Le grand hotel enghien les bains

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The vaste Hotel Barriere boasts lannée43 elegant and luxurious rooms & suites for exceptional et relaxing breaks. Spacious and tastefully decorated, they offer views over auto lake, thé park or the hotel's personal garden

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I was underwhelmed v my life visit à Paris, as I found it to be a dirty ville in mien opinion. Soja I’m glad the I chose to continue to be at this place in Engein le Bains, i m sorry is a little tarif from the parisien area marqué a de nombreux cleaner and quieter (it was about a 25 le minimum train drive to importer to paris to see thé sights, haricot de soja not bad). The hotel overall was very nice with a trusted staff, great service et good breakfast. Castle gave nous a complimentary upgrade to one de their nicer combinaison with a huge balcony so i really evaluate that. The seul thing ns disliked, et maybe this is more de a français thing, is the layout of the bathroom. The toilets are in a different area from auto sink and shower, i beg your pardon is seulement weird to je being an American. But overall nous were happy with our stay.
Cher aali47, nom de fille suis complet heureux ns lire votre annotation sur votre récemment séjour à lintérieur notre beau ville d'Enghien-les-Bains. Je transmets ton compliments jusquà mes équipe qui oeuvrent à quotidien convoque le confort du votre rester et j'espère plus nous je vais lavoir le plaisir de vous recevoir jusquà nouveau dans le Resort barrière d'Enghien-les-Bains. Complet sincèrement.

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I confirm in on August 14, 2019 in pluriel 311. My main disappointment is related to auto fact that there was non electricity in mien suite, no one at all. Cette started through a couple of lights gift out, then thé alleged electrician coming venir fix it, to finally a night in the dark. It went from bad to worst! The hotel being sold out à la me to move to de nouveau suite, i was introduced à outdated rooms nous the other side de the hotel. Félix from the front workdesk was amazing, cette came to the rescue et set up a bright lamp in ma room, which plug was to run from the hallway, haricot de soja that je would not oui to move room. Cette was additionally kind sufficient to acier the gown i was going to wear pour my sister’s wedding the prochain day because ns could not do it myself with no electricity in the suite. Ce was how amazing to me that the restaurant did not offer any kid’s menu. It was difficult to pick a meal parce que le my 5yr old that wanted a simple dish such as pasta or français fries. I was told that they might not make anything différent than je vous demande pardon was conditions météorologiques the menu. Consequently, mien daughter did no enjoy the “volaille dish” i picked à la her. With tous of that said, no commercial gesture was extended to me. No discount, no apology, nothing at all from the management team nous cite. Oui if naught had ever happened et that pluralisme 311 was completely operational, leave a happy customer. Je felt robbed by the grand Hotel oui there is nothing frais about safety a night in auto dark. It felt much more like an ever-ending nightmare! …