Asked to assess what ce meant to get Leonardo DiCaprio pour his first starring duty since his best Actor d’oscar win parce que le The Revenant, Quentin Tarantino is blunt: “He is one of the most if not auto most talented actor ns his generation, et the many naturally gifted gibbs I’ve ever before worked with.”

Tarantino’s first written part pour DiCaprio was année awful slave plantation owner called Calvin Candie in Django Unchained. In Once upon a time in Hollywood, Tarantino cast DiCaprio ont Rick Dalton, a fading TV series leading homme struggling with thé realization he is a falling étoiles in a changing moment in 1969 Hollywood. That rotate is counterbalanced by the adventures of Dalton’s longtime stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), and Dalton’s next-door neighbors Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, for a Pulp Fiction-like pastiche ns stories that affix in the final act.

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While Pitt’s stuntman is an indestructible screw-up who stares under everyone from Bruce Lee to auto Manson family nous Spahn Ranch, thé villains that DiCaprio’s Dalton stares down are mainly inside him. Hey is a bipolar, alcoholic actor largely powerless to arrêter his free-fall after his un film western TV séries Bounty Law is canceled. Perhaps the most touching des moments in that free-fall come when he initially flounders in a co-starring role nous Lancer, et is challenged passant par the director and the charming child actress his character kidnaps et holds parce que le ransom. The écrivain Tarantino is the life to admit the guts of those scenes come from DiCaprio.

“I gave him v a list and the work de numerous gibbs from that period, but he needed much more to phat here,” Tarantino said. “Some de his ideas i liked and some je didn’t, because ns had différent things in mind, cible then…I had venir say, ‘OK, amie son de a bitch, you’re right.’ and I went his direction.”


Brad and I did a parcelle of improvising in thé movie, but our connection clicked right la fin the bat.

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Je made auto choice to be this personality that had a massive alcohol problem and is going v his very own realization the he’s fully mortal et that toutes les personnes of this could disappear. Ns could view he’s no making his transition et he required that partnership in his life with someone that will consistently be there. Brad said this thing early on on. “Hey, you’re meule f*cking Dalton and don’t forget it.” i was favor ah. I get our relationship. He’s not seul the assistant, auto roadie, auto security guard, thé stunt man. Hey is literally my therapist v this trip in the industry.