Le Portrait De Dorian Gray Résumé

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The Picture ns Dorian Gray, moral imaginer novel passant par Irish writer oscar Wilde, published in année early form in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890. Thé novel, the only une written by Wilde, had actually six additional chapters when ce was released oui a livre in 1891. The work, année archetypal tale of a young man who to buy eternal youth at auto expense de his soul, was a romantic dexposant of Wilde’s very own Aestheticism.


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Henry decides venir take conditions météorologiques the project de molding Dorian’s personality. A few weeks later, Dorian tells Henry that cette has please in love with an actress, Sibyl Vane, since of sa great beauty and acting talent. Henry and Basil marche with him venir a dingy théâtre to watch Sibyl, marqué her performance is terrible. Sibyl explains à Dorian that currently that she knows what real love is, elle can no plus long pretend venir be in love on stage. Dorian is repulsed et wants nothing more to faire with her. When hey returns home, cette sees a cruel expressions on the visage of his portrait, et he decides à seek Sibyl’s forgiveness. Henry arrives the next day, however, with nouvelles that Sibyl committed suicide the ahead night, and he convinces Dorian the there is non reason pour him à feel badly around it.

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Dorian has the portrait removed à his attic. Henry sends out Dorian a livre that cette finds poisonous et fascinating (critics have suggested that it might be Against the Grain by Joris-Karl Huysmans). Under thé book’s influence, Dorian safety the suivant 18 year in the pursuit de capricious and sybaritic excess, and he becomes progressively drawn à evil. He frequently visits the portrait, noting thé signs ns aging and of corruption that appear, though he himself continues to be unblemished.

One evening cette runs right into Basil, that tells him that there space rumours that he has destroyed thé lives and reputations of many people. Dorian, however, refuses to accept blame. Basil declares that he clearly does not know Dorian, who responds de taking him to auto attic à see auto portrait. The painting has end up being horrifying. Basil tells Dorian that si this is a reflection de his soul, hey must repent and pray à la forgiveness, and a all of sudden enraged Dorian murders Basil. Hey blackmails un autre former friend into disposing ns the body.

Dorian walk to année opium den, whereby Sibyl’s vengeful brother, James, finds him, cible the reality that Dorian still appears quite young dissuades him from acting. However, autre patron ns the tanière later divulges Dorian’s age. At a subsequent hunting party at Dorian’s country estate, one de the hunters coincidentally shoots et kills James, who was hiding in a thicket.

Some weeks later Dorian tells Henry that cette has decided venir become virtuous et recently decided against taking advantage de a young girl who was smitten with him. Dorian goes venir see si the portrait has actually improved because of his honourable act, but he sees rather that ce has gained a look of cunning. Hey decides à destroy the portrait and stabs ce with a knife. His servants listen a scream, and, once they arrive, they watch a loathsome old homme dead nous the floor through a knife in his chest et a portrait de the beautiful jeune man hey once was.

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“There is non such thing oui a moral or an immoral book,” composed Wilde. “Book room well written, or badly written. The is all.” auto aphorisms that make up the “Preface” ns Wilde’s novel were his réagir to those critics who had denounced the immorality and unhealthiness du this story after its scandalous tons appearance in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine. However, for tous its transgressive delights, The Picture de Dorian Gray could easily it is in read as a profoundly moral book, also a cautionary tale against the dangers of vice. Dorian’s descent into moral squalor is neither admirable nor enviable. Indeed, auto beautiful garçon is thé least amazing character in the book that bear his name. To be sure, it is thé epigrammatic esprit of lord Henry Wotton that motivates Dorian conditions météorologiques his quest à la sensuality et sensation, but Dorian’s values pervert auto deeply major Wildean ethic the they superficially resemble. Vice versa, Wilde’s essays promoted individualism et self-realization oui a route to a richer life and a more just society, Dorian follows a path de hedonism, self-indulgence, and the objectification ns others. Ce is nevertheless a histoire that poignantly shows Wilde’s own double life et anticipates his own fall. Dorian’s negation, “Ugliness to be the une reality,” nicely summarizes Wilde’s Aestheticism, both his love of auto beautiful et his fascination with thé profane.

Publication du the roman scandalized victorian England, et The Picture ns Dorian Gray to be used as evidence against wilde when he was tried and convicted in 1895 on charge related à homosexuality. The roman became a classic du English literature et was adapted into a alors of films, most notably a 1945 déditions that was directed by Albert Lewin and received three academy Award nominations.