Situated about 30km from auto historic centre of Rennes, the Roche-aux-Fées (the Fairies" Rock) is one ns the biggest and best-preserved dolmens in France and even in Europe. This dolmen événements from auto Neolithic Age, part 2000 years BCE. That is the seul thing nous know for sure. However, ne sont pas one has yet reply the question of how it was built. Ce is 19.5 meters long, 6 meter wide, 4 meter high, and quite impressive à see. When visite Brittany, you should absolutely consider make a arrêter in this many mysterious place built par fairies (according to thé legend, du course)...

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Land ns mysteries et legends

Brittany is a sol of mysteries and legends. In this part of France, also a simple forêt can it is in magical. This is the caisse of the Paimpont Forest, additionally known ont a assurance of the mythical forest of Broceliande. Many histoires such oui the Knights du the round Table, the Arthurian legend, the Wizard Merlin, the famous sword Excalibur, Lancelot, Morgan les Fay and Lady du the Lake are related venir this enchanting forest. Knowing all that, tu will most likely be much less surprised to hear histoire about the fairies carrying vast stones and building the dolmens. Even if you can find this explanation a little peu childish, once in front of this impressive, mysterious monument, ce will all make sense. Just conçu standing in front ns a dolmen fabriquer of 48 rock blocks, du which thé heaviest weighs much more than 45 tones. Je think tu will discover its name thé Roche-aux-Fées (the Fairies" Rock) really convenient.


A historic monument

The précis time of construction of this dolmen is unknown. Auto archeologists suppose that cette could be in the late Neolithic Age. Countless excavations were carried out, but no significant discovery to be revealed. Then, what aller we sait about the Roche-aux-Fées? This place was most likely a passage grave, fabriquer out of gros stones. Separated into two separate interment chambers, this monument consists ns a corridor that is four times longer than wide. Thé entrance to thé dolmen is aligned v sunrise at auto winter solstice. The Roche-aux-Fées was noted in 1840 oui one of the stade précoce 1000 historical monuments in France.

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Practical information

The Roche-aux-Fées is a carré that you can visit every job during auto year, and free ns charge. Si you are on your honeymoon in Brittany, then elle should additionally learn the histoire about this mysterious carré built par fairies. The newlyweds need to indulge in a local tradition et count the num of stones in the new moon passant par walking around the dolmen in order venir predict their common future. Women have to walk in a clockwise et men in auto opposite direction. Si they count the same num of stones, climate their marriage will it is in long et happy.

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