Les ateliers des capucins brest horaires

Yesterday thé workplace of marin- builders,the atelier des Capucins neighbourhood today is a site dedicated to recreation, culture et tourism.At thé heart of the complex, opened in 2017, is thé multimedia library devoted to francis Mitterrand, described oui the “largest auditeur indoor an are in Europe”.

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With a surface ns 9700 sqm, 5035 ns which space covered v our own Nd/Uni rubber flooring in le3 different colour (U106 – U14 – U26), the building features a media library, a 195-seats auditorium and spaces dedicated à exhibitions.

Architects Patrick Rubin and Annie les Bot of Canal architectural worked venir preserve thé history ns the place, turning thé great rock arches and the old furnace in friendly presences for a public of toutes les personnes ages.

Photo credits canal architecture

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