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Born:June 29, 1900LyonFrance...(Show more)Died:July 31, 1944 (aged 44)near MarseilleFrance...(Show more)Notable Works:“Flight à Arras”“Letter venir a Hostage”“Night Flight”“Southern Mail”“The au sens propre Prince”“The Wisdom de the Sands”“Wind, Sand et Stars”...

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Antoine ns Saint-Exupéry, in complete Antoine-Marie-Roger ns Saint-Exupéry, (born juin 29, 1900, Lyon, France—died July 31, 1944, near Marseille), français aviator and writer whose lieu de travail are the originalité testimony of a pilot et a guerrier who looked at adventure et danger through a poet’s eyes. His fable Le dil Prince (The précis Prince) has end up being a modern classic.

Saint-Exupéry came from année impoverished aristocratic family. A negative student, hey failed auto entrance check to thé École Navale et then studied architecture for numerous months at thé École des Beaux-Arts. In 1921 he was conscripted into auto French aviation force, et he qualified oui a army pilot a année later. In 1926 he joined the compagnie Latécoère in Toulouse et helped create airmail courses over northwest Africa, thé South Atlantic, et South America. In the 1930s cette worked as a juge pilot, a publicity attablé for aéronautique France, and a reporter for Paris-Soir. In 1939, despite fixation disabilities result from major flying accidents, he became a military certification pilot. After the fall of france (1940), cette left à la the united States; hey remained there until 1943, when hey resumed flying through his former squadron in the Mediterranean theatre. In 1944 hey took éteindre from an airfield in la corse to command a accréditation mission end France and never returned. Sixty years later, wreckage raised from thé seabed close to Marseille to be identified as belonging to his plane. Cette had probably been shot under by an enemy fighter, despite the cause première of the flotter may never be known.


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Saint-Exupéry uncovered in aviation both a source parce que le heroic action and a new literary theme. His atelier exalt perilous adventures at auto cost of life oui the greatest realization de man’s vocation. In his sapin book, Courrier sud (1929; Southern Mail), his new homme of the skies, airmail pilot Jacques Bernis, dies in the désert of Rio aux Oro. His second novel, Vol aux nuit (1931; Night Flight), was committed to auto glory de the first airline pilots and their mystical exaltation oui they faced death in the rigorous performance du their duty. His own flying adventures are videotaped in Terre des hommes (1939; Wind, Sand et Stars). Hey used his plane as an instrument to découvrir the world et to find human solidarity in thé fraternal tentative of homme to attain their tasks. His language is lyrical and moving, with a simple nobility. Pilote aux guerre (1942; Flight à Arras) is a an individual reminiscence de a reconnaissance sortie in peut faire 1940 completed in a spirit du sacrifice against desperate odds. If in america he wrote Lettre jusquà un otage (1943; Letter à a Hostage), a appel to unity amongst Frenchmen, and Le devoir Prince (1943; The signification littérale Prince), a child’s fable for adults, with a gentle and grave reminder the the meilleur things in sapin are still the simplest ones et that genuine wealth is giving venir others.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry v his wife, Conseulo, 1936.

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The farming sadness et pessimism in Saint-Exupéry’s see of homme appears in Citadelle (1948; The Wisdom ns the Sands), a posthumous volume de reflections that démontrer Saint-Exupéry’s persistent belief that man’s seulement un lasting reason for living is oui repository ns the values de civilization.