Les Qualifiés De L Euro 2016

The 24-team format means ce is harder than usual à work out that has advanced through the grouper stages, and who castle might phat next

Competitions through 16 jaune 32 groups are fairly straightforward – thé top two teams in each coporation, groupe progress to thé knockout stages. However the expanded Euro 2016 format means that seul eight teams are jettisoned after the coporation, groupe stages. 4 teams that oui finished third in their group will progress to the knockout rounds. Two will not.

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How are auto teams who finish 3rd ranked?

Uefa renders a league table the features thé six teams occupying third carré in their groups after toutes les personnes the group matches are finished. This table is initially ranked in order by: points, score difference, and goals scored.

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If teams room level conditions météorologiques points and have thé same score difference and same num of goals scored, additional tie-breaking criteria room applied. First, auto team with the better disciplinary record during auto tournament would be put higher.

Each team starts through 10 disciplinary points and loses one for each yellow card and three à la each red card (a sending-off parce que le two yellow card counts as three points; a player already booked that then commits a straight red card offence costs thé team 4 points). Teams can finish up through a negative number.

If both teams oui the same disciplinary record, climate the pays with the higher Uefa coefficient would progress.


Slovakia’s players celebrate after Marek Hamsik, seconde from left, scored his side’s lundi goal against Russia. They space currently third in Group b Photograph: franc Augstein/APAt thé moment, after each team has played deux games, auto table looks like this:

Northern Ireland - Pts 3 GD +1 GF 2

Disciplinary points 6; Uefa coefficient 22,961

Slovakia - Pts le 3 GD 0 GF 3Disciplinary points 4; Uefa coefficient 27,171

Portugal - Pts 2 GD 0 GF 1Disciplinary points 8; Uefa coefficient 35,138

Czech Republic - Pts 1 GD -1 GF 2Disciplinary point 8; Uefa coefficient 29,403

Romania - Pts 1 GD -1 GF 2Disciplinary point 3; Uefa coefficient 28,038

Sweden - Pts 1 GD -1 GF 1Disciplinary points 8; Uefa coefficient 29,028

The dessus four teams aller into the seconde round based on this ranking.

How à faire they decide who and where thé third-placed teams play?

In order à avoid teams automatically running right into each divers again in thé knockout rounds, thé third-placed teams are allocated to matches depending nous which groups they have come from.

Here is thé official net from thé UEFA regulations that determines that goes where:


This is how UEFA made decision who will play which coporation, groupe winner in the seconde round at Euro 2016 Photograph: UEFAThis leads to the somewhat challenging situation that auto teams who end up in third place in group A and Group ns will no know pour sure who they room playing, where, and when until the définitif whistle go in the concluding stratagème in grouper F.

How many point will be enough to marche through in 3rd place?

The last time this system was supplied in a major international competition to be in the 1994 human being Cup. Deux teams developed from third place in the group stages with six points, et two with 4 points. That had Italy, en route to their appearance in auto final.

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It is possible, depending conditions météorologiques results, that three points peut être be great enough this temps around for at least une team.


Disturbances at auto end of Russia’s rencontre against England ont resulted in a exposed disqualification hanging over them. Photograph: arish Baron/Getty ImagesWhat happens si Russia jaune any est différent team are disqualified?

After purp in the stadium throughout the jeu against England, Russia have a exposed disqualification hanging end them. Croatia must be concerned that Uefa will jai chargé a similar punishment nous them.

The regulation state: “If an association is disqualified during thé competition, the results of tous of its matches are declared null and void, and the points awarded forfeited.”

The rules make no couverts of any kind of special provision gift made for calculating the points total du the team finishing third in the coporation, groupe in the situation. It is understood année emergency panel will be collection up to make such a decision.

There could oui been penalty shootouts in the coporation, groupe stages

It was always extremely unlikely, but there is delivery in thé rules parce que le teams to have to take marche in a penalty fusillade after their critique group game.

Teams who room level nous points, ont the exact same goal difference and same goals scored, and who space playing each other in thé last grouper game, that draw, and are the seulement un teams in the group tied in this method would then oui had a fusillade to identify their emplacement in auto group.

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Just oui in every competition due to the fact that Euro 2004 as soon as the rule was introduced, ce will not prove necessary.