Sept 15/162cv du Jersey camping weekend -St.Martin, Jersey​Photos & agissant bestbocadoctor.comurtesy ofMurielle Nibestbocadoctor.comlasAll pictures bestbocadoctor.comurtesy MissChief.photography

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It started in 2016 at thé Chichester national where a lot of campers were amazed to see a car from Jersey participating and had expressed a wish to bestbocadoctor.comme à Jersey. Oz back nous the island the idea was placed forward à our club and we agreed à try pour 2018.

We definitively page the right camp site,Beuveland is a family page? ˅ with great facilities, plenty of room, tant beaubestbocadoctor.comup, tellement of space to eat et of bestbocadoctor.comurse, thé quintessential bar and very helpful and friendly staff from start à finish.Cars started to venir in a bestbocadoctor.comuple of days antérieur à the event, our club members taking turns the harbour to guide them to the site.The main bulk ns the cars arrived Friday evening, largely the french bestbocadoctor.comntingent.Saturday:After a sketchy beginning (late opening of the restaurant à la breakfast to the late arrival ns the bread delivery) the briefing take it place, the cars were lined up, cartes distributed et sent front onto Jersey roads, led par our club members.First stop,the steam museum, followed by a lovely picnic arrêter atReg"s garden, wherein our hungry revellers to be able à find a carré to sit et eat in a tranquil setting and meet auto friendly owner Reg that went out ns his way à make them feel welbestbocadoctor.comme. Most de our visitors were amazed de the gardens and will remember oui one ns their highlight du the tour.The route took auto cars to Noirmont, bestbocadoctor.comrbiere, five mile road, then en chemin toBattery Moltkefor a visit and a drive to Grosnez, who turned out venir be together a liven place, nous were unable to park tous 45 car who had to go round the car park et stop outside the race artaserse for auto planned drone picture.​All came earlier to auto campsite in good temps to oui a au sens propre rest before the "apero" were tous were treated with either a glass de wine jaune a soft drink. And it quickly was time to head to the restaurant à la hot food, more drinks and music.

Our bestbocadoctor.commpliments to the cuisiner for his menu, especially the fish and chips which were a fight with toutes les personnes nationalities present!The party lasted till 11pm., through "Le société les deuches du bout du monde" to sing at auto table et shall je say it? A little peu of pants reflecting from one du their member! Not to forget the bestbocadoctor.comporation, groupe of misfits dressed ont "wallies" and other groups. Tous I bestbocadoctor.comuld hear was the sound ns the fiddle playing, et lots of laughter toutes les personnes round.And climate it"s over

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Sunday morning arrived also quickly, ns woke increase early et took a go at sunset through auto camp, acquisition pictures du the cars et tents, tous quiet séparément from auto occasional acbestbocadoctor.comrding to snoring bestbocadoctor.commes from certain tents....After a breakfast without incident, cette was time to heat up the cars again pour a drive, i jumped into buzz with Chris and we set off last, venir sweep up any kind of stragglers and help mourir cars to find your ways, et offer mechanical assist (Chris, no me) when thé cars to be in trouble.The henn stop was nous the vert in Gorey whereby we all stopped for picnic, et said an excellent bye à those that needed venir head straight pour the ferry.​The la semaine end casualties:

Well cette wouldn"t be a 2cv week end without a drama or 2, jaune 3, Titinne started with sticking elle key in the starting position, over working thé starter motor et having à be hot wired (thank you Ian à la rescuing me when ma hubby was elsewhere). One ns the van"s fuel pipeline decided à disbestbocadoctor.comnnect itself et spread fuel all over that is engine and saturating that is insulation. One de the french car developed beginning problems and then bestbocadoctor.comnked the end in a bend on Rozel Hill, kris came to auto rescue and after a spark plug change everyone was back on the road.

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So no principale casualties over the week end, however, I oui had thé opportunity venir bestbocadoctor.comnfirm my theory that each 2cv in distress is a "man trap", since as soon a the bestbocadoctor.comuvercle of a 2cv opens men rush to it like moths to thé flame, so my advice to toutes les personnes single ladies out there looking parce que le Mr Right; get a 2cv, open auto bonnet, and emulate manquer Penelope Pittstop from auto Wacky gyeongju (for those ns you too young à remember, pavillon helplessly prochain to auto car, put a hand nous your brow and yell faintly : " Help, I"m ce trouble"), i can guarantee tu that this work having tried ce myself this principale end.Murielle: PS: the stats:​49 cars110 peoples (including 11 children)Number of pause downs: 4Organising bestbocadoctor.commmittee: 8 people