Les Cols Du Tour De France

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The Hautes-Alpes region is an extremely proud ns its 25 legendary ‘cols’ (mountain passes), many de which owe your fame et popularity v cyclists to auto Tour aux France. Auto most illustrious ns them are nous the famous route des super Alpes, auto tourist chemin which runs thé length ns the Alps from north venir south.In Hautes-Alpes, the emblematic chemin begins in thé north through Col ns Galibier followed passant par Col ns Lautaret then continues along the rer Guisane to thé fortified town de Briançon. Next it goes venir Col Izoard via the impressive Casse Déserte avant dropping steeply to the Massif ns Queyras via the ville of Arvieux, then winding through auto Gorges ns Guil à Guillestre. The last stage ns the trip runs alongside Val d’Escreins nature reserve to Col du Vars. The route continues into auto Alpes de Haute-Provence region with the promise de more magnificent discoveries.In summer, you can discover thé great hill passes passant par car, motorbike et by cycle of artaserse along routes regularly taken by the Tour de France et Giro périodes races. Every summit jaune stopover additionally gives an opportunity to explorer the mountain setting more completely along auto many footpaths. Hautes-Alpes aujourdhui is considered an « Eldorado for cyclists ». Over there are mountain bike circuit with varying degrees du difficulty in every village; 12 circuits and 21 hill climbs have been specially developed nous roads with précis traffic haricot de soja that road cycling enthusiasts can follow the well-known routes taken de great champions.Don’t échouer Operation Cols réservé in July et August as soon as some du the legendary cols space reserved pour cyclists only, with countless events and activities along auto route.

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Hill bike enthusiasts space not forgotten, in truth they are spoilt pour choice with sites internet approved de the FFC, auto ‘Grande carrefour des Hautes-Alpes’ (350 kilometres of tracks from La grave to Laragne), many bike parks reached dessus ski lifts in summer and a variété of diriger events. 


The mythical Col aux Galibier straddles the regions of hautes Alpes and Savoie. Ce is very hard à la cyclists à climb, cible the ordeal has its compensations as the view from thé top (2,545m) is for sure amazing, coupled through the énorme satisfaction of having made ce to the top ! Col aux Galibier is the Holy Grail of cycling in france ! the Tour de France has actually been there 59 times, an ext frequently than any est différent col so all self-respecting cyclists simply have to ont a marche !

Col de Lautaret (2,058m) is the highest français mountain passage open to traffic all year round. It is auto crossing mission between Oisans et Briançonnais and also one of the lowest points along thé frontier i m sorry separates the gros des Ecrins de the northern Alps indigenous the massif des Arves ns the south.

By thé way, don’t laisser aller the monument to Henri Desgrange where auto old and new roads accomplish at the top du Galibier. Henri Desgrange organised thé Tour aux France native its start in 1903. The rappel Henri Desgrange compensation is awarded each year to the life rider that reaches thé top ns Col de Galibier or the highest col in the race if Galibier is not nous the itinerary.Col Izoard (2,361m), near the village of Arvieux, is one du the gateways to thé valley and Regional herbal Park ns Queyras, marking thé separation between the Briançonnais et Queyras. Ce owes its legendary fame to auto Casse Déserte on its southern slopes.Talking de which, nous strongly recommend you arrêter to take a look at the lunar-like landscape ns the Casse Déserte, a geological curiosity de fallen rocks et scree and also the site ns a memorial to legend cyclists Fausto Copi et Louison Bobet.

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Film buffs may recognize auto scenery as the backdrop de a step from the famous French cinématicien « das Valseuses » certification Miou-Miou, gerard Depardieu et Patrick Dewaere.NB. Cette is significativement to examine when Col aux Galibier et Col Izoard space open venir traffic oui they space closed during auto winter, together with several others.