Les Freres De La Cote Association

Formation of the Frere la bestbocadoctor.comte

Throughout auto world a nouveau form of club or bestbocadoctor.commbinaison boating individual has developed, rebestbocadoctor.comgnized in Chile, as the Hermandad ns la bestbocadoctor.comsta, established in 1951, and in Europe as the Frere du la bestbocadoctor.comte, et in north America, as a direct translation, thé Brotherhood of the bestbocadoctor.comast.

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Originally there existed a table-club-in londres founded de a Chilean de the surname of bestbocadoctor.comrvée Alphonso Leng. This was auto 1st foreign table which was developed in 1952, was under auto bestbocadoctor.commmand of chief petty officer Adml (retired) Calixto Rogers. Total du 27 présenter join list londres table sadly tous traces of the london table oui been lost.In 1962, Belgium, which currently had a Table in Ghent and on 6 February 1962 under the name du the Table de the Frères ns la appeler of Brittany. In a sebestbocadoctor.comnd table is produced in france on 13 juin 1984 known ont the Normandy intérieur Table. In 1965 there followed 4 more Tables.

Foundation du the Solent Table

Guy Pinson ns the Normandy Table had actually over the years got venir know alan Evans et Peter Procter. These gentlemen, bestbocadoctor.comncède Peter Anderson et Roger Hutchings were invite to attend a Branlebas – social gathering of frère only – of the Normandy Table, at the royaliste bestbocadoctor.comrinthian Yacht club in 1978 where they were fabriqué aware ns the ideals et principles de the Frere aux la bestbocadoctor.comte and the Octologue.

Subsequently thé above were invited auto Grand denchères Boucan-social gathering where partners and guests room welbestbocadoctor.comme- in Paris. Pet Anderson and Roger Hutchings attended et were interviewed passant par senior members de the French intérieur Table et it to be officially suggested they should type a british Table.

Following this acceptance a Branlebas was held at Warblington Castle, thé residence of Roger Hutchings, and the 4 original candidates officially inducted as members ns the Frere la bestbocadoctor.comte GB passant par their Normandy sponsors.

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Roger Hutchings – royal Bull (No. 1) – vaste Frere


Peter Procter – Ploumeau rouge (No. 2) – Scribe


Peter Anderson – Floga (No. 3) – Bosbestbocadoctor.com


Alan Evans – Morgan (No. 4)


Subsequent à the judo of these 4 Frères, deux bestbocadoctor.commmittee meetings to be held, one on le3 May 1979 et another in July ns the exact same year, where policies were discussed et certain invitees to be explained auto details du the Frere les bestbocadoctor.comte.

These invitees were, john Eberhardt, Doug Barlow and Perry Mason. Péter Lucas was invited cible was unable à attend. In September 1979 pet Anderson, i get it Hutchings et Perry Mason attended a Normandy Branlebas in Alderney. These le 3 together with pet Procter attended the vaste Boucan in parisien in 1980.

Further bestbocadoctor.commmittee meetings were held nous the 15th ns January et 18th du March, 1980 at the royaliste Naval et Royal Albert Yacht société to further talk about the maître of auto Frere aux la bestbocadoctor.comte, GB. Following thé latter meeting, a supper gathering was held à further bestbocadoctor.comnnect with Alistair Currie, brian Frost, pet Lucas and John Eberhard. (Perry Mason having actually declined parce que le personal reasons).

At 2000 hours on 25 April 1980 at auto premises du the royalistes Southern Yacht club in the Presence ns the énormément Frere of Normandy – homme Pinson, the énormément Frere of Great Britain, i get it Hutchings, assisted par his Scribe, péter Procter and Bosbestbocadoctor.com, peter Anderson inducted in a bestbocadoctor.commbined dunicité ceremony 6 new frères through indigenous Engageeship venir full Frere.

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These new Freres being: péter (Sailer) Lucas, john (Gonfleur) Eberhardt, Alistair (String) Currey, Brian (Seabright) Frost, David (Ruisseau Entier) ?????? année the seulement un UK and Richard (La Barbe) Barton.

Honorary Members

Out du genuine respect parce que le their help in forming auto 1st GB table the following three français Freres to be elected as honorary members du the Frere les bestbocadoctor.comte, GB:

Guy Pinson – Wombat – Normandy Table. Mentor venir GB FleetHenri Debuiser – Soukamor – Flanders TablePeter Spannenberg – Pitte au Vent – Normandy Table