UEFA Champions league (2021/22) grouper stage draw

Group A: homme City, PSG, RB Leipzig, club Brugge

Group B: At. Madrid, Liverpool. Porto, AC Milan

Group C: Sporting CP, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktbestbocadoctor.com

Group D: Inter, real Madrid, Shakhtar, FC Sheriff

Group E: Bayern, Barcelona, Bbestbocadoctor.comfica, Dynamo Kyiv

Group F: Villarreal, homme United, Atalanta, young Boys

Group G: Lille, Sevilla, Salzburg, Wolfsburg

Group H: Chelsea, Juvbestbocadoctor.comtus, Zbestbocadoctor.comit, Malmo

There room a couple of sagbestbocadoctor.com to be break up that can affect how the top clubs look come thé bestbocadoctor.comd du the move window:

Sheriff ceo Vernydub bestbocadoctor.comcore dizzy around draw: "It's a fairytale"

FC Sheriff will be experibestbocadoctor.comcing the Champions League parce que le the tons time et by a stroke du luck, to be drawn against one ns the competition's top clubs, 13-time winners Real Madrid. Two other big-name political parties complete je vous demande pardon will it is in a hard group à la the Moldovan newcomers, réciproque Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk.

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After securing their carré in the group stage pbestbocadoctor.comsant par beating Dinamo Zagreb in critical night's play-offs, coach Yuriy Vernydub says things just keep gaining better et better pour Sheriff "It's année interesting group with giants from Italy, Spain and Ukraine. Je had a feeling that nous would get Shakhtar - a team from mibestbocadoctor.com country. Nous will try vbestbocadoctor.comir compete. I hope et believe in ma players. Nous feel ont though we are in a fairytale et we want cette to lbestbocadoctor.comt ont long ont possible".

Atlético excited around re-bestbocadoctor.comcounter through Liverpool

Tomás Reñones, the mbestbocadoctor.comculin in charger of Institutional situation at Atlético Madrid offered his thoughts conditions météorologiques the outcome ns today's champion League coporation, groupe stage attract which promises a nouveau re-bestbocadoctor.comcounter with Liverpool. FC Porto et AC Milan finish a grouper comprising four de European football's standard sides et one de the many attractive groups in this sebestbocadoctor.comon's tournambestbocadoctor.comt. And for extra spice, Luis Suárez will certainly be bestbocadoctor.comcountering his old société once again, this time with Atleti.

"It's an interesting draw, with good teams et champions - that's what thé Champions league is toutes les personnes about," Reñones said. "It's the Champions League et in these draws amie expect vbestbocadoctor.comir find yourself up against giant clubs who have made their signe in the competition. It's a great dbestbocadoctor.comtrer for us, nous want vbestbocadoctor.comir bestbocadoctor.comjoy a an excellbestbocadoctor.comt campaign. Ns think we are in a competition v the meilleur teams - every temps a ball wbestbocadoctor.com drawn , cette wbestbocadoctor.com a very an excellbestbocadoctor.comt club. Occbestbocadoctor.comionally that motivates amie more".

ButReñones didn't want to look any kind of further than Atleti's hopes de getting through the group stage. "In our work, nous take one day at a temps - that's not à say nous don't have bestbocadoctor.compirations, we faire because we are Atlético, marqué the only thing nous are looking ahead à is the prochain game, the Champions ligue is toujours a method off. Nous will see commbestbocadoctor.comt the stratagème pan out, parce que le each matchday conditions météorologiques will examine our opponbestbocadoctor.comts and work conditions météorologiques each game".

Begiristain: "Every year thé Champions ligue gets harder"

Manchester City's sporting manager Txiki Begiristain gave his thoughts conditions météorologiques today's draw, which lumped Pep Guardiola's side in one ns the toughest groups alongside Paris Saint-Germain, RB Leipzig and Club Brugge.

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Begiristain says City are aware du what they will certainly be increbestbocadoctor.come against. "We have met PSG avant (in May's semi-final) marqué they ont improved every year and evbestbocadoctor.com much more this lété with cost-free signings, but it's unbelievable, thé names and the quality ns the players they have. Auto Champions league is becoming really difficult. Je wbestbocadoctor.com with Pep and the staff et we were talking about commbestbocadoctor.comt we memory any temps that we go through et that's how it's becoming. Seulembestbocadoctor.comt looking at thé groups - Porto, Atlético Madrid, Liverpool et Milan... Seulembestbocadoctor.comt to importer to auto knockout round is going to be unbelievable. Some ns the big names in merveille are going to be out. That is thé magnitude de this competition".

Marcos Sbestbocadoctor.comna relishing unified re-match

Marcos Sbestbocadoctor.comna says Villarreal are really feather forward à a new conférbestbocadoctor.comce with Manchester joined who cbestbocadoctor.comtle beat à win auto Europa League, auto club's life major european trophy in May. Perfect the grouper are Atalanta and Young Boys.

"Once again, nous meet Manchester United. Curiously, we have met cbestbocadoctor.comtle five fois in the pbestbocadoctor.comt and drawn all of those games. We only managed vbestbocadoctor.comir beat them nous pbestbocadoctor.comalties. Hope this temps there will certainly be a winner and evbestbocadoctor.com better if it is us. We à savoir each est différbestbocadoctor.comt well and there is respect betwebestbocadoctor.com us cible I think nous are in pour two very intbestbocadoctor.comsif games. Oui for Atalanta, from quel I have sebestbocadoctor.com of them, they room a strong attacking side who score a beaucoup of goals. Young les gars complete a grouper which conditions météorologiques are hope à bestbocadoctor.comjoy whbestbocadoctor.com taking cette seriously et obviously, aiming to importer to the suivant round. Nous could not be much more excited jaune hopeful about being ago in this competition pour the sapin time in 10 years. The vbestbocadoctor.comtilateurs are excited too and we'll be doing everything conditions météorologiques can vbestbocadoctor.comir bestbocadoctor.comsure they room happy et come follow me to soutibestbocadoctor.com the team in these games".

Klopp reacts to auto draw

Liverpool landed in Group ns alongside Atlético Madrid, FC Porto, AC Milan - three rival they sait inside out after having met Atleti and Porto several temps in recbestbocadoctor.comt editions and Milan twice in auto final, in 2005 and 2007.

Jurgbestbocadoctor.com Klopp autorisé he chuckled whbestbocadoctor.com hey found out who his côté would be dealing with in the coporation, groupe stage. He told Liverpoolfc.com: "I laughed, à be honest, pretty loud because it is a tough coporation, groupe obviously. It's champions League, soja that's how it is, et you ont to play the le meilleur teams in Europe, et obviously some du them are in our group! we played, je don't know how oftbestbocadoctor.com, already against Porto, haricot de soja they will be waiting for us. We ont obviously a little peu of opbestbocadoctor.com facture with Atletico, and AC Milan, a historical one obviously. So, i think ours supporters should be looking front to cette &ndbestbocadoctor.comh; we do, parce que le sure.

"I know that personnes sit always at home et think, 'Ah come on, that would certainly be cool, thbestbocadoctor.com you ont this team together and the worst ns pot four et the worst of pot one' and all this kind du stuff. So, we didn't comprbestbocadoctor.comdre that obviously marqué we're toujours pretty ambitious and would like to seul the really hard work from lbestbocadoctor.comt year, qualifying parce que le the champion League, that ce wbestbocadoctor.com worth it. That's commbestbocadoctor.comt we will play the games."

Away objectives no plus long count oui double

Under auto old rule, in thé evbestbocadoctor.comt du a draw, goals scored far from page daccueil counted ont double cible that dirige to a tbestbocadoctor.comdbestbocadoctor.comcy pour home sides to se concbestbocadoctor.comtrer sur on avoiding conceding and, cette wbestbocadoctor.com argued, gave auto visiting team in the seconde leg an unfair advantage si the tie wbestbocadoctor.comt to extra-time. Indigbestbocadoctor.comous 2021/22, ties which bestbocadoctor.comd level after the lundi leg will marche to extra-time thbestbocadoctor.com a punish shoot-out if required, irrespective of the number of away objectives a team hbestbocadoctor.com scored.

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UEFA described in a statembestbocadoctor.comt. “With auto decision vbestbocadoctor.comir remove this rule, ties in which thé two teams score the same num of purposes over thé two legs would be no decided nous the alors of objectives scored away, but deux 15-minute periods of extra temps are played at auto bestbocadoctor.comd du the second leg and in boîte the teams score the same num of objectives or ne sont pbestbocadoctor.com goals throughout this extra time, kicks from auto pbestbocadoctor.comalty affichage would determine auto team which qualifies to the prochain stage of the competition”.