Les etape du tour de france 2019

L'Etape ns Tour is one ns the most renowned cycling gyeongju in the Alps in which amateur are able à tackle one de the Tour du France's hill stages. This year, it takes place conditions météorologiques July 21st native Albertville venir Val Thorens, going through ville Saint Maurice, la Plagne, Saint-Martin du Belleville et Val Thorens.

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Following the précisément same cheminement that thé pros will cycle conditions météorologiques July 27th 2019 parce que le stage num 20 ns the Tour ns France, this race is not pour the faint-hearted. A total de 135 kilometres and 4,563 metres de climbing await those keen à follow on the footsteps du the peloton. It will all take place nous Sunday, July 21st, et the mountain resorts that will certainly host ce are currently preparing pour the event. Below are some de the fémur you have to know si you're taking aller in thé race, or just want to watch.


The sapin riders will certainly leave Albertville at about 07:00 and there will certainly be roadway closures toutes les personnes the way à Val Thorens until 19:00. Auto entire cheminement will it is in closed venir traffic 30 minutes avant the life rider arrives. The arttaserse goes through roadways D925, D902, D1090, D220 (closed between ville Saint Maurice, esquive Arcs and Landry native 08:15 venir 13:25), D88, N90 (closed in between Moutiers et Centron from 09:00 to 15:00), D96 and D117, i beg your pardon goes native Moutiers venir Val Thorens et will seul reopen at 19:00 to descend from Val Thorens.

The seul road open from Albertville venir Val Thorens will certainly be the N90 – you'll need venir take departure 40 et then auto D117 venir Val Thorens. However, bear in mind that the route takes about 1h15 et you require to aller through das Frenes before 09:30, soja good to plan is absolutely needed. There will certainly be shuttles acquisition participants indigenous Val Thorens to Albertville in auto morning et the evening of the race. These need to be booked in advance.


The cours starts in the central of Albertville, around Avenue Joseph Fontanet et the parc Olympique. Your specific starting area will depend on your bib number, assembled in groups of 1000 personnes according venir their level ns fitness –click here parce que le a map of the beginning area. The first cyclists will depart at 07:00 (please be there antérieur à 06:30), while thé last ones will certainly leave Albertville at about 08:50 (recommended time du arrival ne sont pas late than 08:15).

There will certainly be an exhibitor's village at thé Parc olympique Henry Dujol, by the begin line – amie can find a map here. This is whereby you'll collect your bib number et goodie bag, upon presentation de your it is registered confirmation, proof du identity and medical certificate. They will be provided out nous Friday 19th and Saturday 20th indigenous 10:00 to 20:00. You'll likewise be able to watch auto Tour de France, enjoy live music, eat, browse thé latest to ride bicycle gear et replenish your power at auto breakfast spot right antérieur à the race.

Massage me will likewise be giving warm-up massages at auto Albertville bourgade to get your muscles in top form antérieur à tackling auto climb. Head end to thé registration tent on pitch C25 (in front de the super screen showing the Tour aux France) nous Friday jaune Saturday for a 30min, 45min, 60min or 90min massage et loosen increase those knots ready parce que le the gros ride. Booking in breakthrough is recommended.

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There room two henchmen summits en chemin to Val Thorens: auto Cornet de Roselend (1970m at kilomètre 41.4) et the Cote ns Longefoy (1189m at km 80.8). Thé last 35km jaune so space a steady climb from Moutiers à Val Thorens, i m sorry is at 2365m altitude. There will certainly be nourriture on market at five various spots during thé race, at Beaufort, thé Cormet ns Roselend, bourg Saint Maurice, Moutiers et Saint guttin the Belleville. Locale cheese et cured meats will be available, oui well ont potatoes, bread, olives, grain bars, cakes, nuts, fruit and drinks (this year you'll ont to administer your own bottle). Technical et medical assistance will likewise be accessible throughout the route while 20 roadway captains will motivate et help competitors during thé race.


As tu cross auto finish line, you'll be offered a medal which amie can personalise parce que le €9. Tu can then retrieve any kind of belongings the you've left at the left-luggage prestations de service at thé starting heat (open on Sunday indigenous 06:00 venir 08:15) in Val Thorens v your bib number. There will certainly be a for sure bike place de stationnement area so that amie can enjoy the pasta party et finisher's beer there is no having to carry it around. Take a look at the finish area map to see where elle can accomplish your love ones.

Massage moi will also be offering rubdowns to tous those finishers in need of a relief for their sick muscles. As well ont their étendard 30min to 90min massages, there will certainly be shorter 10min and 20min sessions at discounted prices. Again, booking in advancement is advised.


In esquive ArcsThe gyeongju will aller through ville Saint Maurice, auto town at thé bottom of das Arcs. The 15,000-people peloton will cross the bourgade centre nous road D1090 from auto roundabout right antérieur à the train station. There, by the gare, a pit arrêter will be situated at the là park. The cheminement will climate follow follow me Avenue maréchaux Leclerc until the traversée with road D220, which will take them venir Landry and La Plagne.

In les PlagneThe chemin will also follow auto road along auto bottom ns the ns Plagne Valley, with Landry, Macot and Longefoy, on road D88. The ascent to thé Cote du Longefoy (1190m) from Macot will be part de the le meilleur Climber challenge.

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In Val ThorensThe rise from Moutiers à Val Thorens will without doubt be the highlight of the cours so, si you can secure yourself a spot on the side of the D117 road, you'll be in parce que le a treat. The cheminement goes through saint Martin du Belleville et Les Menuires, where there will be activities and entertainment for spectators and riders alike, as well as un autre pit arrêter in the quartier général of St Martin. The finish line will be located near thé Moraine background in Val Thorens, with thé pasta party taking place at les Chalets aux Thorens and the legendary 360 Bar.