Le combat des maitres 12 coups de midi

Bruno, thé current Maître de midi de Jean-Luc Reichmann, enters thé track this Saturday, July 10, 2021 in auto Battle du the Masters ns 12 midday shots on TF1. Will he manage venir qualify parce que le the composants time tonight? hey gives his impressions before his match against three différent candidates.

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This is thé last right line for the Midday Masters, in Battle of the masters 2021 of 12 midday shots. This Saturday, July 10, auto last four candidates ns the tournament will seek venir win their show, with the hope de being able venir participate in tonight’s componter time, native 9:05 p.m. On TF1, together Amel Bent et Laurent Ournac. Among them, Bruno, the current an excellent champion indigenous Jean-Luc Reichmann who, because ns the tournament, enjoys a little pause in his significant journey and the search for theMysterious star.

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“Of thé six shows, i only get involved in one as a candidate, check Bruno. Thé rest de the time, I être in the audience with the est différent participants. Pour The Battle ns the Masters, je didn’t oui the pressure I ont in everyday life. Even si rubbing shoulders with good midday masters such as Paul, Xavier, Véronique is yes, really nothing trivial … avant the show, I’m afraid of being rehearsed, because auto level is high. Conditions météorologiques must not manquer it. Having said that, everyone made me feel welcome“, hey finally confides.

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Jean-Luc Reichmann’s gaze conditions météorologiques Bruno

“I discover auto candidates oui they go, underlines Jean-Luc Reichmann on the sidelines ns Masters fight. What’s amazing is that each Midday Master déposer is different. It’s an extremely exciting. Each time there is a human who arrives, we are conditions météorologiques a register de humanity… conditions météorologiques cannot be mistaken nous the sensitivity, conditions météorologiques the emotions, nous the culture… there is a different mechanics of reflection pour each candidate . Bruno reveals himself oui he goes along. Gradually, nous are pleasantly surprised. Hey probably walk not imagine that hey could comprendre so recorded up in the jeu on theMysterious star. And on behavior questions, cette is bluffing: conditions météorologiques these questions, ce is difficult à give a for sure answer. Cette has huge sensitivity. Hey is always elegant, even if he is tired. Je know once his legs space full. Over there was not a surtout click. Marqué today, je realize that hey has a real sensitivity“, concludes thé host. Will brun manage venir qualify for the crème against Julien, Emilie and Christophe ? answer this Saturday July 10 from 11:45 matin on TF1.

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