Le Trône De Fer (Game Of Thrones)

Did amie watch ns Trone ns fer last night? That"s game of Thrones à la those de you who: a) don"t speak French and b) don"t look at at pictures. Because clearly that"s a poster à la season une of game of Thrones avec the long-gone Sean Bean. Oh sorry, did je spoil that parce que le you? ns haven"t assumed much around Throne fans around thé world marqué clearly they"re the end there. Part watching in the d’origine English through subtitles, part waiting a little peu longer to get a dubbed version. Here parce que le my fellowDreaming of france friends, auto bande-annonce pour saison 1.I"m not going à say a word around season 5, episode 2. I"ll wait pour Kysten Savoy, our new voice on this season of game of Thrones, to lay cette down pour you but personally i found it to it is in a satisfying episode.Check back to read her thoughts conditions météorologiques episode 2, comes soon. Here"s Kyrsten"s take nous Episode 1.

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Dreaming of la france is a Monday picture where fellow francophiles re-publishing their amour of France. Visit thé link to play along or see quel others have posted.
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