Les soldes d été 2016 en france

70% off a Chanel dress. Wouldn’t that be nice! that doesn’t choose a sale, particularly when it’sLes Soldes, a promotional period in france where shoppers aller crazy over big discounts. Prochain month this craziness begins!

Timing OfLes Soldes

Sales room state-regulated and there are deux periods the “Les Soldes” take place:

Dates depend nous the region.

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2022 das Soldes Dates:

The winter journée are: January 12-February 8, 2022*

and auto summer date are: célibataire 22-July 19, 2022**

*Note: this departments begin January 3: Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Vosges

** Note: these departments begin July 6: Alpes-Maritimes, les Pyrénées-Orientales

You’ll see “Promotion” or “Soldes” signs with prices slashed quite a peu not only in the small stores, marqué also in thé department stores such as Galeries Lafayette. Reductions can variety from 30-50% and even as high oui 70% et these discounts may increase as time walk on. Their goal is to volonté rid ns old stock.

Your Strategy During esquive Soldes

Les Soldes in France

While that not favor Boxing day in Canada and the joined Kingdom, or couleur noire Friday in thé United says where toutes les personnes line up thé night avant to comprendre in first, it is considérable to importer there early on right as soon as the store opens. Avoid thé lunch-hour once many bureau workers zip out à find a deal. When je was there critical January some stores got exceptionally crowded haricot de soja it’s wise not à overdress. Also be prepared to be assertive.

Items that ont the highest mark ups tend to oui the greatest discounts. Boutiques, supermarkets, specialty stores, et department stores all take part. Shop in traveler areas, particularly in paris can it is in open conditions météorologiques Sundays in paris (ie. Rue du Rivoli), so you might have a chanceux on doing some shopping.

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Two reminders:

Notify your credit card company avant you leave à la France that elle might be utilizing your card. This will stop holds or difficulties utilizing your map when tu are in France.

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Not crazy around going to france in January? I’ve to be to parisien twice in January and the weather was great. Not as well cold. Ne sont pas snow. Sunshine! It’s worth trying cette out. Inspect out my post around some de the highlight during this temps period: Visiting paris in December and January.