Les guignols de l info best of streaming

Channel surfing, aka le zapping, is a french pastime that deserve to be enjoyed from her sofa.

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But si you want à watch your favori shows in French, amie might ont a hard temps unless you travel venir Paris.

Luckily, watching tv in français won’t price you thé price of année airline ticket. Tous you need is a high-speed Internet interconnecté to watch french TV online! It’s just as easy as downloading native français podcasts, watching YouTube videos or streaming some catchy french songs.

If tu don’t live in France, it can seem relatively difficult à watch français TV. Tu might have TV5MONDE nous cable jaune a couple of French film every once in a if on an On need channel, marqué if you’re looking à la other ways à help you brosser up on french while soaking increase some du that famous french culture, the internet is your le meilleur bet.

There are mortier of opportunities à watch french TV online… you seul need to savoir which sites to visit!

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The Ultimate guider to Watching french TV Online

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Watch french TV Online via Individual Channel Websites

Individual networks in france offer portions ns their programs venir be streamed online. Volonté to sait the most famous french channels – oui well oui what they’re known for – sauce soja that tu can choose out some fun programs to enjoy.



Canal+ is a personal channel that’s home to some ns France’s best original programming. The best online programs venir check out right here are your “news” shows, which take it a mocking strategy to auto nightly news, much in the way that john Stewart or Stephen Colbert faire Stateside.

Le dil. Journal requires several bits, consisting of a journalist doing drôle interviews du very serious people from Anna Wintour venir Front national politician Jean-Marie Lepen, if Les Guignols de l’Info conducts auto nightly — et weekly — news entirely with marionettes. Auto latter is precious a look, si only parce que le the fact that thé role ns nearly every seul American (with a few exception made parce que le current et former presidents et other renowned faces) is played de a marionette in thé likeness de Sylvester Stallone.

Parts du Le dénormes Journal, auto overarching show that has these humorous little segments, are also available. While the same lighthearted heart is part du this series, it’s a touch much more serious than either les Guignols or le dil Journal.



TV5MONDE is une channel the is actually easily accessible via bien sur cable providers, soja you can watch french TV nous your TV! marqué if tu don’t oui TV5MONDE, you can accessibility this riches of news from her computer.

Several particularly short video taper are available, like the court du jour (short of the day), which offers a 3-minute video nous a current event or idea, et flash info, which provides you auto inside scoop on auto day’s nouvelles in a bite-sized format. Both ns these option are great si you don’t oui time for a very long video cible still want to volonté a peu of your daily news in French!



France2 is a French public channel that supplies quite a couple of different fémur to clock online. Many of the spectacle that you’ll see par France2’s emplacement are actually extracts, previews jaune teasers. While they can absolutely aid you brush up nous your French, they could not rate at thé tp du the list ont far ont entertainment worth is concerned.

But une place wherein you’re certain to oui a peu of amusant is in the Un Jour, une Histoire section. This section of the site spectacle full-length documentaries exploring thé lives of french (and international) stars and personalities. People like brigitt Bardot, Johnny Hallyday and Anne Sinclair have tous been profiled de these videos, which have the right to be accessed and enjoyed via the France2 site.



Arte is a Franco-German network famous for its artistic et often avant-garde films et shows. Arte has a VOD platform permitting users venir digitally loaned films et shows from their collection. Classic français cinema and documentaries are nous offer, oui are certain TV spectacles like Xanadu, a seul about a household running a sexual empire.

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Watch français TV par Netflix

You can importer your hands nous quite a few french movies and TV shows nous your computer thanks venir Netflix! Some de the dessus choices currently easily accessible include:

“Les Choristes,” a modern classic that was released in auto early 2000’s marqué definitely has année old-school French cinema feel. This cinématique tells the story du a musique professor at année all-boys français boarding school. In des boites you to be wondering, the kids touch him as much as he touches them. Clichés aside, this cinématique has a fantastic original score and great acting.“La ailé d’Adèle,” analyzed in English as “Blue Is thé Warmest Color,” a comes of âge story about a girl’s route through love and discovery of sa own sexual identity.“Les Femmes ns 6e étage,” a film that explores auto 1960s structure policies of Paris’ Haussmanien classics. Thé 6th à la was reserved for maids’ rooms, many of which to be inhabited passant par Spanish immigrants fleeing Franco’s regime. This cinématicien explores what happens when the invisible lines in between 5th and 6th floor space crossed.“Les Intouchables” is heart-warming à les française. This film, based conditions météorologiques a true story, explores quel happens when a wealthy Parisian quadriplegic employs a negative young masculin from thé Parisian suburbs ont his personal aider and assistant.

Watch français TV nous YouTube

If you’re looking à la old school french TV that can no plus long be easily accessible elsewhere, Youtube is your best bet. And if you’ve ever before asked yourself quel Saved by the cloche would oui looked like si it were fabriquer about France, then tu should absolutely be watching “Hélène et das Garçons.” This démontrer explores thé lives de university student in Paris: their loves, their music et their friendships. It’s exactly oui corny ont it sounds, which makes ce positively perfect.

If you’re an ext into cartoons, “Le dil Monde de Tom Sawyer” is perfect. This animated series explores the sapin of signe Twain’s time-honored character. The introduction, especially, is sure to get a few giggles from Americans, oui Tom Sawyer is identified thusly: “Il n’a peur de rien, c’est un américains !” (“He’s no afraid of anything; he’s année American!”) and “Il amour bien l’école, d’autant quand eux est loin.” (“He likes school, specifically when it’s far away.”) This montrer isn’t in reality French cible Japanese, cible it turned out venir be so popular amongst the français that you’ll find ce even an ext frequently in that is dubbed déditions than in thé original.

Watch français TV on VOD par Eurocinema


If elle want to get a good selection of français films and TV shows online et you’re willing venir deviate native Netflix, examine out Eurocinema. It’s available à viewers in the USA, Canada and the UK. You’ll find a different an option of film that pouvez not have been otherwise made available to American audiences, et new films are included often, sauce soja you’ll always oui something new to watch.

The added bonus with Eurocinema is that you’ll often have European options hailing from countries divers than France, so if you’re looking venir branch out nous bestbocadoctor.com et pick up conditions météorologiques yet un autre European language, Eurocinema can be a an excellent idea pour more than une reason!

No more zapping necessary! tu have toutes les personnes the tools you require now to sit back, relax et learn french while tu watch français TV online.

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