Le courage n est pas l absence de peur

30 cf 55 cm (12 voir 22 in.)40 cf 75 centimètre (16 cf 30 in) (+ 10.00€)50 cf 95 cm (+ 20.00€)60 x 110 cm (23,6 cf 43,3 in.) (+ 30.00€)70 x 130 cm (28 cf 52 in.) (+ 40.00€)90 cf 165 centimètre (36 cf 66 in.) (+ 60.00€)100 voir 185 cm (40 cf 74 .in) (+ 70.00€)

Vous lisez ce: Le courage n est pas l absence de peur

French madeLifespan: 5 yearsEasy to installNontoxic

Wall stickers quotes à la decoration!

These wall decals through quotes and this wall decal Le courage est ns capacité ns la vaincre can give elle decorating ideas parce que le your kitchen. Tu always feeling pride again reinforced every time you view this autocollant Le navire est ns capacité de la vaincre ont wall decoration.

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Where can i stick this wall sticker?

This wall sticker will certainly be perfect nous the internal walls du your kitchen or in the living room! it can additionally be grounding in a bedroom jaune study.

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Vinyl brand: Avery Dennison® 500 Event cinématique Matt / Orafol Orajet® 3164-XMRA matt
Lifetime: 5 years
Thickness: 0,1 mm
Removable: yes. Ce does no damage thé wall
Waterproof: yes
Washable through water: yes
Resistance to solvents: yes
Toxic: no
Flammable: no (norm NF p 92-501 - M1)
Smell: none
Type of adhesive: acrylic glue
Temperature resistance: From -40 to 85°C
Origin: Made in France et Belgium

* applies to toutes les personnes our vinyl printed et cut. Not applicable à la blackboards, luminescent, whiteboards and other kind de material/span>