Leçon De Morale À L École Autrefois

Quick Description: The school Madame aux Sévigné became in 2012 a musée of thé eco, the school du formerly ce was miscellaneous ! L'école Madame aux Sévigné est devenue en 2012 une musée du l'écoe, l'école d'autrefois c'était quelque chapitre !
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In 2012 auto maternal écoles Madame de Sévigné was transformed into a school-museum.

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Cette existed oui a écoles since thé 50s, je myself go from 1961 à 1963. Nous can still see nous the pediment auto motto de our republic: flexibility Equality Fraternity. The écoles had le3 classrooms (small, medium et large).Located in auto heart of the city, thé School-Museum residences a rich circonscriptions of school et educational materials. Each notebook, each object, each la peinture that you will discover throughout the fixation exhibition has actually been incorporated into an original scenography.The School-Museum gift 3 classes corresponding venir key dates of its history, 1850-1879 parce que le the first; 1881-1950 pour the second et 1950 to today parce que le the last. A notebook, a stylo and année inkwell are available à try to write "as before"." Turnkey animations
role your sphere ... The School-Museum has decided to relaunch thé queen of schoolyards, auto ball de land.Students monitor a presentation ns the games et toys ns yesteryear then get involved in a recreational workshop.The target is à practice a hands-on activity, to loi with his hands on the material, auto materials, utilizing tools, à create or to make leaving his imprint nous the matter.This task aims to develop in the pupil his possibilities ns adaptation, his faculty to find solutions, thus venir learn à reason.Disciplinary fields: imaginative education, awakening to the worldLevel: Kindergarten taille Section et Preparatory CourseDuration ns the animation: 1h30 i draw The objectives de this film danimation are multiple: venir exert that is glance et to discover thé history of the school and education starting from images et some objects put in the fixation exhibition.Students in the classroom de the past take part in a presentation ns the furniture, identify it and then analyze it to recognize both auto composition et the meaning.The youngsters take to trust in themselves, appropriate auto place, it is time parce que le everyone venir draw the object that has retained their full attention. (Choose amongst selected objects beforehand).Disciplinary fields: artistic education, awakening to auto worldLevel: Kindergarten super Section et Preparatory CourseDuration ns the animation: 1h30 Over temps ... The goals are à discover a écoles in the time ns the great-grandparents venir that du our parents, to comparer the tons of the schoolchildren in thé past et today and to a été observé the material fabriqué available to thé students.Students take a guided tour du the museum et then carry a booklet * they answer a fun questionnaire referring to thé visit provided.Disciplinary Fields: civic Education, History, History du ArtsLevel: main (from CE1), College et High SchoolDuration du the animation: 2h à 2h30 Give je your stylo In thé classroom of old, student attend et participate in a creating lesson.Dressed oui the students de the early on twentieth century (blouse and beret), youngsters describe et try to represent auto operation of the school, comment is arranged the class, what were the punishments ...Then, they can imagine themselves in school of the beginning of the century de writing with thé pen and the purple ink:- for CE1-CE2: a few words et sentences native a creating lesson.- from auto CM1, College et High School: dictation nous a subject that can be defined de the teacher at registration.Disciplinary fields: Letters, History, History ns the ArtsLevel: major (from CE1), College et High SchoolDuration ns the animation: 2h The moral lesson In toutes les personnes the classrooms, at thé same time à la 86 years, tous the schoolchildren followed thé same ritual: the conventionnel lesson.

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Ce solemnly inaugurated the day et was venir allow children to become "good adults". Every day the schoolmaster wrote nous the blackboard ns the class a moral precept. The pupils had venir copy cette on their notebook, discuss cette with the teacher, et especially find out it by heart.Morality at lécole defined auto fundamentals of french society. She moche down thé rules ns "living together".Activity: students je suis en attente a lesson in morality, participate in the discuter and transcribe a couple of sentences conditions météorologiques a sheet passant par writing with auto metal pen.Disciplinary Fields: public Education, HistoryLevel: from CE2, College and High SchoolDuration of the animation: 1h30 how did thé master live? Each auditeur school had actually classrooms ont well as official housing. Auto teachers were hence housed at your place of work. At the end de the 19th century, auto housing de function was integrated in the town hall. Auto teacher to be then also auto town hall secretary.In relier with a visit to the museum, students uncover reconstituted real estate without to run water or electricity.

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Assorted themes of tous les jours life space discussed.- CE1 to CM2: in thé master"s room, today"s objects room hidden. Student must discover these intruders et explain why castle did not exist.- university students: making use of a questionnaire, students discover thé usual objects used passant par the teacher and try à explain your functions.Disciplinary Fields: public Education, History.Level: primary (from CE1), College.Duration de the animation: 1h30 "Sources : auto Museum