Tuesday, june 13, 2017. Cette was an exciting evening à la our Alsace suffer group! After a busy day in thé Vosges montagnes and an early dinner at our hôtel in the tiny ville of Kientzheim, nous drove a quick kilometer to thé next bourgade of Kaysersberg à participate in a super village party.

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Kaysersberg to be one of 13 villages in france nominated this year parce que le the “Village favorisé des Français” (favorite ville of the French). This annual designation was initiated in 2012, organized approximately a special television broadcast nous the france 2 network. One bourgade is chosen as the candidate from each de the 13 french regions. During the broadcast a special attribute highlights each village; then during auto time de the broadcast, toutes les personnes across france vote pour their favorite village with a phone appel or message message. In 2017– parce que le the first time– the winner to be announced live at thé end de the program.


Lourmarin et La Roque-Gageac

And thé winner was… Kaysersberg!!

Was je imagining it… or did i really hear thé cheers floating across the vineyards?! (La Roque-Gageac come in third and Lourmarin was number seven.)

You have the right to watch auto video feature nous Kaysersberg native the france 2 regime here:

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Bravo Kaysersberg! we are proud du our interconnecté with you and looking forward à returning again in 2018!

We’ll be earlier in Alsace with deux Alsace Experience teams in 2018. Visit Kaysersberg and Kientzheim et experience this beautiful and interesting region of la france with us!

Kathy et Charley Wood lead European Experiences, week-long “slow tours” in some of the many beautiful areas du Europe, including auto Luberon endure in Provence, France.

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Denchères Geographic Traveler magazine named auto Luberon experience one de their dessus 50 tours in auto world in 2012. Kathy and Charley organize Experience mainly in auto Luberon, auto Chianti region du Tuscany, Puglia, Alsace, auto Dordogne, and the Cotswolds. They likewise offer two plus long tours: the European Christmas suffer (12 days) and The Cornwall experience in southwest England (10 days). Kathy and Charley ont been travel in europe for almost 30 years and love sharing their special mise in europe with other travelers. They"ve held 120 suffer groups due to the fact that they launched in 2006. They ont a second home in your beloved ville of Bonnieux in auto Luberon. Read more about Kathy et Charley here. Slow Travel la tour is année affiliation of small-group la tour operators who market personalized trips in Italy, France and other european countries.