Le richelieu | hôtel, thalasso & spa

Looking the end over the sea, collection at thé heart ns the charming bay of ns Flotte-en-Ré, thé Richelieu 5-star hotel invites amie into a haven ns peace et tranquillity where all is calm, luxury and pleasure.

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The hotel has 41 accommodations, rooms, suites et apartments, unique designed in année elegant and cosy atmosphere where cette is pleasant to rest and relax. You will it is in able à stroll passant par the swimming bassin or on the payot patio, two ideal emplacement to relax et daydream oui you look out over thé ocean.

ns Richelieu hôtel Thalasso et Spa




A very human story

That du a locale Rétais family, the Gendres, who collection up the hôtel in 1964 around une key philosophy: elegance.The Richelieu has moved with auto times without ever before losing the traits the make it so special: its authenticity et warm sense du hospitality, inviting guests à discover the nouveau pleasures ns a carré where sea, sand and sky create a perfect harmony.

Excellence et authenticity

The Richelieu showcases thé finest values du Ile de Ré. In the ville of les Flotte, seulement a few yards from the précis harbour, we strive to maintain refinement v warmth et authenticity.Alongside the beach, overlooking the ocean, the hotel whispers elegance in every nook et cranny, offering guests année instant sense ns hushed relaxation.

In a unicité setting

A haven de peace and tranquillity where tous is calm, luxury and pleasure and guests are always welcomed with a smile.The head du reception, Annaïck Magnaud, et her team will see to your every need and ensure the your remain is exceptional.

Staying for a weekend or plus long at auto Richelieu will also enable you à enjoy ours thalassotherapy centre and discover a full range de spa treatments tailored à fulfil her desires et requirements.

An outstanding share ns sunshine

All year round, Ile de Ré enjoys a mild and exceptionally sunny climate. Beaches, forests, salt marshes, vineyards, oyster farms: auto landscape is bathed in a unique light the instantly evokes a sense of serenity and well-being. In la Flotte, thé Richelieu, année Eden de tranquillity venir be relished et rediscovered every time you come back. A peaceful haven where tous is calm, luxury and pleasure.



This original-styled, brightly-lit room, furnished with high top quality materials et finished venir perfection, creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.



A beautifully sophisticated room offering, on the ground floor, direct access to the thalassotherapy centre. Auto pastel-coloured bathroom will help you unwind and the terrace surrounded de gardens will whisk elle away to thé heart de a green oasis, far from thé madding crowd.



This room’s antique furniture evokes memories du times unable to do by. Your nuit will be comfortable in the super soft bed. From her terrace tu will discover auto magnificent and soothing panorama of the ocean. Tu will reap its elegant, delicately-decorated bathroom.

Appel du Large


Whether upstairs or nous the soil floor this petit suite, through its magnificent furniture, will give amie a splendid s view. Tu will likewise enjoy that spacious bathroom and the elegance ns its comfortably-furnished life room.

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Transatlantique Suite


The harmony du this suite’s colours et the outstanding view ns the sea produce a real marine ambiance. Thé comfort de the living room et the garden-side terrace make à la a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Et your pleasure will be doubled passant par the two bathrooms.

Thalasso & Spa


2016 will certainly be somewhat of a breakthrough year pour the Richelieu’s thalassotherapy centre.

We’re opened the centre of True Well-Being.Why “true”? quite simply because at auto Richelieu, nous don’t do marketing. Whether parce que le the hotel, the restaurant jaune the spa, our purpose is venir produce high-quality products à la our guest at the best value à la money possible.

This is generally reflected in auto customer satisfaction indices on tous rating websites. This year we’ve specialized this know-how venir creating new cures totally original in conception terms, proposed exclusively at the Richelieu.

The Meditation, Renaissance et Ayurvedic Cures are all rooted in millenary eastern spiritual tradition that we oui tried to make understandable in a simple et dynamic method to auto Western mind.

These three cures will help elle discover the recipes for living in peace and harmony in a people where together ingredients are too often missing.


The plate is thé canvas nous which a learned, subtle architecture blends the best of delicacies from thé ground et the sea to unveil a variety of tastes v a skilful combination ns original and refined flavours, enhanced passant par the maigrir wines selected passant par the Richelieu’s wine-waiter, an impassioned alcohol enthusiast. He will manuel you in the direction of the best wine to go with her food, indigenous a selection ns more than 400 references.

The symphony ns the senses have the right to begin, unleashing the imagination of thé piano maestros in cooking et baking. Together, they concurrent each différent in creativity venir prepare menus that sublimate local land and sea produce.

The restaurant team will welcome you in a refined setup with a panoramic s view that boosts this symphony of flavours.

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To send a booking inquiry, just fill auto form, click SEND et it will go directly to les Richelieu hôtel Thalasso and Spa. This is the le meilleur way à find the end exactly quel accommodation taper are available parce que le the date(s) elle want at the meilleur rate. Due to the fact that your dealing straight with auto property.Bear in entente that booking engines revendiqué the hotels a frais of 20% or more, sauce soja you deserve to never compare the price they quote, through the one directly from the hotel. Furthermore, search engines that carry out online booking, job-related with allocated room quota given de the hotels, therefore, thé availability they administer is no absolutely trustworthy, because hotels never allocate toutes les personnes their rooms à third parties.

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