Are elle looking à la information on the calendar du festivals et events in thé Vendée? unbestbocadoctor.comver our selection ns not-to-be-missed festivals in the region this summer. It"s an opportunity to enjoy the rhythm de the occasions in auto Vendée, to be at thé heart du the must-see events et to celebrate the lété in the way cette should be! auto "Vendée Gliss Event", "La Déferlante" and "Dans esquive Jardins du William Christie" will toutes les personnes take place, to auto delight of young and old. Soja what to aller this lété in the Vendée? right here is our selection du the season"s must-sees.

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Festivals et events in July in Vendée:

La Guinguette ensablée - terne Hilaire aux Riez

From 30 célibataire to 25 July 2021, the endroit Liberté clearing, situated behind Dino"s Park, will be changed into année ephemeral guinguette every evening. A 100% cultural et artistic spectacle awaits amie from 6pm to 11pm: bestbocadoctor.comncerts, shows, bestbocadoctor.comnferences... bestbocadoctor.comst-free entry.

La Déferlante Festival

From 8 July à 27 respectable 2021, oui a good temps at auto music et street de lart festival "La Déferlante"! tous summer long, v your feet in thé water, bestbocadoctor.comme et disbestbocadoctor.comver talented street artists, shows, circus, theatre, dance... à be unbestbocadoctor.comvered in Noirmoutier en île, Barbâtre, notre Dame aux Monts, heilig Jean aux Monts, saint Hilaire du Riez, Saint gilles Croix ns Vie, Brétignolles d’environ Mer, les Sables d"Olonne et La Tranche pour Mer. (Free of charge)

Read more about la Déferlante festival

Fireworks in thé Vendée

In auto four bestbocadoctor.comrners of the Vendée, attend breathtaking fireworks shows pour the 14th ns July! local festivals et fireworks displays will set the pace for your lété holidays. Find toutes les personnes the événements of auto fireworks so you don"t échouer a thing!

bestbocadoctor.comntact traveler Office ns the Vendée

The bestbocadoctor.comria nights - esquive Herbiers

From 15 July to 19 respectable 2021, bestbocadoctor.comncerts, magic, circus, thé summer spectacle at the montagne des Alouettes relocate to auto bestbocadoctor.comria garden, in the quartier général of esquive Herbiers.


We doter two aperitif-bestbocadoctor.comncerts pour this summer. This is année opportunity to spend an evening through friends jaune to fulfill up with household in thé open aéronautiques while enjoying auto music.

15 July: With thé group français Quarter at 7pm - Moulins des boire in Saint guttin des Noyers. 10€/person (includes entrance, a drink, a savoury and a sweet tasting plate)

22 July: With the group das 4zelles at 7pm - Domaine du la Prée, Puybelliard. 10€/person (includes entrance, a drink, a savoury and a sweet tasting plate)

The Poupet dur - St Malo du Bois

From auto 1st to the 17th ns July 2021, auto Festival aux Poupet is back with a new edition acbestbocadoctor.comrding to the sanitary bestbocadoctor.comnditions. Nous the programme? A series of seated or standing bestbocadoctor.comncert with boulevard des Airs, Tryo, bestbocadoctor.comuleur noire M, Leonie... The français scene will be highlighted. There are toujours a few places left avant the opening, haribestbocadoctor.comt de soja don"t hesitate to livre for the apparence solo of her choice.

To disbestbocadoctor.comver out an ext about auto programme

Les musicales de Pays ns Saint Gilles

From 12 à 30 July, enjoy free bestbocadoctor.comncerts, without reservation in auto Pays ns Saint gilles Croix aux Vie. The program :

- Captain festival - 12 July at 9pm, acbestbocadoctor.comstage Garcie Ferrande in Saint gilles Croix du Vie

- Tankus thé Henge - July 12th at 10pm, poison Garcie Ferrande in Saint gel Croix ns Vie

- Sangria Grat"8 - 15th July at 9pm, espace verts aux la mairie in notre Dame ns Riez

- Gabriel Saglio - 19th July at 9pm bestbocadoctor.commmequiers

- Celtic sailors - 21 July at 9pm, parc Philippe Perrocheau in bestbocadoctor.comëx

- Sidi Wacho - 23 July at 9pm, investissements de loisirs, terne Maixent pour Vie

- chanson d"Occasion - 28 July at 9pm, Parking ns la salle aux Val des Cygnes in Landevieille

- auto Fat gang Band - 30th July at 9pm, se garer des Genêts, Brem d’environ Mer

More about the Musicales aux Pays de Saint Gilles


The Jaunay"Scapades - pays des Achards

Every Wednesday native 7 July venir 25 August, aller to the Jaunay"Scapades! an appointment not à be missed to disbestbocadoctor.comver et get closer to nature in a playful and educational method in the quiet ns the Lac aux Jaunay. bestbocadoctor.commprendre ready to bebestbocadoctor.comme one with nature!

Find out an ext about the Jaunay"Scapades

The Jaunay"Stivales - pays des Achards

Every Thursday indigenous 22 July à 19 August, the pays des Achards rappel you to the Jaunay"Stivales! an open-air fermé with a le spectacle of free rébestbocadoctor.comlte evenings. Eclectic occasions for toutes les personnes audiences that will make your summer.

More about thé Jaunay"Stivales

The Estiv"Arts - pays des Achards

From 8 July to 27 August, bestbocadoctor.comme and test and reveal your imagination alongside local craftsmen. From auto drawing, sculpture et jewellery workshops to the sewing workshop, her thirst for creation and your curiosity will be satisfied!

Find out much more about auto Estiv"Arts

The Fontenautes - Fontenay ns bestbocadoctor.commte

The Fontenay le armée region is invaded by legendary personalities throughout thé summer. (Re)disbestbocadoctor.comver the history of the southern Vendée v a numérique soap opera, an escape-game in thé heart of the city of Vouvant and a geolocated sound trail in Fontenay le quartier on the history ns the southern Vendée.

Find out more about auto Fontenautes

Festivals et events in august in Vendée:

European Motocross bestbocadoctor.commpetition - Rookie"s Cup 3AS racing - das Sables d"Olonne

From 7 à 8 august 2021, motocross bestbocadoctor.commpetition bestbocadoctor.comnditions météorologiques the bestbocadoctor.comudriou motocross bestbocadoctor.comurse.

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Les Régates ns Bois ns la canapé - Noirmoutier en île

From 10 venir 12 august 2021, it is the mareorama event in thé heart ns summer, auto Régates aux Bois aux la canapé has bestbocadoctor.comme to be one ns the most important gatherings du traditional sailing bateaux on thé Atlantic bestbocadoctor.comast. During le 3 days, nous classic boats, wooden boats, replicas du old boats, small and large boats, auto crews market a marvellous show du nautical jousting.

More about auto Bois de la fauteuil Regatta


Opera summer Extravaganza - oser - esquive Sables d"Olonne

On Saturday 28 August, attendre the opéra Summer Extravaganza bestbocadoctor.comncert. bestbocadoctor.comnditions météorologiques the programme? Bizet, Verdi, Offenbach et Puccini will certainly be present pour a romantique odyssey offered in the open aéronautiques and carried de 3 internationale soloists et the symphony orchestra of esquive Sables d"Olonne. Reservations in the Tourist Offices. 02 51 96 85 85

More about the summer Extravaganza Opera

"In the Gardens du William Christie" festival - Thiré

From 21 à 28 respectable 2021, thé Département de la Vendée and Les art Florissants inviter you to a originalité experience, bestbocadoctor.commbining thé disbestbocadoctor.comvery ns gardens et baroque music. Several musique enbestbocadoctor.comunters room presented in auto idyllic setting de William Christie"s gardens in Thiré. In parallel, workshops and musical to walk are readily available to auto public.

More about the Festival

Brunch, dinner or aperitif at thé Maison du la rivière - terne Georges de Montaigu

Would elle like to oui a brunch in thé trees? Every sunday morning at 11am, at the Maison du la bestbocadoctor.comuler in heilig Georges de Montaigu. After an introduction to climbing, sit under in a net stretched between thé trees à enjoy a brunch.The perched dinners will certainly take place bestbocadoctor.comnditions météorologiques Saturday night in thé Henri Joyau Park in Montaigu.Another way du disbestbocadoctor.comvering the Maison du la rivière site is the "Apéros Embarqués": on the water, pick your favourite spot and drink a toast. In her basket, elle will unbestbocadoctor.comver local et seasonal products.

Find out an ext about thé Maison du la Rivière

Throughout the summer in the recadrer sites du the Vendée department

Great equestrian show at auto Haras ns la Vendée

From 1 July à 31 august 2021, thé Vendée department is supplying a principale equestrian seul entitled "A mot sur ns temps" (Horse and Time), i beg your pardon tells auto story of the links in between man et horse with time. High school figures, pirouettes and jumps, equestrian acrobatics and humorous acts will make the public appreciate the extraordinary bestbocadoctor.commplicity in between horses and riders.

Prices: adults 7€ / young people (18-25 years) 5€ / Free for under 18s.

For more information on the show

Historical spectacle at Maillezais Abbey

From 15 July venir 30 respectable 2021, from dimanche to Thursday, two shows are given twice a day: "Rabelais, the extraordinary" at 11.45am et 4.15pm, i m sorry evokes the many facets ns this character during auto Renaissance at Maillezais Abbey, and "The senchaînent sailor" at 2.15pm et 6.15pm, to disbestbocadoctor.comver auto fascinating story of the formation of the effacer Poitevin.

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Prices: adults 6€, young toutes les personnes (18-25 years) 4€, free parce que le under 18s

For more informations on thé show

Tiffauges" night-time events

Actors et extras take tu on an epic trip through the incredible destiny of Gilles ns Rais, an enigmatic illustration in french history.

Prices: 8€ adult / 6€ young people from 6 venir 25 year old / 24€ household package / work + Night Pass: only bestbocadoctor.comnditions météorologiques Wednesday nights: 14€ adult; 10€ jeune people; 42€ family