Ninety of the best-known song of georges Brassens through videos du Brassens performing auto songs et English translations - likewise textual and biographical comments

Brassens is made very bouleversé when hey sees année intensely spiritual family abuse a paire for their public display de passion. Venir Brassens, moment of happiness are very precious ont they fade so quickly.

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1) esquive bancs publiquement – ns consideredtranslating this v “park benches” as this is how we easily refer to this style ns seatingeven as soon as not inserted in a park. In2009 there to be French film directed by brun Podalydès, whose title in Francewas “Bancs Publics.” i note that itstitle in thé English speaking world is “Park Benches”. In this poem, however, auto word “public “ isessential to thé message et has venir be retained.
2) c"est notoir" – the adjective notoiremeans notorious but the formulation “Il dorient notoire que” means: it ispublic/common expertise that- it’s an acknowledged fact that. (Robert).
3) das amours débutants –Strictly speakingBrassens is making a grammar mistake here as the rule is that “amour” inthe singular is masculine, but “amours” in auto plural is feminine. Brassens is a purist however and deliberatelymakes this change.
4) In auditeur - In auditeur -The français says of arttasters “Public Benches” marqué I think that ns need to ont a similarthree syllable chorus through a similar rhythm and have taken the liberty to makethis change.
5) pathétiqu"s – auto most typical usageof «pathetic» in English is as année insult. “You are pathetic!” means “You room pitiablyinadequate”. But in both languages,it also way arousing pity, specifically through vulnerability or sadness andthis is auto meaning here.
6) oui des p"tit"s gueul" – la gueule animpolite word has two henchmen meanings: firstly “Mouth” and so “Ta gueule!” Means“Shut up”. Secondly “Face” et so “Il afait une sale gueule quand il a appris la nouvelle» method «Hepulled a visage when hey heard auto news».The slang word parce que le “face” in English is “mug” e.g. “I never ever want venir see your ugly mug again!” as soon as Brassens is in attention of beingsentimental, hey uses a disrespectful word.
7) famill" Machin – *If amie can’t think of a man’s surname yousay: ns père Machin = Mr. What’s-his-name.Similarly“Mrs what’s elle name” = la cherki Machin.

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8) le pér" …. Le fils le saint fantôme todescribe this family, Brassens ironically uses expression from Christianliturgy. Hey would blame auto spirit ofthe croyant Church parce que le making auto natural reproductive processes shameful.
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A wonderful song to it is in sure.

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This is great. I'm making use of your translate venir help with mien own translation de the song - sure speeds the process up!

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I don't think the Brassens to be necessarily upset with "des passants honnetes" ont much as he was thé lack ns self-realization de "les gouvernement des bancs publics", hence, thé repetition du the phrasé "bancs publics". Si you define yourself in front ns other individuals eyes--the public--you volonté to à savoir your personal self as well late. If you importer to savoir your personal self too late, tu may oui nothing but a auditeur expression of religious hatred for année outlet in later years. In différent words, "les passants honnetes" were once like the young "amoureux" et the young "amoureux space being intimidated par their very own destiny. Does any kind of one oui any comments conditions météorologiques this? Regardless, the translation is superb--one du the meilleur I've come across on line.

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I love the analysis du August, really much on the mark je think, auto human tragedy... Thanks

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Thanks à la this thoughtful translation, ce helps me importer my tongue round thé french.

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