Le passé simple de l indicatif

What is the arriver simple?

Le passe simple, additionally known ont le passé historique, is a french past tense the is only used in composed language. It has the same meaning oui the arriver composé; it talks around a completed, one-time mouvement in auto past.

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L’année dernière, nom de fille partis en vacances en France.

À vélo, nom de fille roulai au bord ns la mer aux Brest jusquà Saint-Malo puis je visitai Saint-Malo.

Pendant que nom de fille visitais Saint-Malo, je pris beaucoup aux photos.

When à use the passe simple

We usage the passe simple in thé following cases:

to talk around a one-time, completed action in thé pastExample:L"année dernière, nom de fille partis en vacances en France.Last year i went conditions météorologiques holiday à France.to talk around a sequence du past actionsExample:À vélo, em roulai au bord aux la mer du Brest jusqu’à Saint-Malo puis je visitai Saint-Malo.On my bike, i travelled along the côte from Brest to Saint-Malo et then ns explored Saint-Malo.to talk around a new travail that interrupted another action that was currently in progressExample:Pendant que je visitais Saint-Malo, je pris beaucoup du photos.While i was in Saint-Malo, ns took a beaucoup of photos.


The arriver simple is mostly used in composed French. In talked language, we prefer venir use the arriver composé.

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Example:L’année final je suis la gauche en vacances en France.Last year ns went nous holiday à France.

How to conjugate the passe simple

To conjugate the arriver simple in french grammar, nous remove thé infinitive finishing and add the following endings according to the verb group:

1st human being singular (I)j’aimaije finisje vendis
2nd person singular (you)tu aimastu finistu vendis
3rd human being singular (he/she/it)il/elle/on aimail/elle/on finitil/elle/on vendit
1st person plural (we)nous aimâmesnous finîmesnous vendîmes
2nd person plural (you)vous aimâtesvous finîtesvous vendîtes
3rd human plural (they)ils/elles aimèrentils/elles finirentils/elles vendirent

1st person singular (I)j’eusje fus
2nd human singular (you)tu eustu fus
3rd person singular (he/she/it)il/elle/on eutil/elle/on fut
1st person plural (we)nous eûmesnous fûmes
2nd person plural (you)vous eûtesvous fûtes
3rd human being plural (they)ils eurentils/elles furent

To conjugate any french verb in the passe simple, aller to ours verb conjugator.

Exceptions to thé conjugation rules

The verbs venir and tenir, oui well oui their related forms (revenir, retenir,…), are conjugated in different way in the passé simple.
1st person singular (I)je vinsje tins
2nd person singular (you)tu vinstu tins
3rd person singular (he/she/it)il/elle/on vintil/elle/on tint
1st person plural (we)nous vînmesnous tînmes
2nd human plural (you)vous vîntesvous tîntes
3rd human being plural (they)ils/elles vinrentils/elles tinrent

For verbs finishing in -ger, we add an e avant the finishing (except in the 3rd human being plural).Example:mangerto eat → je mangeai, personnes mangeas, il mangea, nous mangeâmes, elle mangeâtes, nom de famille mangèrent

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