Lee Byung-hun will étoiles in a film adapter of Maurene Goo’s young adult roman I think in a Thing referred to as Love, thé Hollywood report reports.

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The actor and singer known parce que le his duties in G.I. Joe: auto Rise du the Cobra and The splendid Seven will also produce the movie for Netflix, in addition to Mary Lee et Charles Pak.

Goo’s 2017 novel follows Desi Lee, a high schooler who falls in amour with a move student et uses techniques she learned native Korean drama series to woo him. Lee is set à star ont Desi’s widower father. The screenplay will be written de Yulin Kuang, créateur of thé television montrer I ship It.

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On Twitter, Goo shared her excitement about the film, writing, “This is the news that problem to mien mother: je BELIEVE IN A point CALLED love going venir Netflix, adapted par the exceptional
YulinKuang, produced par A-Major, starring and produced passant par Lee Byung-hun! je grew up through K dramas so this is unreal.”

This is the nouvelles that problem to my mother: je BELIEVE IN A thing CALLED love going à Netflix, adapted de the impressive
YulinKuang, produced passant par A-Major, starring et produced by Lee Byung-hun! je grew up with K dramas sauce soja this is unreal 😭https://t.co/9KEux2yaBt

— Maurene Goo (
maurenegoo) July 19, 2021

News du the cinématique comes une month after Netflix announced cette plans venir adapt Goo’s 2019 roman Somewhere seul We Know as a feature cinématique adapted passant par screenwriter Lana Cho, who has actually written episodes of television spectacles such ont Four Weddings and a Funeral and I savoir What amie Did critical Summer.

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and regular contributor à NPR.

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