Rita Mitsouko to be a pop-rock band, created passant par Catherine Ringer and late Fred Chichin. Their impacter in français music has been incredible: They to be the first band à bring digital sounds in french music v the souper “Marcia Baila”, je vous demande pardon started a revolution in thé history of français music. This song, Marcia Baila, toujours is the meilleur representation of their style: they make you saut on cynism. Indeed, the song is around Marcia, the former dance teacher ns Catherine, who didn’t make it through cancer. Over auto years, esquive Rita Mitsouko never ever stopped singing about auto worst, denouncing auto worst our society can create, et always with thé same colorful et playful music.

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Consequently, cette was no surprises venir see them release a souper about Auschwitz-Birkenau, Le devoir Train (The signification littérale Train), that made dance tous French during a whole summer.Their common cynism is at its le meilleur in this song. Das Rita Mitsouko take it the musique of a children’s song, called Le dil. Train ont well, by andrew Claveaux, telling auto story du a little train make its way through the countryside. Das Rita Mitsouko adapted auto lyrics, and turned them right into a bloody story. (Translation under the cut)

Le devoir train s’en va dans la campagneVa et vient, poursuit son cheminSerpentin, ns bois et ns ferrailleRouille und vert aux gris sous la pluie.Qu’son beau quand les soleil l’enflammeAu couchant, jusquà travers champs.

Les chapeaux des paysannes ondulent sous les ventElles rient parfois jusqu’aux larmes en rêvant à leurs amants.

L’avoine est déjà germéeAs-tu rentré le blé,Cette année les vaches ont fait des hectolitres du lait.

Petit train, où t’en vas-tu?Train ns la mort, maïs que fais-tu?Le referas-tu encore?Personne ne sait ce qui s’y fait, personne ne croitIl faut qu’ils voient, maïs moi em suis quand aussi là.

Le devoir train à lintérieur la campagneEt das enfants?Les petit trains dans la montagneLes exorbitant parentsPetit train, conduis-les aux flammes, jusqu’à travers champs.

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Le dil train s’en va dans la campagneVa und vient, poursuivre son cheminSerpentin de bois, de ferrailleMarron et gris sous ns pluie.

Reverra-t-on une divers fois passer esquive trains comme autrefois?C’est démarche moi qui répondra.Personne née sait cette qui s’y faitPersonne ne croit, il faut qu’ils voientMais moi em suis quand en outre là.

Petit train, foins t’en vas-tu.Train ns la mort, maïs que fais-tu?Le referas-tu encore?Reverra-t-on une différent fois passe des trains profitez-en celui-là?C’est démarche moi lequel répondra».

The story behind the song is about her father, who gladly changed from this train. We can “hear” him, saying “Mais moi em suis quand en outre là”, meaning hey saw everything and now tells thé words v his old childish words. The fond is nice obvious, regarding comment the lyrics save switching from auto worst (“Conduis-les du flammes”) à light moments (The farmer talking about their lovers, random fémoral from thé happy sapin in thé countryside). Ce probably refers to the farmers hey could view from thé train, who were used venir see this former goes passant par every week and kept acting ont if naught was happening (“Personne ne sait ce qu"il s"y fait”).

The innocence of a kid describing what cette saw is likewise corroborated par the light et happy music. This melody was typically the joli of songs children from thé period used to sing together.Les Rita Mitsouko emphasized this fake innocence de adding part Indian influences, an ext particularly thé jerky rhythm, an extremely repetitive. Indeed, ind traditionally consider their music as a prayer, et the melody need to be loud et drumming à be heard from auto skies. Catherine Ringer moved it par using thé same voice tricks - an extremely high notes pour example - which, to our français ears, sound choose cries.This is why toutes les personnes the dancers in the video are Indians, et following your inner culture, lock sing and dance to celebrate life, even the darkest shades ns humanity. The seulement un traces ns Auschwith-Birkenau are thé ghost visage Catherine et Fred mimicked, barbed wire, et Catherine crying and mournin par wearing black. However, this cynical melody isn’t completely irrelevant either. Despite the historical background, there’s calmer a hint de happiness living through it: her father came ago unlike the others.

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The irony is the the musique is sauce soja light and drumming that it remained one ns the most successful lété songs france had ever before known. People seulement hardly establish what ce was about. Un autre proof that das Rita Mitsouko are seul genius.Les Rita Mitsouko calmer remain thé parents de Pop-rock in France. Catherine Ringer et her husband, late Fred Chichin, supported the young generation du rock/indie singers like non one else. As soon as Fred Chichin died a coupler of year ago, a tribute had actually been done at the français Grammys, les Victoires ns la Musique. Tous the meilleur French guitars football player came nous stage and played Fred’s most renowned melodies. Je can appel you the when i watched that, ns cried tous the tears ns had because cette was seulement so intimate and much much more powerful than a twitter expressing the great loss. (Video ns the tribute under the cut.