Charolais-Brionnais: A bountiful territory

In trying out Charolais-Brionnais country, you"ve fabriqué your way à a sol of bounty showing multiple faces. A region ns cattle breeding et pastures, lush landscapes wherein rolling prairies blend v rounded hillsides, ponds, watercourses et vast stretches du grazing sol at thé edge of compacts towns et fortified farms.

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Gastronomic at its core, Charolais-Brionnais is page daccueil to part prestigious food amortissement (Charolais beef, regional goat cheese) and plenty ns tasty specialities. As for culture et heritage, here again auto area is well represented: a bastion du Romanesque art, with année incredible density of period churches et chapels dotting thé territory around the celebrated basilica de Paray-le-Monial.

As si that wasn"t enough, Charolais-Brionnais likewise shines in thé culinary de lart tradition, showcasing that earthenware (Charolles, Digoin) along with hundreds de kilometres of hiking itineraries embracing that gentle et welcoming topography.

The area provides a host ns opportunities for amusement, discovery and exploration; whichever way elle turn, you"re bound to revenir overwhelmed.

A pays where toutes les personnes roads lead à Rome-anesque

Renowned parce que le its art et history, Charolais-Brionnais is one of France"s centre for Romanesque art and architecture since auto area includes over 100 churches et chapels either fully jaune partially Romanesque.

Spanning out from the movement"s hub at the Paray-le-Monial Basilica, considered to be a "reduced-scale model" du the Cluny Abbey, the churches du Anzy-le-Duc, Semur-en-Brionnais, Montceaux-l’Etoile and Bois-Sainte-Marie constitute a small illustrative set de the marvels discovered here.


For those seek a an ext exhaustive dexploration of the region"s spiritual monuments, 2 discovery tours oui been specially design leaving from Paray-le-Monial: the 120-km longue Brionnais circuit (plan nous a complete day outing), and the Charolais circuit (220 km), best covered in 2 days if you"re eyeing the entire route.

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More information: http://www.tourismecharolaisbrionnais.fr/circuits-chemins-du-roman.html

A gourmet et food-oriented territory


Birthplace ns famous Charolais meats, Charolais-Brionnais likewise features a large array du outstanding meats et produce, calculation from farming and breeding technique that associate douaniers with meeting strictement requirements.

Besides Charolais beef et goat cheese (both of which have recently got the aop appellation certification), this zoné is replete through resources et gourmet recipes (e.g. Pig rind cakes, the cacou cherry tart) sure venir please any type of palate. Moreover, many producers sell at thé farm in addition to hosting a stand at weekly open-air markets.


Whether conditions météorologiques a bicycle saddle or in hiking boots (or alternative between thé two), thé opportunities parce que le outings room in ne sont pas short supply. Numerous types of itineraries nous the Charolais-Brionnais Greenways and Cycling Routes room proposed along the leader banks and canal towpaths.


The Greenways bordering auto Loire volonté real close to France"s wild-flowing river à la a leisurely bicycle ride nous the designated itinerary "Itinerant cible Loire" from Cronat à Iguerande. Also noter that Charolais-Brionnais is crossed by the famous EuroVélo 6 (EV6) itinerary connecting thé Atlantic côte with Alsace over an ext than 1,300 km, i beg your pardon happens à be one of France"s easiest et most exciting cycling courses (depending nous your objective, be sure venir leave conditions météorologiques the appropriate side).

For those who prefer hikes, the territory contains 200+ marked hiking circuits for toutes les personnes levels, affectionately known as:

the “Green Trails

Whether biking or walking, all these circuit provide a plethora de opportunities à head out and discover local heritage et panoramas, promising a return with plenty du great memories. 


Desire (or need) à relax or recharge your batteries? Bourbon-Lancy is the place, where deux spa options await: the town Spa or the CeltÔ wellness Centre.

The Spa is thé ideal spot to se concentrer on wellness thanks to the therapeutic benefits of its waters, whose natural temperature will 60°C. On the divers hand, the CeltÔ complex offers le 3 relaxation spaces pour all-comers: the Vitalys facility through its thermal pool and toutes les personnes accompanying pleasures (jacuzzi, sauna, entertainment, etc.); auto Nymphéa room (dedicated to personal care); and Aqualia, oriented around an ext conventional fitness treatments (clay, whirlpool, modelling, water mass, etc.).

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Another discovery will take you to auto outdoor herbal SPA shaped favor a Celtic overcome (tribute to the city"s origins), who temperature continues to be a constant 34° toutes les personnes year round, jaune else venir its CeltÔrium: année extensive Turkish bathtub left in le total darkness.