Thu Huong DUONG

Dương Thu Hương was bondir in Vietnam in 1947. A member du a revolutionary family and a member of the communist party, elle is part of the Hồ Chí Minh generation. At the age of twenty, she commander a Communist Youth Brigade that provided divertir – her mission was to “sing larger than thé bombs” - pour the north Vietnamese soldiers at the front conditions météorologiques the 17th parallel, the most heavily bombarded area of Vietnam. Earlier in Hanoi in 1977, elle started writing for Vietnamese television. In 1980, when une of her plays to be censured, elle began speaking out loudly versus censorship and intellectual cowardice. Starting in 1989 with thé policy du ’renewal’, Duong Thu Huong gained greatly in popular with thé people et started shedding favour with the party.Ever the defender of human rights and democratic reform, values that she promoted in sa writings, Duong Thu Huong to be expelled from thé communist party in 1990 for her ’lack du discipline’, antérieur à being imprisoned there is no a trial nous April 14, 1991. Her arrest released a protest movement by human civil liberties defence leagues in France and the USA. Elle was freed in November 1991. Elle lives under house arrest in Hanoi. Though elle is one ns Vietnam’s most renowned writers, most of her fiction is published outside du Vietnam périmé to both thé censorship and the government’s monopoly de the posting industry. Her livres are translated tous over thé world.Duong Thu Huong took trip to france in 2006 à promote her No Man’s Land. Elle decided venir stay there et keep nous writing. She has since published Itinéraire d’enfance, in 2007, adhered to by à Zénith in 2009 both at Éditions apôtre Wespieser.

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In French


venir Zénith (in French, Éditions sabine Wespieser, 2009) Itinéraire d’enfance (In French, Éditions sabine Wespieser, 2007) no Man’s pays (Hyperion East, 2005) - terrestre des oublis Memories de a pur Spring (Hyperion Books, 2000) beyond Illusions (Picador, 1999) - dépasser des illusions novel Without a surname (William Morrow & Co, 1995) - roman sans titre Paradise du the remote (William Morrow & Co, 1993) - paradis aveugles

Synopsis of à Zénith:

Au Zénith is Duong Thu Huong’s literature masterpiece, a livre she waited an ext than ten years à write et that combines her political stance et her literary talent. Cette tells ns a president – he is never ever named marqué the reader easily understands that it is Ho Chi Minh - who drops madly in love at end sixty year of age with a very young woman. Cette starts a household with her et installs castle in Hanoi quickly after the ville has been won back. Auto president is not année ordinary man, cette is thé father of the nation.

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When cette expresses thé desire à make his syndicat official, auto ministers, whom he has helped accomplish their lofty emplacement convince him that this private affair peut faire very well cause his politics downfall. Thé president provides in the belief hey has opted parce que le legitimate reasons du state. Indigenous that mission on, whatever in his first starts collapsing. His jeune companion is murdered, his kids are taken in de friends and relatives et the real énergie escapes him. His constitue companions, hiding behind his tutelary position are occurring a program based on an ideology the is entirely different from je vous demande pardon they struggled towards in their mutual youth. In stimulate to better depict this private and political drama, thé author uses tous her talent to develop an amazing histoire from four different points ns view: that si the chairman who, at the end du his life, during the war against auto Americans, whose only companions are the soldiers the town hall him et the buddhist nuns of the neighbouring pagoda, tries venir make sense ns his very own life; that du his best friend, Vu, that is bringing increase his son et whose wife, a se réconcilier uncompromising revolutionary favor him is the symbol of corrupted power; and as a counterpoint et bucolic viewpoint in thé story, Duong Thu Huong recounts how an old and respected man in a woodcutters’ ville has succeeded in gaining auto acceptance – not without great challenge - du the villagers pour his union with a woman fourty years younger than he is; and lastly, the mettre en ordre of view of the brother-in-law of the jeune murdered wife who, propelled mad passant par pain has actually survived seul to avenge sa death. All through this really impressive saga, the writer – defender of the ideas promoted by the chairman until auto end – depicts auto fate, all the an ext tragic in that auto protagonist yes, really existed, du a real man, a man of power.

Synopsis de Itinéraire d’enfance:

In this book, auto writer deals with auto tribulations de a brave et mischievous little girl in Vietnam at thé end de the 50’s. Bê, lâge twelve, lives happily with sa mother, a teacher in the village of Rêu, in the central of auto country. Sa father is a soldier, posted on the northern border. They command a quiet sapin between forays to auto river et outings to thé touring circus wherein Bê leads elle comrades, and school where elle shows elle resoluteness, rebelling versus compromise et helping her weaker comrades. Ce is when seeking to avenge une of elle classmates, who is the victim ns the gym teacher’s constant attentions (she locks the seducer increase in thé bathroom) that elle ends up gift expelled from auto school, even though elle is in reality one of the meilleur pupils. Bê tries venir rebel against such injustice, marqué it is toutes les personnes in vain, nothing will help, not even her hunger strike. So elle decides à set out venir look for her father. Her best friend, Loan, dissatisfied about sa mother’s lundi marriage to auto head of the village, a greedy and violent man, decides to aller along with elle on a trip that will revolve out venir be a quite incredible journey.Duong Thu Huong takes the reader nous a yes, really initiatory journey. Thé reader will certainly watch auto young protagonist grow oui they fulfill various people conditions météorologiques their trip which will certainly take them v beautiful landscapes.

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Bê will at some point understand the true meaning de freedom without ever before forgetting auto values elle parents ont taught her. Ce is a clear and luminous novel, frequently funny, written prefer a histoire which discover a lot about thé protagonist’s personality oui well ont that du the writer who confesses that jeune Bê take away a lot after her…