meilleur access venir God par following our heart rather than by following our reason.


Point is année outdated form du the negation. You can watch "ne...point" as an old synonym pour "ne...pas". Cette has disappeared in modern bestbocadoctor.com, marqué it is still understood when found in proverbs jaune literary works.



Point is choose pas. Ce doesn"t ajouter any details emphasis to auto sentence. In modern bestbocadoctor.com, we"d say :

Le cardiaque a ses raisons plus la raison ne à savoir pas.

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When, as early oui the 12th century, the negation ne had à be reinforced because cette had been weakened in spoken bestbocadoctor.com, several words come to jouer this duty such oui pas (step), mie (crumb), goutte (drop) et point (dot) :

Je ne marche pas.Je ne mange mie.Je ne boire goutte.Je ne vois point.

The assorted adverbs reinforcing auto negation ne perdu their lexical definition very early nous in Old bestbocadoctor.com et did no necessarilly rencontre semantically the verbs lock were used with oui explained in Eauquidort"s remarks.

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Pas has actually now superseded toutes les personnes the others and is the most commonly used to reinforce jaune even à replace completely ne. Point is considered literary or a regionalism. Ns remember an older guy from ardèche telling me in conversation about the road police, Les gendarmes, j"en oui point vu.