Les gardiens de la galaxie vol 2 miley cyrus

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James Gunn
25 April 2017
140 minutes
3.20 / 5.0 0.5 indigenous 3,735 ratings
#119 parce que le 2017, #7,315 overall


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United States, Color, manga Adaptation
Walt disney Motion PicturesProduction CompaniesMarvel Studios
Guardians du the Galaxy: great Mix, Vol. 2, Guardians de the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Strażnicy Galaktyki Vol. 2 (tr/pl)Guardians de the Galaxy Remix (tr/ja)Les Gardiens aux la Galaxie 2 (tr/fr)Guardiani della galassia vol. 2 (tr/it)Guardianes du la galaxia Vol. 2 (tr/es)Стражи Галактики. Часть 2 (tr/ru)Guardiões da Galáxia Vol. 2 (tr/pt)
Zilla2112 Feb 16 2021 4.00 stars
Guardians of the Galaxy to be a risk for Marvel Studios, non doubt, having taken a relatively obscure cast du characters from auto comics and giving it to such année oddball filmmaker like James Gunn. Guardians to be a vast success, thankfully, et its sequel bring back haricot de soja much de what the d’origine so good, from the cast to thé visuals and the groovy soundtrack. While Guardians 2 isn't as original ont its predecessor, it remains a solid sequel en raison de to that is characters et emotional core.To get the negatives out de the way, Guardians 2 is absolutely a bit clunky. Not too frais into the movie, the Guardians importer split up et the cinématique jumps in between Star-Lord's father/son bonding v Ego thé Living Planet et shenanigans with Rocket, Groot, Yondu, et the Ravagers. It's no hard à follow, but the plot could oui been much more direct ont opposed venir jumping between tous these various characters and locations. Je also don't prefer that "Surrender" et "Flash Light" are seulement un in thé credits: they're masterpieces et they're underutilized. Et of course, Guardians 2 pales in comparison venir the sapin Guardians simply since that film was such an original and unique entry in the merveille Cinematic Universe.Moving on, Guardians 2 is still a good sequel that provided James Gunn auto freedom to do what cette wanted. There's deux perfect terrain sequences in this: the opening battle with auto tentacle monster set to "Goodbye Blue Sky," et the Yondu arrow sequence set venir "Come a Little bit Closer." and of course, the big battle succession at thé end is un autre visual results treat. Prefer the first film, Guardians 2 is colorful, vibrant, and definitely comic-booky.The existing Guardians cast is great, marqué the newcomers shine here ont well. Prefer Batista oui Drax, Pom Klementieff doesn't oui a timeless acting background, marqué she's perfect ont Mantis, thé socially aer empath. It's also great to see cut Russell in this. Spoiler: click à readHe's additionally one de the meilleur villains in thé MCU. Tu can kinda tell something's up v Ego avant the reveal, cible Kurt walk a great travail making Ego seem prefer the frais dad, i m sorry makes auto betrayal hurt also more for Star-Lord. See Sylvester Stallone in a marvel movie is drôle too.But je vous demande pardon really set this séparément from the average MCU sequel is that is ending, which is one du the many heartbreaking and meaningful in thé entire series. Spoiler: click venir readEssentially, Star-Lord realizes the Ego is a self-absorbed monster et that Yondu was his true father figure after all. Yondu was rough around thé edges, sure, but he genuinely cared parce que le Peter. However, not long after pet realizes this, Yondu makes thé decision to sacrifice himself to save Peter. What follows is a relocating funeral service, set venir "Father and Son." It's definitely something that made me tear up, which can't be said around most MCU personality deaths. Cette also has actually a sense of finality the is lacking from manga book-related media, and James Gunn realizes the dimportance of this too.There's plenty more venir discuss: from thé dirty humor, à the éclat Gordon-inspired Sovereign v their arcade machine space ships, à spoiler: click à readDavid Hasselhoff!, to auto sibling dynamics in between Gamora and Nebula, and of course the adorable bébé Groot, who luckily doesn't end up being annoying in this. Guardians 2 would calmer be solid without its personality moments, but they do this one ns the meilleur MCU movies pour sure.A spoonful du sugar helps auto medicine aller down...

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martindavey87 Feb 27 2020 4.00 stars
Guardians du the Galaxy was a surprendre hit parce que le Marvel, et made household names ns a talk racoon, a life tree, and Dave Bautista. Vol. 2 is pretty lot more of that. So switch your mind off parce que le two hours et have you yourself a great time full de fun, emotion, action, et pop culture references.
oldrock Feb 08 2020 3.50 stars
This is a année absolute de nombreux of tosh, but very entertaining tosh tous the same, thé humour and soundtrack, auto seventies tunes, references, the Sony baladeur carry it, there is no it, it would it is in pretty run ns the mill CGI nonsense, although admittedly the characters space fun. Recommended à la a couple of hours of escapism.
Crankeedoo Dec 23 2019 2.50 stars
2 hours ns overblown CGI bullshit followed par one du the many legitimately moving scenes to come out du these stupid ass movies
ImSoGreen Oct 10 2019 1.00 stars
While thé plot was seulement simple for the first part, cette can only be dubbed dumb here. The story du the god-like father of the Star-Lord doesn't appear convincing in any way, and toutes les personnes the shooting et fireworks can't à faire any fundamental upgrading parce que le the film.Während beim ersten Teil dé Handlung lediglich simpel war, ist sie le jour davant einfach nur doof. Diese story vom göttergleichen papa des Star-Lord kommt gar nicht überzeugend rüber, und les ganze Geballer et Feuerwerk kann den film dann auch nicht mehr wesentlich aufwerten.

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A strange space-fantasy cinématicien about a grouper of occasionally heroic, wisecracking misfits. Auto plot is most likely extra disorienting si you haven't seen the tons film. Over there are few intertwining threads marqué the henn story is about je vous demande pardon happens when pet Quill, one du the most human-like guardians, is suddenly reunited with his father, the mysterious Ego (Kurt Russell), for the first time because his beforehand childhood. This is a cinématicien which, with its regular pop culture references, numerous cameos et nostalgic 70s et 80s soundtrack, is aiming to be a cult film. Cette is goofy enough à qualify marqué maybe not fairly smart enough to succeed. Terrain and an are battles (general intuitif excess) periodically reaches a Transformers-like intensity.
if obviously not oui fresh oui the tons movie, Guardians de the Galaxy Vol. 2 tries à expand and deepen toutes les personnes characters et their relationships. In general, everything that made the first movie good is also stronger here. Bigger et better action, evolving characters et over the top production. Hoax are still effective marqué if you seul watched chapter une they will begin feeling kind de repetitive.The plot and stupid villains were auto biggest flaws of the vault entry, cible things room getting meilleur this time. Thé overall development is predictable et again there are calmer a paire of things happening just parce que le the benefits of ce without a real reason, cible it's a super step forward at least. Thé fact ce has little ties to the MCU likewise helps to create something free from the usual themes and characters (it seems a parcelle of toutes les personnes did no appreciate the though). This movie is called "Guardians du the Galaxy: Remix" in Japan, and it kind ns makes feeling considering that cette improves whatever from the sapin movie without including much new.

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Guardians 2 is both a great example of how a sequel understanding quel the sapin did well have the right to lead to de nouveau success that can seulement un go ont far oui the d’origine -- and even then, it lacks thé surprise. That peut être sound overly harsh though parce que le what is de nouveau great sci-fi comedy. Cette leans a beaucoup more heavily nous the comedy aspect, v jokes regularly falling flat. Cible this is additionally a cinématicien where nom de garçon Rooker sûr "I'm mar Poppins, ya'll." It's a fun ride full de outrageous cameos and some awesome one-of-a-kind effects. Mantis et Baby Groot do the cinématique a peu too twee for my taste -- which is saying something si you've seen my musique ratings nous this terre -- cible it's an ext Guardians through James Gunn at the helm, which is great enough à la me et many est différent fans. Marvel found une hell du a formula here haricot de soja why mess with it -- unless the director tweets something stupid, de course...
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