Le réel c est quand on se cogne

This quote de Jacques lacan has become an extremely fashionable, these days: “Reality is when cette hits*.”

Allow moi to echo it oui these are temps when thé world access time reality, and it hurts.

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We have had a « pleasant » appetiser with thé climate crisis that reminded nous that, contrarily venir what numerous seemed à believe in heat with thé Judeo-Christian, that humanity is not right here to “rule over auto fish in the sea et the bird in thé sky, over the livestock and tous the wild animals et over toutes les personnes the creatures that relocate along auto ground” (Genesis 1:26).

In any kind of case, it is tarif from gift in a emplacement to à faire this.


Until these last weeks, auto wall of reality against which nous were banging our heads remained rather “pleasant”, fleecy et padded ont required, because parce que le most de us, particularly thé more privileged, the climate dilemm is too tarif away to change our ways of considering reality and our priorities. With all the resources available to auto wealthy, they can easily protect themselves from too much heat, pour échapper à to endroit safe native floods, achieve necessary si not superfluous nourriture in case of nourriture shortages, even acute. Nothing venir worry about, therefore, regardless of scientific evidence that should convince nous to action for auto climate today in order venir be able to cope through challenges de the émergence (and above tous reduce auto severity du crises venir come).

With COVID-19, the wall changed. It became rough et we skin our heads as soon as we touch it. No more protection, jaune so little, as the germe makes no distinction between the rich and the negative - return the constitue may be somewhat less breakable than thé latter, spend thé lockdown duration in an ext comfortable conditions et have access venir more sophisticated health services. It hits leaders et celebrities oui well as common folk. Auto fact is that, today, over there is ne sont pas reliable remedy against thé virus. Over there is respiratory assistance to relieve auto sick, pour sure, marqué in reality parce que le now, conditions météorologiques can seul defend ourselves de our own means, our body’s resources. Et these sources depend nous the harsh reality ns our health and wellness status (a result de our way ns living) et our genetic énergie that cannot be oui yet changed to help anyone venir resist better.

Money is as such not du much usage to escape from thé current crisis that is well current now et does not job the a venir in terms du decades jaune even years, cible measures cette in days and weeks. COVID-19 does no care about the num of zeros in thé amount of de largent found on the bank account of whom cette infects!

The heureux of reactions passant par authorities to a situation that displayed every job a better level du urgency and danger is quite emblematic:

•To limit auto propagation ns the virus, the sapin step is to fermé down colleges then venir protect people by stopping most fabrication units et by deciding page daccueil confinement and interruption du a large array of concis activities. Some are but maintained: all those related to food, à health, energy and, venir a lesser extent, transport. Oh? does this typical that nous suddenly establish that nourriture is different from other commodities, that ce is more significativement - an essential - 보다 phones, cosmetics, cars and clothes?

•Then, finally, the économiquement gospel and its totems that seemed to be as inviolable as untouchable are thrown over board: in a flash, de largent stops being thé ultimate objective (“become a billionaire” an ideal suggested passant par a political dirigeants that portrayed exaggerated individualism) et it loses its inherent value venir keep seulement un utility ont a tool that allows acting conditions météorologiques reality venir protect je vous demande pardon truly matters: venir eat, to treat, heat, et preserve opération capacities. What happened to thé dogmas that saturated the auditeur debate parce que le years (public spending and deficit, competitiveness…)? Idols suddenly lie in a corner, shattered, ready to be covered de dust, as, thé world being oui it is, you cannot feed on money et money is du no directement use venir produce anything if not anxiety or hubris (recent headlines room filled through examples).

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Individualism suddenly has venir give room to thinking collectively and money is back à being what ce should never oui stopped venir be: a means venir help society operate, a means to smoothen processes, a way à save in order to safeguard a minimum level of security. 300 exchange rate here, 750 exchange rate there, are freed without delay… too mauvais for thé 3% budget deficit rule and for debt, as we start to wonder: how real is debt when contrasted to the risk ns seeing 10s (or hundreds) of thousands of dead in auto days et weeks to come?

Yes, it is certainly reality against which nous are banging our heads, and we understand, every job better, that nous had feu sold it for the hallucination of money, année illusion that has become increasingly ethereal, moving away indigenous reality as soon as evolving from traditional cauris et coins to bills whose useful usefulness can not be challenged, et finally developing into thé immaterial et virtual scriptural money et cryptocurrencies that, end time, have become their very own “raison d’être”, a new deity that rules thé world according to a logique that has ne sont pas more relation - jaune so précis - with auto real economic situation that is now often lessened to thé status of tool (what a turn approximately in purpose!); these nouveau forms of money that allow, nowadays, an amazing cumulatif of riches in the hands du a tiny minority of people.

As saus one ns the characters de the novel ns intend to publish soon (I am at auto stage of définitif proofreading), that holds a function similar venir that du the chorus in a classic tragedy: “We room living in interesting times,” perhaps historic, that peut faire make nous realise what really matters. They could say, later, much later, that we were in a duration that sustainably changed the artaserse of History. Or peut faire be not.

Or perhaps not, oui we room prompt to forget our nouveau awareness once the storm has left. Seulement read some ns the speeches made de political leader during auto financial crisis, little more 보다 ten years ago, speeches the were probably honest when they were made, cible that never analyzed into action.

The COVID-19 crisis, thé climate crisis, et more broadly the environmental situation are opportunities à understand that de largent is not année end but a tool, which means that ce cannot remain as the can be fried objective ns our lives, oui it has (almost) become. Our purposes are more varied, multidimensional, et they can not be decreased to one aspect, to one numeraire, to money.

As says de nouveau character of mien novel: “Is there anything an ext stupid than venir want to exprimer in sombre the value of human life? ns a year of sapin lost? de more jaune less education? Who have the right to say quel is thé real cost du polluted water, de degraded land, de a once et for tous extinct species, ns the leader borne par a farmer who plot was grabbed and of auto suffering experienced by année exploited garment manufacturing facility worker?”

If we want venir draw enduring lessons native this wellness crisis and use them to visage more effectively thé climate et environmental crises, nous will need à develop new tools that will enable evaluating our actions more holistically with respect to multiple objectives, that will take right into account parce que le deciding not seul money and the concis dimension, but also tous other “important” dimensions of reality on which nous want to action and attain something.

In the case of a sustainable et climate-friendly agriculture, we ont already watched that multiple aspects need venir be taken into consideration pour which valid indicators will oui to it is in selected. Ce is by comparing the results obtained à la various alternatives options that nous will it is in able venir determine which une is preferable. à la this, over there are numerous more jaune less advanced multicriteria decision-making methods, even if it is mathematical jaune graphical, that can facilitate negotiation and a more democratic et collective et less technocratic decision-making procedure .

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As long ont we are happy à forget promises fabriqué on je vous demande pardon relates à a kind ns illusion, nous are likely to ont to visage serious et may it is in painful consequences. Marqué if nous choose to neglect guarantees that relate to what is part du the many tangible truth (food, health, environment), ramifications will not just be le noir or also anger, they will certainly lead à tragedy and will come to be a matter of life and death. Et by then cette will be also late for money to be de any use.