Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie Livre

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Rémi Bezançon
23 July 2008
114 minutes
3.33 / 5.0 0.5 from 158 ratings
#99 for 2008, #6,160 overall

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France, Color, 35mm
StudioCanalProduction CompaniesMandarin Cinéma, StudioCanal, la france 2 Cinéma
The life Day ns the Rest of Your tons (tr/en)Loppuelämäsi ensimmäinen päivä (tr/fi)Dzień, który odmienił twoje życie (tr/pl)Первый день оставшейся жизни (tr/ru)El garniture día après resto de tu vida (tr/es)C'est la ailé - soja sind wir, soja ist esquive Leben (tr/de)
Babe_N_Co jan 23 2013 5.00 stars

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No family first is smooth oui ice. The sapin Day de the Rest of Your life is a stylish, impressive and sympathetic history du the rather usual family. The precise and ironic details and observations do this cinématique especially delightful.

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'Le dabord jour aux reste du ta vie' was one of those film I stumbled conditions météorologiques completely by les accidents and immediately found myself captivated par its facile charm, which was seul accentuated passant par the feeling that i was enduring a surprise treasure. Ns discovered 'Le premier jour du reste du ta vie' one afternoon when i had numerous hours venir kill in Nottingham. Life in Lincoln, I have little selection when ce comes to film showing at the local cinéma (foreign film are a particularly rare commodity at Lincoln Odeon) so when in Nottingham ns always take it advantage du the opportunity à visit auto Broadway Media Centre, a wonderful independent cinéma which also boasts a paiement in which venir contemplate the film you've seulement seen end a glass of red wine. As there was nothing showing that work that ns particularly wanted venir see, i impulsively page 'Le dabord jour du reste de ta vie' based nous the shortest de synopses: A portrait du a family, mirroring five significant days throughout a twelve year period.With seul this jai décidé information to aller on, i entered the cinema not knowing whether venir expect a comedy, a drama, a tragedy... What ns got was a combination ns the three. Cette is fair à say, however, the 'Le dabord jour de reste du ta vie' is generally a comedy, filled with auto sort de quirky stylistic touches une commonly associates with independent American cinema. If this independent spirit was instantly attractive venir me, i also noticed the 'Le premier jour aux reste du ta vie' is hardly d’origine material and, in fact, retreads ground sauce soja frequently discover in family members dramas that it is as closely related venir mainstream American cinema and British Soap Operas oui it is to American Indies. We have a neglectful parent realising that he is coming to be his own father, a rebellious teenage daughter learning that elle mother read her journal, a blazing argument on a wedding day leading to a an extensive family rift, a middle-aged mère wondering if sa husband toujours finds elle attractive, elevated voices leading à slapped visage leading to toutes les personnes storming out du rooms. This are toutes les personnes cliches frequently encountered conditions météorologiques the big et small screen.Thankfully, director et writer Remi Bezancon handles toutes les personnes this predictable fare with such wit, charm and sensitivity that 'Le dabord jour ns reste aux ta vie' is never anything less than mesmerizing. This is seul Bezancon's seconde film. His first, thé romantic comedy 'Ma vie en l'air' (Love is in auto Air) (2005), had moment of promis but, regardless of its superficially unusual plotline, ultimately fell victim venir Richard Curtis-esque cliches i beg your pardon Bezancon had actually here not managed venir compensate for. 'Le premièrement jour de reste de ta vie' represents a leap front in terms ns writing cible Bezancon can likewise thank a exorbitant cast pour bringing his product to sapin with together skill. The best turn comes from 21 year old Deborah Francois oui daughter Fleur, auto emotionally temperamental Grunge ventilateur whose henn storyline concentrates on her decision venir lose sa virginity on sa sixteenth birthday. Auto key role ns Robert Duval, auto father who happens to share his name with an American movie star, is additionally beautifully played de Jacques Gamblin, that creates a mild-mannered, lovable cible rather blinkered patriarch. Thé rest du the family are also skillfully portrayed by Zabou Breitman (the mid-life situation suffering mother), Marc-Andre Grondin (the lazy, unemployable son) and newcomer Pio Marmai (the serious-minded, overlooked eldest son).'Le premier jour aux reste du ta vie' is divided into 5 parts, each v its very own title et set nous one specific et vital job between auto years 1988 et 2000. Each segment takes a various member ns the family oui its henchmen focus, return plotlines continue to interweave et develop together the main focus, ensuring that the cinématique never becomes as well episodic, choose a synthétique of short film strung together oui a feature. Par spending a brief period of time through each household member we volonté to yes, really understand the relationships that room so crucial to 'Le dabord jour aux reste du ta vie' and warm to each character in a various way. While some peut être be easier à empathise through than others, the brilliantly it was observed portrayal ns their differing qualities should do each character instantly recognisable venir any audience. Yes, they deserve to be somewhat stereotypical (the rebellious teenage daughter et the long-haired slacker le sien in particular) marqué they are never two-dimensional.Also working in that is favour, 'Le premier jour du reste aux ta vie' has a great soundtrack. Je remember sit in the cinéma watching the opening scenes du the family dog's funeral collection to auto strains ns Sinclair's 'Lost Heart' and thinking "I'm gonna amour this film"! like Wes Anderson, Bezancon has great taste in music et weaves some of his favourite songs smoothly into the narrative. So alongside thé wonderful score par French artist Sinclair nous also importer snatches du songs par great frère artists, such as David Bowie's 'Time' and The divine Comedy's 'In Pursuit ns Happiness'.Ultimately, 'Le premier jour aux reste du ta vie' is a slice of life but a slice carefully couper to include toutes les personnes the tastiest morsels. Despite what conditions météorologiques see ns the Duval family members gives nous the impression of dysfunction nous must additionally bear in dérange that these are seul five significant days indigenous a twelve année period. Amongst the arguments et tensions de each ns the five days, conditions météorologiques also glimpse moment of warmth and celebration et Bezancon hints that this is closer à the signe on any normal day. When we take a moment to consider thé ups and downs experienced passant par the characters throughout the arttasters of the cinématicien in relation to our very own tempestuous navigations through adolescence, the Duvals actually seem a beaucoup more normalement in retrospect.