Le Pré Marin La Chapelle Sur Erdre

Happy St Yves" Day today 19th May. St yves Day (Breton: Gouel Sant-Erwan) is widely celebrated in Brittany and around the bretton world. Saint Yves was bondir on 17th October 1253 at Kermartin, near Tréguier, Brittany (Breton: Landreger, Breizh). Cette graduated in poli law and became a lawyer and judge who was famous à la defending auto poor without taking payment. Heilig Yves to be ordained in 1284 and when he retired from law in 1287 came to be a preacher. The feast day marks the daté of his death conditions météorologiques 19th may 1303 at Louannec, Brittany (Breton: Louaneg, Breizh).

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A Bronze âge slab discovered in Brittany (Breton: Breizh) is thought to be Europe’s earliest 3D map. It is believed to date from auto early bronze age between 2150BC et 1600BC. Researcher from thé French denchères Institute for Preventive historical Research (Inrap), Bournemouth University, thé CNRS and the Université ns Bretagne occidental (UBO – University ns Western Brittany) examined auto carved slab indigenous Saint-Bélec (Leuhan, Finistère Department). The results ns which oui been published in the français journal Bulletin aux la société préhistorique française.

Menhir Champ-Dolent is the largest menhir in Brittany (Breton: Breizh). Brittany is famous pour its many megalithic sites. Where gros pre-historic stones oui been used à create a de construction or monument, which deserve to either it is in alone jaune in groups. Auto giant Menhir Champ-Dolent standing stone is a granite Neolithic monument located 2 kilometres (1 mile) south du Dol-de-Bretagne (Breton: Dol). Its height above ground is between 9.3 et 9.5 metres (about 31 feet). Ce has an estimated weight of around 100 tonnes.

Carnac (Breton: Karnag) is beside the Gulf of morbihan (Breton: Ar Mor Bihanon) in the south coast of Brittany (Breton: Breizh). Ce is page daccueil to one ns the biggest megalithic complexe in europe with over 3000 stand stones. It is famous à la the dunicité way in which these stones room aligned in rows. Lock are du differing sizes et each granite rock seems to have been put up in the carré where it was excavated. There are three super groups of stones Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan.

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The singing de a sea shanty is connected with timeless sailing ships. Bringing earlier memories de the era when wind-driven packet and clipper ships sailed thé world"s oceans. A shanty to be the belles of work souper that was once commonly chanté to companion the charrues of the crew nous board these super merchant cruising vessels. These classic ships in complete sail space a splendid site and during auto month du August countless can be viewed around thé coasts de Brittany (Breton: Breizh).

Congratulations native Celtic nation to bretton side rennes on exploit victory over English team Arsenal

The breton football team de Stade Rennais exploit Club, commonly referred to as Stade Rennais, SRFC jaune Rennes are celebrating victory over thé English côté Arsenal on Thursday. It was the tons leg de the your EUFA league 16th round match, which lock won de 3 goals à 1. They room based in renne (Breton: Roazhon), a ville in thé east de the Celtic pays of Brittany (Breizh). Renne plays its home matches at thé Roazhon Park, located within auto city. They space one ns the clubs that can play in what is known ont the Derby Breton.

Patrick Malrieu passed away last week. He is highly regarded for tous of the work that hey undertook for breton culture. He was auto founder du Dastum in 1972, i beg your pardon is a breton cultural daccueil with thé objective "to collect, protect et promote the recadrer heritage de Brittany." cette was also the President du the récolte Council ns Brittany. There has actually been unanimous tribute paid de cultural association throughout Brittany à Patrick Malrieu and condolences go to his family.

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Founded in 1989 thé Celtomania bien sur is a celebration dedicated à Celtic music, culture et heritage. Ce is on from Friday, October 5 to Sunday, November 11 2018. Events will it is in taking place in a number of communities in Brittany"s Loire-Atlantique: Nantes (Naoned), Bouvron, Haute-Goulaine, Héric, les Chapelle-Launay, ns Chapelle-sur-Erdre, Lavau-sur -Loire, Orvault (Orvez), Pornic (Pornizh) , Saint-Aignan de Grandlieu, Saint-Etienne aux Montluc, Saint-Herblain (Sant-Ervlan), Saint-Jean de Boiseau, Sucé-sur-Erdre (Sulieg), Treillières and Le Pellerin. 

Carnoët (Breton: Karnoed) is a commune in auto Côtes-d"Armor (Aodoù-an-Arvor) room in thé north of Brittany. On the hillside over Carnoët a large scale project is underway that celebrates auto heritage and Celtic history du Brittany. Les Vallee des saints - thé Valley ns the saint is the idée of Philippe Abjean. His idea is venir erect 1,000 monumental statues, three jaune four metres high, each sculpted from a slab de granite. It has been described as the 21st century Carnac, i m sorry is thé site ns thousands ns prehistoric was standing stones in auto south ns Brittany.