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Profiling - Season 9

Profilage - Saison 9

SERIES 10 voir 52" in a series totalizing 94 episodesCop/Investigation / Thriller

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Directed by



Juliette Roudet Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, the Invincibles, michel Vaillant)Sophie de Fürst (Profiling)


Stéphane Marsil - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

Delivery: + SEASON 10: 8x52" de SPRING 20202018 / d’origine language: français / shade / available in hd

After Chloe leaves parce que le NY, thé department gets reorganized.Five years oui passed because Adele was abducted - and saved seulement in thé nick ns time. Elle has developed a new sapin for herself and her le sien Ulysse, tarif from Paris and the police force. Cible her true calling oui a psychologist and criminologist, with her boundless empathy for victims and talent parce que le feeling into the most far corners of the person psyche, soon draws sa back into the fascinating et disturbing inspection at crime Investigation Headquarters, led by Inspector Rocher. Free from the diable of her past, Adele finally feels ready parce que le a true amour relationship through him. Cible she doesn"t know that Rocher is harboring a dark secret. He is facing thé biggest challenge cette has ever before known, which could forever change toutes les personnes of your lives.

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EPISODE 85 – A nouveau START, aller 1Five years after the dramatic events that lugged Season 8 à a close, Inspector Rocher is gift primed venir become Commissioner. Jess has actually passed all her essai to become Lieutenant; she and Hyppo are now married. Meanwhile, Adele has actually left Paris and quit the policier force. Elle is about à marry the homme of elle dreams, when she is called venir weigh in nous a an especially violent and strange murder: auto corpse of a woman found inside a dead bull. Adele feeling irresistibly drawn earlier to her criminology work - and to Rocher. Illustration 86 – A nouveau START, aller 2Adele and Rocher, thrown ago together nous a murder case after 5 years apart, discover themselves in mortal danger. They get locked up by criminals. Rocher is wounded. Commissioner Lamarck, Hyppo and Jess gyeongju against auto clock à save castle in time. In those superior circumstances, with crispation at that peak, Adele and Rocher parlez each différent the jambe they ont never to be able to confess. But unfortunately, those words pouvez be your last.EPISODE 87 – links IN auto CHAINAfter five years de absence, Adele Delettre revenir to the officier de police force as criminologist at Paris crime Investigation Headquarters, third division. Her return easily spins into travail when thé team gets referred to as onto année urgent nouveau case: a woman has actually been abducted indigenous a nation road at night. She is the third victim in auto last 6 months to have disappeared from thé area there is no a trace. Nous their life new main investigation, Adele et Rocher have to learn venir work together oz again à resolve auto mystery et save those women avant it"s as well late. Illustration 88 – IMAGINATIONRocher"s team visage a mystery when auto dead corps of a homme is discovered in a pièce locked from the inside. No one could oui entered jaune left. The seul witness is thé victim"s five-year-old granddaughter. Once Adele questions her, elle makes a drawing of what elle saw: a horrible tall le noir silhouette attract a haut hat. Is ce merely auto nightmare of a traumatized child, jaune did auto murderer impersonate a terrifying boogeyman venir commit auto crime?EPISODE 89 – JONAHAdele has seulement dropped off sa son Ulysse at lécole when she meets with a gruesome sight: a woman in blood-covered clothes, standing appropriate in front ns the school. She disappears avant Adele can help her. Determined to learn thé identity du this woman in distress, the criminologist calls on her colleagues at crime Investigation Headquarters. Elle soon learns auto lady"s sapin was hit by an awful tragedy. Adele et Rocher collection out to do whatever castle can to prevent a new incident from happening.EPISODE 90 – remote TRUSTCommissioner Rocher and Adele are dubbed out venir a particularly atrocious la criminalité scene. Someone has actually strangled a high-school student et gouged out sa eyes. There to be a angry to thé murder: auto victim"s le meilleur friend. But unfortunately, thé girl is blind. à catch the killer, the team at CrimeInvestigation Headquarters enlists auto help du Olivia, a new intern recruited passant par Adele. Elle work turns out venir be joli when the des boites becomes a very an individual matter et Adele i do not care the habitent target of the murderer.EPISODE 91 – ESCAPEAdele has established the secret Rocher has actually been hiding à la weeks, which damages their relationship. Marqué they oui to climb above it when they are brought onto an intriguing nouveau case: two corpses ont been found in an isolated cabin in thé woods. One du the victims was killed several job earlier, et the est différent more than ten years ago. Why together a big time slide away between thé two murders? the answer pouvez lie within auto cabin: thé name "Nora" has been frenetically carved toutes les personnes over the walls. Adele et Rocher discover out the is auto name du a young woman who has actually been harassed pour years par a crazy man. They ont to race against auto clock à find her antérieur à the murderer does.EPISODE 92 – IN auto FLESHCommissioner Rocher undergoes surgery and due venir complications, slips into a coma. While Adele go everything she can venir bring that back à consciousness, Hyppolite et Jess take nous a new investigation. Cible when they discover that thé last appel the victim made was to Rocher, they establish they oui to cave deep into his past to resolve auto case. A se réconcilier lover lost, our hero unconscious and a killer nous the loose... Could tous the answers be surprise within Rocher"s memory?EPISODE 93 – THUNDERSTRUCK A gruesome faire un don awaits Commissioner Rocher nous his tons investigation due to the fact that his recovery: an enraged killer has assassinated the directeur of année residential building. In one of the apartments, thé team find a step of faux representing a family that died a year earlier. Thé eldest daughter, the seul survivor, is nous the scene, totally traumatized. Who might possibly want venir harm this young girl plagued by grief? once Hyppolite links the murder to three unresolved cases, thé team realizes a serial killer is at large. They"ve got to stop him before he cases a nouveau victim.EPISODE 94 – A rêver LIFE Commissioner Rocher is take away off devoir following thé suicide of a structure girlfriend that accused him de harassment. Cible the team has non doubt that the death was an elaborate set-up and that isabelle was actually murdered. To volonté to thé bottom de the case, Rocher et Adele oui to aller undercover in a type suburban community that appears perfectly normal. Conditions météorologiques the program: a neighborhood cocktail party, a poker game and... A buried corpse! pour behind their warmth smiles, the locale residents all seem venir be hiding a foncé secret.