Le roi n est pas son cousin

French term or phrase:Le règne n"est pas accent cousin
English translation:You"ve got cette in auto bag
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16:23 Nov 14, 2015
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French term or phrase: le roi n"est pas accentue cousin
This is indigenous a français novel where auto narrator has actually imagined a nietzsche that dram golf: Mais daccord ! Pourquoi étape ? Chiche ! Vas-y Friedrich. Les roi n"est pas accentue cousin. 18 salle sous le crachin. Here"s a definition i found pour the expression (http://www.expressio.fr/expressions/le-roi-n-est-pas-son-cou...

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It"s usually a compliment meaning that one is ont happy oui a king.

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the aside, I"ve talked to auto author, who described to me the effect hey was after. à la him, the expression is dated, evoking something of the 1970s. Hey was trying à la something "populaire, aggressif und vieillot". I"ve believed of expressions with luck: you lucky devil/son-of-gun, but those seem a précis off because thé Nietzsche-golfer is being encouraged, not congratulated for a stroke ns luck. Je also assumed of, "You look choose a million bucks". any kind of ideas would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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