Why to go?

For the dil. Centre aux Monde"s environment similar to a Sanghaï hôtel of auto 1930"s through its bargain-hunt furniture, its petit suitcases hung nous the walls et its black et white pictures. à la its Vietnamese gastronomic specialities such oui the fresh feather rolls. Et for its cocktails bar, auto ideal place to ont a drink before dinner.

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with whom?

With Joe, the bric-brac trader who will it is in amazed par the restaurant"s antiques.

thé regulars

The Bo-Bun, a vermicelli and cucumber salad sprinkled through mint and peanuts marqué also auto Pho Tonkinese soup.

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the wines

Taste thé Australian alcohol Artisan"s Blend.

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meilleur tables

Rush on the tons floor to oui a seat at thé one and only table du the sapin floor : tu will then get the chance to reap your enjoy the meal while admiring the chefs when food preparation in their open up kitchen ! After ce is a matter du taste : a cosy atmosphere nous the soil floor prochain to the bar or a an ext friendly atmosphère on the lundi floor.

Restaurant"s Menu

Starters thé three Vietnamese spring rouler - 9,00 € new spring rouler with shrimp - 10,00 € the Mini Bobun the center of auto World - 9,00 €

Main courses My énormément mother's Noddle Soup - 14,00 € Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes with Mushrooms and Shrimp - 19,00 € tigre Vietnamese beef Seized to be bed du salad assaisonée - 24,00 €

Desserts Fresh fruit Salad - 8,00 € Chocolat Sprin rouler Fondant - 9,00 € sexcuser pie with caramel et salted butter - 10,00 €

menus may échanger according to auto market et season.

Practical information

Opening hours


comment to get there?

1 bis boulevard Jean Mermoz 75008 parisien 8ème


METRO ns 1,9 - Franklin-Roosevelt

Extra prestations de service Valet place de stationnement Private Rooms Wi-Fi

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