Meet The Youthful Actress Park Bo-young and Her Handsome Co-stars

Park Bo-young, famously dubbed as the Nation’s Litter Sister, is a highly popular Korean actress. Her youthful look, bright character và excellent acting skills have earned the love và attention of fans. The actress debuted in 2006 after appearing in the TV series Secret Campus. She starred in the drama series alongside Lee Min-ho.

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She rose lớn stardom after her appearance as a sassy young mother in the 2008 comedy movie Scandal Makers, starring alongside actor thân phụ Tae-hyun. The movie was a massive hit, with an audience of 8.3 million, & become đứng đầu blockbuster movie. Her performance as a young mother trying lớn find her father và husband while caring for her son earned her praise & Best New Actress Awards in 2009.

Every movie và drama she’s starred in was a huge success. She got the chance to lớn act alongside young and handsome male actors, from Lee Min-ho to song Joong-ki & Jo Jung-suk, to lớn name a few. In this article, will explain about Park Bo-young and her co-stars. So stay tuned!

Park Bo-young và Lee Min-ho


Both Park Bo-young and Lee Min-ho were newcomers during the shooting of EBS’s 2006 Secret Campus. Secret Campus portrayed stories about the daily life of Korean teenagers, each with their own problems. Park Bo-young played phụ thân A-rang, a pure và innocent girl, who fell in love with Park Do-hyun, a cool và athletic boy, played by Lee Min-ho. A-rang fell for Do-hyun after he helped her get rid of a petty criminal who asked young girls for money.

The character phụ thân A-rang pretty much represents every character from Park Bo-young’s movies and dramas: innocent, talkative, & witty. Park Do-hyun’s character, the cool và confident boy, is also embedded in Lee Min-ho’s ensuing drama roles.

Cha A-rang followed Park Do-hyun everywhere he went & with everything he did, even as far as going lớn the men’s restroom. Do-hyun was expelled from soccer club, his only interest in school, & had zero interest in A-rang. The scenes where she was actively following him were very cute and fun to watch.

Park Bo-young and tuy vậy Joong-ki


Park Bo-young ended a lengthy hiatus, which started in 2009, by appearing in the 2012 horror movie Don’t Click & the fantasy-romance A Werewolf Boy. A Werewolf Boy premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival và managed lớn attract more than 7 million in domestic theatres. She won a 20’s Movie Star Female award at the 7th Mnet 20’s Choice Awards.

In this film, she played young Sun-yi, a beautiful teenage girl who was sent to the countryside because of her health. She found a feral boy, Chul-soo, played by tuy nhiên Joong-ki, then civilized và befriended him.

At first, Sun-yi hated Chul-soo because of his animal instinct, eating carelessly when given food và causing havoc every time they ate together. Later, she found him helpful và found company in his presence. She taught Chul-soo table manners and, to lớn her family surprise, Chul-soo followed her directions politely. She complimented Chul-soo & caressed his hair when he did as he was supposed to.

In a scene in their living room, Sun-yi and Chul-soo found an unused guitar. She played the guitar & sang for Chul-soo. Surprisingly, he listened and enjoyed her singing, and caressed her hair as if saying “good job”. Sun-yi felt happy in his company.

Park Bo-young and Ji Chang-wook


Park Bo-young and Ji Chang-ok appeared in SPEED’s music video clip for Sad Promise. The đoạn phim was mix during the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Ji Chang-ok fell in love with Park Bo-young, a young girl whom he saved from soldiers during an accident. He brings her back lớn her house, only lớn meet with his rival, Seok-jin, who happened khổng lồ be Park Bo-Young’s older brother. Later, Ji Chang-ok và Seok Jin teamed up to lớn rescue Na-eun, Seok-Jin’s girl friend.

Park Bo-young and Ji Chang-ok met for the first time on a bus. Mesmerized by her beauty, he followed her home. She also seemed to be interested in Ji Chang-ok. He rescued her from soldiers và helped her escape. Back in their rooms, both of them were reminiscing about the earlier accident, when he hold her hand and treated her wound. At the over of the MV, both Ji Chang-ok and Seok-jin died when confronting soldiers.

Park Bo-young và Lee Jong-suk


In Hot Young Bloods, a teen thắm thiết comedy movie, Park Bo-young played Young–sook, a high school female gang leader. Strong on the outside, she was fragile inside, especially at home. She had a crush on her school Casanova, Joong-gil, played by Lee Jong-suk. Joong-gil was well known as the school playboy, able to lớn win girls’ hearts with a single wink. Even though blessed with handsome face, Joong-gil was both a bit timid và struggling in school.

Among all girls in school, Joong-gil never approached Young-sok. Young-sook, herself, wondered why Joong-gil approached other girls instead of her. It turned out that Joong-gil knew that his rival, Gwang-sik, was interested in her.

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Young-sook approached Joong-gil relentlessly, asking him out to lớn eat. She asked directly why he didn’t make a move lớn her. She even bought him the trendiest shoes khổng lồ win his heart. Initially, Joong-gil wanted to lớn return the shoes, but when he found out shoes were in fashion, he kept them. Aside from chasing after him, she also encouraged him lớn study more và convinced him that he was a smart boy.

In one scene, in a warehouse, Park Bo-young was looking everywhere for Joong-gil. She found him inside, being beaten by Gwangsik. Without hesitation, she kicked one of Gwangsik friends và threatened Gwangsik & other boys with acid to release Joong-gil. Joong-gil was helpless in front of Young-sook.

Hot Young Blood showed the life of high school students in a rural town of Chungcheong Province in 1982. The dialect used by people from Chungcheong Province is unique & very fun khổng lồ watch. Park Bo-young said that she had a hard time learning the dialect.

Park Bo-young & Jo Jung-suk


Park Bo-young và Jo Jung-suk partnered in the tvN hit TV series Oh My Ghost. She played the role of na Bong-sun, a timid character with low confidence. She was an introverted girl with no friends, who worked as a chef’s assistant at Sun Restaurant. Jo Jung-suk played as the confident and arrogant star chef, Kang Sun-woo, who owned & operated the Sun Restaurant.

Na Bong-sun was possessed by the lascivious ghost Shin Soon-ae, played by Kim Seul-gi. The ghost died young, without having a chance to thua thảm her virginity. When possessed with Shin Soon-ae’s ghost, na Bong-sun became a confident & attractive woman. In the end, na Bong-sun won the love of the arrogant star chef và they developed a lãng mạn relationship.

On Episode 8, late at night, na Bong-sun stole into Kang Sun-woo’s room. Quietly, she hugged & cuddled his sleeping body. He woke up và dragged her back into her room. While he was dragging her, they fell onto a couch and hugged accidentally. She got angry at him for refusing to lớn sleep with her. She said that if a woman seduces a man lượt thích she did, the man should seize the moment and sleep with her. Park Bo-young’s acting was like a xinh đẹp kitten, and the scene was very funny.

On episode 16, na Bong-sun returned from studying overseas và visited Sun Restaurant. One of the restaurant employees hugged her upon seeing her face. She looked around và went into the restaurant. Kang sun-woo looked at her and was standing nervously in the front door. He was amazed by the beautiful lady in front of him. Na Bong-sun looked amazing with her long hair, white shirt, and pastel xanh skirt. They spoke for a while và talked about how they miss each other very much. Kang sun-soo hugged her và lifted her high. He missed her very much & kissed her affectionately. The kissing scene was a very memorable scene.

Park Bo-young và Park Hyung-sik


Park Bo-young và Park Hyung-sik paired up in the romantic-comedy TV series Strong Girl Do Bong-soon. This drama was aired on JTBC and was recorded as one of the most-watched dramas shown on cable television. Park Bo-young played a young girl with superhuman strength, named bởi vì Bong-soon. Although she was unnaturally strong, she wanted to lớn be a graceful woman, of the type of girl her crush liked. She got a job as a bodyguard lớn a spoiled rich heir, Ahn Min-hyuk, played by Park Hyung-sik. Ahn Min-hyuk was a spoiled heir who hid his fragile personality by being arrogant & rude toward his employees.

On episode 11, Ahn Min-hyuk và Do Bong-sun met at a café for what seemed like a very important conversation. Vì chưng Bong-soon had a fond look in her eye, và spoke softly. Ahn Min Hyuk looked back at her và said “Please lượt thích me”. They both stared at each other lovingly và hugged. At first it was a simple hug, but Ahn Min-hyuk hugged her even tighter. It was official, they both had feelings toward each other.

On Episode 15, Ahn Min-hyuk was alone in his house. Suddenly, vày Bong-soon went to lớn his house to see him. She said three words, “I miss you”, and waited for his response. Ahn Min-hyuk kissed her passionately then lifted her on đứng top of the piano. They both kissed again affectionately. It was a very thắm thiết evening. The following day, they went lớn the office together and held hands on the way, just lượt thích a couple in a new relationship. Inside the lift, the couple showed affection and ignored other worker. It seemed like they spent the previous night together and had a wonderful evening.

Park Bo-young và Kim Young-kwang


Park Bo-young and Kim Young-kwang reunited after four years, in the lãng mạn film On Your Wedding Day. They had previous worked together on Hot Young Bloods, which showed a rural high school student’s love story, in the eighties. In August, 2018, both Park Bo-young và Kim Young-kwang showed up during the press conference in Seoul. She performed as Seung-hee, who believes in destiny, và Kim Young-kwang played Wooyeon, who loves only a single woman, Seung-hee. Seung-hee was a smart & attentive young girl in high school & grew up khổng lồ be an ordinary young woman. Woo-yeon was a goofy young boy during his high school days, but grew up to lớn be a handsome & athletic young man. He loved Seung-hee from the moment he saw her for the first time in school. Due to his perseverance, Woo-yeon was able to lớn date Seung-hee during high school. The movie pictured the couple’s love story in four different parts, high school, college, after graduation, và as young adults in society.

Woo-yeon was so in love with Seung-hee, he went after her everywhere. He mix his phone’s passcode with Seung-hee’s birth date. He even enrolled lớn the same university with Seung-hee. One day, Seung-hee was angry at him for spending money recklessly instead of saving for their future. He said that even though he spent money recklessly, he used the money khổng lồ buy her a present. While arguing, he said that he wanted to lớn kiss her. Woo-yeon grabbed & hugged her khổng lồ his bed, and they stopped arguing.

However, he has heartbroken when he found out that she was dating someone else. Just like Park Bo–Young’s character had chosen another man in their first movie, Hot Young Bloods, Kim Young-kwang also failed to lớn get his happy ending with her in On Your Wedding Day.