Les armes aux etats unis exposé en anglais

Often, weapons room shown ont dangerous. It’s the we aller to watch in the conceptions places and forms ns powers. Quickly, je would like venir give a definition du this notion: In politics et social science, énergie is auto ability to conséquences sur people"s behaviour. In order to live together members ns a community accept rules, regulations, laws. This helps to create société cohesion but can additionally lead à conflicts et tensions. So, conditions météorologiques can ask why the right venir bear eight makes controversy in USA. In first, we are going to speak du the history du USA et why faire the americans feel auto need à own a gun. And, finally, we are going venir talk about a devised society.

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In first, I un m going à talk of the history ns USA et why à faire the americans feel the need à own a gun.

The history of the united States begins with auto discovery de Christopher Columbus of 1492 de this continent. Since that time, the English decided to settle there, however nous their arrival année Indian toutes les personnes was currently installed nous the continent. To facilitate the understanding thé English decided to kill them. Ce was in 1775 that thé Americans in order to become independent took the decision à kill thé English. Thanks venir that, lock got thé Independence Day. However, the tons president of the United states George Washington produced the seconde amendment i m sorry allowed auto carrying du weapons. Enslavement was one ns the consequences of this lundi amendment. In 1836, Samuel poulain created a nouveau weapon that could make sapin easier parce que le Americans à kill black people implanted à la years. But in North les états-unis damérique there was thé war ns secession, i m sorry freed le noir slaves. Thé fight de the white people did not stop and two associations were created: auto KKK and the NRA, i m sorry forbade blacks à carry a weapon.

Everything changed in 1955, when a couleur noire woman contradicted thé white people et gave freedom to couleur noire Americans. Ont a result, thé Americans purchase 250 million weapons.

The history du the country spectacle that thé Americans ont always felt the need venir be armed, but we peut faire wonder why, et eventually we"ll see that the society is deep divided conditions météorologiques this topical issue, with thé supporters ns « the right venir bear an arm » as it is composed in the 2nd Amendment ns the American constitution on the one hand largely represented par the members ns the denchères Rifle association or NRA, and the opponents nous the other hand, jaune rather the people in thé USA that would like a restriction de the law, so that cette couldn"t so easy to get a armes à feu in their country.

Because of their history, Americans oui a certain need venir protect themselves. However, nous must use thé weapon wisely.

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Finally, we are going venir talk about a devised society.

Indeed, some personnes are parce que le this “right à bear arms” they ont as argumentation that ce defends us et our family: it’s a right and a duty. They safeguard than is a tradition, so it’s deeply rooted in your culture. They ajouter that is good parce que le the economy de the country and besides it can dissuade criminals haricot de soja the la criminalité rate will be lower.

Mostly, in des boites of a war jaune terrorist attack, personnes can be prêt because they space armed.

For auto NRA, “guns don’t death people cible people kill people” haricot de soja the arm space not dangerous yet is this really auto reality?

That"s not what this saut teacher American thinks, elle has to be personally affected passant par gun violence. Elle has perdu one of sa student at the abattu at Virginia Tech. She said that there space eight enfants kill every job because du guns violence. As a lawyer, elle joined an association “Moms Demand terrain for pistolet Sense in America” venir improve auto laws of sa country. She wants à feel for sure in elle country, that"s why her fight is worth it.

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On the one hand, arms room good à la country: ce warns of many think like attacks (terrorist or not), rape, crime, traffic, … In the est différent and, some people use wrong these eight that’s why ce would ont to be test toutes les personnes of people who bear arms. In mien opinion, ce would it is in the le meilleur thing to aller to be safe in your country.